Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3301


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Gu shot in Divine Race.

Lin Fan gently rubbed his shoulders for Qingcheng, said with a smile: “The old bastard of the Celestial Clan is still sitting in dreams. I hope I will defeat this world, and then he will slowly clean up the mess. “

Qingcheng nodded and said: “In fact, we are afraid that we can only take advantage of the first hand. After all, I am using your means to plan, so he mistakenly thought that the opponent did not change.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “It is true, but after the patriarch perceives the substitution of his opponent, there will be corresponding changes to you.”

Speaking of this, Lin Fan’s eyes were gloomy, and he said: “No way, his status is too high, his strength is too strong, he is qualified to sit at the pinnacle, so as not to change.”

“Anyway, as long as there is this first hand, at least in the battle between Divine Race and Imperial Family, he can only always be at a disadvantage.” Wu Qingcheng sneered, sneered: “That is because of his position. It’s too high, and many things can’t be immediately foreseen.”

Lin Fan nodded and said: “Let Hajime Divine Race hate the Celestial race like the Divine Race. This is what we can do right now.”

“Imperial Family…” Qingcheng Dai frowned and said: “Is the Imperial Family going to be destroyed?”

“Destroy it.” Lin Fan stretched his waist and said, “This clan, there is no need to stay. Moreover, since it is a clan war, if no clan is destroyed, it will always be impossible.”

“Okay, I will arrange.” Qingcheng narrowed his eyes and said: “It’s too simple to want this clan to be destroyed. In fact, as long as the two kings leave, this clan will definitely not be able to support the offensive of Divine Race.”

“Indeed, the difference in strength is too far.” Lin Fan smiled, and said: “Let Yaksha kill some people first, and always push Hajime Divine Race to the absolute path. The more miserable they are for the heavenly race Of course, hatred can only get deeper.”

Qingcheng smiled and said: “If in the end, the Divine Race begs you, do you think it is fun?”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrunk slightly, and then said with a laugh: “You are going to use us to spread out. I have a great friendship with Asura to make a fuss?”

Qingcheng proudly said: “Why not? There is great ability to control my Husband, but you have won the Senluo Realm. Even at this time, their emperor is not just your pillow?”

Lin Fan’s face suddenly became bitter.

Qingcheng fiercely glared at him, and said: “Do you really think we don’t even know? Just too lazy to talk about you.”

Lin Fan is weird. He quickly took a step back, then bowed at ninety degrees and said, “That’s the generosity of ladies.”

“Are you hurrying, big belly?” Qingcheng sneered, and said: “That’s because, in the end, you didn’t welcome her in. Don’t forget what Qingyue younger sister said.”

Lin Fan was silent for a moment.

How can I forget that sentence of Qingyue?

“I haven’t forgotten.” Lin Fan said in a low voice, then looked towards Qingcheng, and said: “Don’t talk about these things, I want to come to me and her… I’m afraid it will be invisible for a thousand years.”

Qingcheng’s eyes narrowed.

Just this sentence, she knew that her Husband was emotional.

coldly snorted, said: “Why don’t you take her back to Three Thousand World?”

Lin Fan said: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Qingcheng got angry, got up directly, then went to the backyard, and faintly said: “This backyard will not welcome you for these three to five days.”

Lin Fan’s complexion is bitter.

But in the end, he sighed and didn’t say much.

On the dual race battlefield.

The sound of shouting and killing is shaking the sky, the two races are fighting, here, life is more than grass mustard, no matter how big divine might you are in this chaos, how prestigious, but on this battlefield, you are just a passerby. However, after the crossbow hits the Soul Sea, you are only withered bones on the battlefield.

What’s interesting is that even if the battle is extremely dangerous and bloody to the extreme, at least 20 supreme powerhouses in Divine Race did not really end the battle. Instead, they stood on one side and were intertwined with souls and thoughts. network.

Obviously, these Xeons who started Divine Race are not meant to kill the enemy, but just to guard against the killers that may appear at any time!

This is the method that the ancestors of Divine Race came up with after thinking hard last night.

There seems to be only this way.

After all, he still needs to be in charge of the clan weapon, always guarding against the imperial family ancestor’s dog jumping the wall.

Because before this clan war, the ancestor of the Imperial Family had already sacrificed to the heavens, and seemed to have obtained permission to use clan weapons.

“Although the killer is strong, but the strong is only hiding. I have come up with such methods to force your true body. What else is worth fearing?”

The first ancestor of Divine Race grinned.

But at this moment, with a clanging sound, a blade of light shining over dozens of states split Heaven and Earth, and with a single stab it broke through more than 20 supreme powerhouses, a web of soul thoughts intertwined with divine sense.

Also, chop the Old Ancestor Level of Divine Race on the east side into thin pieces with a single knife.

xiu xiu xiu!

At the moment when the soul mind net was broken, one after another sharp sky-splitting sound suddenly pierced the sky, it was one after another trace of pitch black.

“Not good!”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race roared and rushed out of the handsome account.

Because he knew that after every trace of darkness, it was a terrifying killer.

At least 20-30 terrifying killers suddenly appeared on this battlefield, which was a fatal threat to his Divine Race.

“old bastard, what do you want to do?”

Just as the first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race had just rushed out of the handsome tent, that amazing time and space suddenly appeared, and his head cut towards his top of the head.

“Asura King!”

The first ancestor of Divine Race roared fiercely, and then patted upward with one hand.


At the beginning, the ancestor of Divine Race was really too terrifying, and it actually blocked Lin Long’s deliberate knife with a pair of palms?

But obviously not. When the knife was cut down, a dark gold shield suddenly appeared in the palm of the ancestor of Hajime Divine Race.

The shield rose up against the wind, and it turned out to be attacking Lin Long voluntarily!

The shield is terrible. A huge Black Tortoise scene emerged. A layer of bright blue radiance enveloped the shield. With a bang, Lin Long’s location turned into powder under a single blow.

“Black Tortoise shield?”

Lin Long was surprised.

I have heard that the Divine Item of Hajime Divine Race has long been rumored. As to whether it really exists, it has always been between the two.

But now he sees it!

“Asura King, what happened last time is indeed because I started Divine Race at a loss, but I did have difficulties when I started with Divine Race. Can I sit down and talk about it? I think there is no grievance in this world that cannot be resolved.”

The ancestor of Hajime Divine Race yelled after he forced Lin Long back with a blow.

“ha ha ha ha…you are also shameless. You set up ambush and conspired with the Celestial Clan last time, and almost plunged the two kings into the land of eternal damnation, but now, you expect to make peace again?”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family laughed, and he also appeared on the battlefield.

When the first ancestor of Divine Race spoke like that, he was anxious and terrified.

For fear that Asura King agreed to the so-called negotiation terms, then his Imperial Family is in danger.

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