Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3303


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“These shattered things are temporarily over.”

Lin Fan stretched out, very comfortable, and said: “Everything has been carried out smoothly according to our plan, so we don’t need to worry about it.”

Qingcheng nodded and said: “Is Husband going to have fun with Tianxi next?”

Lin Fan’s eyes were steep and cold, said with a malicious smile: “Of course, he is so longing for me to die. If you don’t have fun with him, I can’t justify it.”

Qingcheng said: “Then I will arrange it.”

“Go ahead.” Lin Fan smiled and said, “For Xiaoyou, the more ruthless the better; the slightest politeness is not allowed. We must know that we want to develop and we need a lot of resources.”


“The conditions are like this. Every time you dispatch, ten million spars.”

Xiaoyou speaks, she wears the signature Raksha mask under the Raksha costume, very hideous.

“This is lion’s big mouth.”

Tianxi’s Dao Protector complexion ashen.

Although Tianxi warned them that there is no need to argue about the so-called conditions.

No matter what the conditions of these executioners are, just agree.

But they had to give their masters consideration.

Just because, in this way, there are too many loopholes and too many costs.

Xiao Zuo sneered at this time, opened his mouth, and said, “The so-called robbery also knows how to do it. We killers have their own set of rules of conduct. We have to do things if we take the money. You really don’t have to worry about us taking the money in one hand and regretting it in the other. We dare to do that and break my king’s rules. Even if you don’t take action, I am afraid that Royal Capital will not let us go.”

“Heh… the thing that touches your mouth is all you talk to yourself, who knows what you will do after receiving the money?”

A Dao Protector ridiculed, and then said: “Unless every action of yours is under our supervision.”

“Good guts.”

As soon as this Dao Protector spoke, there was a Rakshasa soldier sternly.

Xiao Right waved his hand, and then looked towards this Dao Protector, saying: “Well, this deity takes a step back. In this attack on Mu Yi, the information provided by your Celestial Clan shall prevail. In one attack, all your heavenly clan were present.”

The eyes of the two Dao Protectors who came to negotiate are shrinking!

In this way, it seems that there is no need to worry about the other party swindling money, just take the money and do nothing.

“It’s so good.” A Dao Protector nodded in agreement, and said: “It’s true that we have treated the gentleman’s belly with a villain, and I hope the two messengers are not surprised.”

“such is human nature, where can I blame it?” Xiaoyou smiled, and said: “Of course, it should be clear beforehand that before every dispatch, you must first pay a clear payment. , We can hardly talk about it, even if you kill hundreds of members of your Celestial Clan, there is no way to get paid.”

A Dao Protector’s eyes were cold on the spot and almost burst into flames.

But I was stopped by another Dao Protector, said with a sneer: “That’s OK.”

“Okay, then come to an agreement like this.” Xiaoyou looked towards this Dao Protector, and extended the hand: “High-five for oath.”

The Dao Protector’s eyes were surprised.

He didn’t expect that the right envoy of the dignified King Raksha turned out to be a woman. Her palm was soft, like green onions. He laughed, extended the hand, and had to touch the palm of the small right hand.


Xiao Zuo was coldly snorted, jealous, and directly blocked the position of Dao Protector’s palm in front of the Dao Protector’s palm, and collided with him fiercely, coldly said: “The agreement is complete, then your heavenly race Then you can search for Mu Yi’s clues. We always have to wait for him to get out of Divine Race before we do it.”

Xiao You is full of joy.

I really like Xiao Zuo to be jealous for him.

laughed, said: “The big brother from the left is right. Although we look down on the world, we are still not stupid enough to attack the palace and kill the Supreme Great Elder.”

“Don’t worry, my Celestial Clan has methods and means to discuss clearly his Muyi’s trajectory.”

A Dao Protector proudly speaks, said with a sneer: “You are ready to shoot at any time.”

“We kill people…never need to prepare.” Xiao Zuo said proudly.

At the same time, I will shoot in Divine Race.

Lin Fan’s eyes were a bit cold, and he said, “This Gu shot Divine Race looks like a monolithic one, with one heart and one heart. Is there someone from the Celestial Clan?”

Qingcheng frowned and said: “The Celestial Clan is in charge of the world, and it is normal to place people in other ethnic groups.”

Lin Fan said grimly: “The last time Gushejing has washed this Gushe Divine Race, but it seems that last time, he did not clean it.”

Wu Qingcheng said with a smile: “It’s also a shame that you didn’t wash it well, otherwise, as far as the moment is concerned, we don’t have the right means to reveal your whereabouts to those people.”

Lin Fan smiled immediately.

In the dead of night.

A high-level executive of Divine Race, a highly respected Gushe Divine Race, released a Dao crane.

Daohe is illusory, not a real lifeform, so this guardian formation did not arouse anyone in this Divine Race.

This high-level executive thought no one knew, but what he didn’t know was that on Lin Fan’s floating island, Gu Shejing and Lin Fan stood side by side, staring coldly at the Elder who he thought no one knew.

“Sir, I’m going to kill this one! Eating something inside and out, damn it three thousand times.” Gu Shejing roared in a low voice.

The most important thing is disappointment.

Know that he really valued this person, and more than once entrusted this person with an extremely important and secret major event.

But now it seems that it is because of this, so I am afraid that this person has long been told to the outside world about the many plans and arrangements of Divine Race.

“Don’t be in a hurry, you know, sometimes the role of spies can be huge.”

Lin Fan smirked.

Gushe Divine Race hundred thousand li, a Dao Protector raised his hand to put the Dao crane spreading its wings in the sky into the palm of his palm. After crushing it, it turned out to be a blank sheet of paper.

After reading the content on this paper, Dao Protector gave a grinning grin and said: “Mu Yi, let me see how you don’t die!”

Xiao You received a call from the Celestial Clan. Tomorrow Muyi will follow Gu shot the Divine Race high-level south to go to a newly recovered city to arrange a major event to prepare him to intercept Muyi on the way.

Xiao You stood up from Xiao Zuo’s arms and said with a sneer: “All the sneer of this heavenly clan should die.”

Xiao Zuo’s eyes are also extremely cold: “It is indeed damned.”

“Anyone who dares to hurt the Great Venerable, we must culminate and kill him one after another, no matter who he is.” Xiao You said.

Xiao Zuo nodded seriously and solemnly: “Everything the lady said is right.”

Xiao You’s face suddenly blushed: “The words “women” are always ugly, too vulgar, you can call me Niangzi.”


Gu shot Divine Race south to take over a city that had just been spit out by Ha Divine Race.

This great city is too important for Gushe Divine Race. Equivalent to is the transit point of the three huge business channels and the lifeblood.

And this time, Mu Yi will follow along.

This news made all the souls in the territory of Divine Race extremely excited.

All want to come and see what Mu Yi, who created the myth, looks like.

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