Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3302


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The first ancestor of Divine Race has a cold face.

Fiercely staring at the galloping ancestor of the Imperial Family, the killing intent is too thick!

“Asura King, you and I work together, how about slicing this old man into pieces here?”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family grinned.

Lin Long glanced at him and said: “Why do you need your help?”

The first ancestor of the Imperial Family expression turned cold.

The ancestor of Haji Divine Race laughed heartily, teasing and mocking, and gave Lin Long a thumbs up, madly said with a smile: “Well said, how can Azure Dragon work with maggots?”

“old dog! You are almost extinct, are you still so stiff?”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family roared and smashed Haji Divine Race with a big mace.

The two ancestors fought.

Lin Long sneered and disappeared.

He is not in the mood to participate in this battle.

The reason why he came to cut a knife was just to prevent the ancestor of Hajime Divine Race from attacking the assassins of the Senra world.

This battle is very short.

From the appearance of the Heaven Grade killers, to the beginning of Divine Race’s unbearable losses, it was only half an hour.

But in the half hour, the loss of Divine Race is the sum total before the killer appeared.

The family is happy and the family is sad.

Imperial Family hasn’t had such a big victory for too long.

After every war in the past, whether it was a victory or a defeat, the entire Imperial Family was impossible.

That kind of battle loss ratio can block all the cheers of a big victory in the Adam’s apple.

But this time is different!

Battle damage is more than a shocking reversal!

Incomplete statistics, in today’s battle, killed more than 30,000 people in Divine Race.

As for his Imperial Family, his loss was only 10,000!

This is an unprecedented victory since the war between the two races.

The entire Imperial Family was in cheers.

But Lin Long’s eyes were cold.

Thirty thousand enemies are killed and ten thousand are lost.

Is this lucky?

If Divine Court fights with people, it is this kind of battle loss ratio.

It is estimated that the general of the army will cry to death, and the coach may take the blame and resign, or punish himself with three hundred whips.

“Asura King, thank you very much.”

Imperial Family cup one fist in the other hand.

Lin Long narrowed his eyes and said: “It’s just mutual use and cooperation.”

The expression of the ancestor of the Imperial Family changed slightly, and then laughed, and said: “Anyway, this battle is indeed an unprecedented victory since the start of the war. All of this is based on the merits of the two kings entering the field. I started Divine Race will not forget.”

“It’s not necessary.” Lin Long glanced at the ancestor of the Imperial Family, and said: “After this battle is over, let’s calculate how much you should pay for the Divine Race.”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family’s face became a bit cold!

Still in the joy of a big victory, the result was that this ‘reward’ was poured fiercely down like a touch of cold water, which was disappointing.

“tsk tsk.” The ancestor of the Imperial Family smiled strangely and said: “Could Asura King be afraid that my Imperial Family won’t be paid?”

Lin Long glanced contemptuously at the ancestor of the Imperial Family, and said: “This king has never considered this, and there is no need to consider it. Your Imperial Family does not have the courage to renege on a debt.”

The face of the ancestor of the Imperial Family suddenly flushed.

Fiercely waved his hand and said, “Bring up the reward, and ask Asura King to look over it to see if there is a spar missing.”

Lin Long narrowed his eyes and sneered.

He looked at the box filled with the entire handsome account in Zaisha, his eyes were cold!

These boxes are all golden-bright and dazzling, bright and shining.

All spars.

But this was intentional by the ancestors of the Imperial Family.

Otherwise, how easy is it to pack these boxes with a talisman?

Is it deliberately used such a straightforward method, which is a counterattack against him?

“Naturally, there is no need to count.” Lin Long spoke, but only for a moment, his eyes raised, said with a sneer: “If the king finds that even one piece is missing afterwards, it will naturally be with you. Imperial Family cares about it.”

The complexion of the ancestor of the Imperial Family suddenly changed, and the lunar calendar shouted: “Inventory on the spot.”

At the same time, he was full of regret.

Why use such a clumsy means to provoke?

This is good, but it makes myself more embarrassed.

At this time, Divine Race is promising.

Since Divine Race, the first ancestor looked coldly at the rows of shrouds.

The corpse that can be wrapped in a shroud represents the top of the Divine Race.

The full thirteen shrouds represent the fall of his thirteen most powerful Divine Race.

The entire Divine Race is shrouded in sadness.

“Take it to the clan’s mausoleum for burial. They are all good men, all good men.” Shen Shen, the first ancestor of Divine Race, spoke, and then raised his head to look at the sky.

Is Divine Race really going to die?

On the second day, the day is unknown.

The attack on the Imperial Family begins again.

This has never happened before.

It should be noted that in the past two races on the battlefield, only he started the Divine Race initiative to attack, and the Imperial Family was forced to fight.

But now the situation is completely reversed.

This battle conclusion naturally ends with a big defeat at the beginning of the Divine Race.

Lin Long naturally took the scary spar from the Imperial Family.

Half of these spars will flow into the Senluo realm to help Raksha to consolidate and develop, but the other half will enter Lin Fan’s pocket to grow Divine Court.

Five consecutive days.

Tiangang reveals the grey dawn and the Imperial Family will launch an offensive against Hajime Divine Race.

Every time, no matter what method Hajime Divine Race thinks of to prevent the killer from entering the battlefield, it can’t be stopped, so every time, it ends with Hajime Divine Race’s defeat.

After the 5th, the entire Divine Race camp was shrouded in despair.

At the same time, hatred for the heavens.

Slowly take root and sprout.

“Retracting power.” Hajime Divine Race’s ancestor made this decision extremely difficult.


Someone yelled, “Retracting power, I will lose a lot of Divine Race.”

“Yes, the ancestors, the territories that have been invaded, the channels that were killed with human lives, etc…. Is it all going to be discarded?”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race showed bitterness in his eyes and said: “If the site is gone, you can fight again. If the channel is gone, you can build it, but if the race is gone, there will be nothing.”

Then the first ancestor of Divine Race smiled miserably, and said: “I never thought that Muyi really had this kind of a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain… First there was almost an extermination struggling on While at death’s door, the Haijia was pushed to the top of the Divine Race by one hand, and then there was the Divine Race who would immediately exterminate the race. Supported by him, the current strength, I am afraid that it will not be worse than Divine Race. Race how much.”


Gushe Divine Race.

“patriarch, go, those lost grounds should be recovered.”

Lin Fan smiled and looked towards Gu She Jing.

Suddenly Gu Shejing roared with excitement.

Soon, the army moved out to conquer the lost ground.

At this point, I didn’t feel polite to shoot Divine Race, but all the Divine Race troops that still resisted were bloodbathed.

That’s because Lin Fan assured them that no matter how excessive Divine Race is, Divine Race will not take revenge at this stage.

It is true.

At the beginning, Divine Race was only busy with the rapid retraction of strength, taking back all the strength outside, squeezing it into a fist, and dealing with the dual race battlefield. For other things, there was really no energy to manage.

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