Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3304


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From the Gushe Divine Race divine mansion to the heavy city where Lin Fan and the others went on this trip, there was a long queue not far from hundreds of thousands li!

This is incredible.

These are the people under the rule of Gushe Divine Race. They come spontaneously at this time. Not at all anyone will preside over this matter. Welcome.

“Mr. Yugu has great merit in shooting Divine Race. It is not only my aunt shooting Divine Race. Remember, even these people are always in mind.”

Gu Shejing is right beside Lin Fan.

They set up a streak of divine light straight through hundreds of thousands of li grounds.

It’s just that all the spirits are welcome, so they slowed down deliberately.

Lin Fan walks on the divine rainbow with his hands behind his back. It really can be called a peerless elegance.

Among the welcoming people in the road below, there are so many young women with wavy heart, shy and timid, with starlight eyes, burning and ecstatic.

At this time, Lin Fan was very silent, and said: “Let them step back, you also know what might happen later, if someone really ambushes, I’m afraid it will cause terrible death and injury.”

Gu Shejing frowned and said, “I think the other party won’t be so bold.”

Lin Fan glanced at him, and then his eyes rose suddenly, angrily roared: “Dare!”

He saw an old man, disillusioned step by step from a distance, his stature was erratic, and he merged into the all spirits of the road only at a moment, and then he groaned. Hundreds of people were robbed at the same time, and his body fell softly.

But there are too many people welcome in this road, even if these hundreds of people are robbed, they are so soft in the crowd, and there is no big disturbance, at most it is only the perception of these soft people around the body. Arrived, and exclaimed, but in the sound of Shanhu, it did not attract any attention.

“The murderer, die for Ben Patriarch!”

Gu She Jing Sui was about to split, and after a slamming sound, she threw down like a kunpeng, and the rising wind swept away all souls and isolated the fierce old man.

“Suffer to death!”

Gu She Jing and roared, there really was a Kunpeng with wings spread out behind him. At this moment, this huge Kunpeng protruded out like a mountain-like giant claw and smashed the old man with a thud, this claw It was terrifying, it turned out to kill everything in at least the radius of hundred zhang into nothingness.

It was also at this time that all spirits who were welcoming in the road knew what had happened, and were furious.

For these innumerable living beings, Divine Race is too high, too high.

But they also have a scale in their minds, knowing what life they were living when Mu Yi didn’t shoot Divine Race.

It was displacement, it was bloodshed.

But after Mu Yi shot Divine Race.

Their good days have just arrived, and as a result, there are even murderers who come to destroy their heroes at this moment.


The old man who just brought the robbing to the innocent, managed to avoid Gu Shejing’s killing style!

Strength is unimaginable.

His eyes are mocking and mocking.

“Not good!”

Gu Shejing suddenly roared, looking back, there were at least seven or eight void cracks that exploded at the same time, crowding the divine rainbow!

“lured the tiger away from the mountain! Damn you guys!”

Gu She Jing screamed.

He understood. The reason why these people attacked the innocent All Souls was just to draw him away and let him shoot Divine Race Great Elder alone, so as to stab the murderous intention of those who have fallen here long ago. !

A vicious plan.

Good very ruthless plan.

He didn’t hesitate to let innocent people die.


Gu Shejing’s eyes exploded cold light, and huge, regular, condensed wings appeared on his back ribs. Both wings were violent wind erupted, pushing Lin Fan to rush away.

“It is better for patriarch to be here with the old man. The battle is not yours.”

The old man grinned, he came first, and he also had a rapid speed. He stopped in front of Gu She Jing, and there was a bang. The violent winds that the two set off collided, making a rumbling sound like thunder.

“Who the hell are you? Which one are you from? Is it the Imperial Family? Did you start Divine Race?”

Gu Shejing yelled, and at the same time, he directly drew the imitation of the sun-shooting divine bow. The shot was a series of nine arrows, Unending Nine Stars, rainbow piercing the sun, and went to suppress and kill the old man.

But the old man is really terrifying. Between shaking his hands, a huge black hole appeared in front of him, and all Gu Shejing’s ultimate moves were swallowed.

But the old man kept silent, how could he tell his roots?


A killing sword suddenly pierced through the erected divine rainbow, and came from bottom to top towards Lin Fan. This divine rainbow exploded and turned into a little regular golden light and dispersed.

“A group of Xiaoxiao, dare to come and provoke the deity?”

Lin Fan’s hair suddenly exploded, and the roots of the black hair stood upside down. When he pressed his big hand forward, the bloody sword broke.

“Go to hell!”

Everyone only saw a golden fist passing by, and the assassin who had attacked disappeared without a trace, and was completely obliterated by this fist, erasing all traces.

“Is it just you? Not worthy!”

Lin Fan roared.

Actually, all of this has been discussed.

Lin Fan knew that Tianxi’s Dao Protector would ask for a shot here, but he did not expect that this Dao Protector was so despicable, and it turned out to be the life of an innocent person.


The fist print exploded, and another killer was swallowed by the fist print, and the whole person exploded.

But in fact, these are all illusions. These killers who seem to have been bombarded are actually only temporarily swallowed by Lin Fan into the lightning sea.

“Old crap, you damn it!”

Lin Fan has solved all the killers. At this time, he strode towards the Dao Protector, and roared: “Even if the deity is wrong, but the deity is wrong, what is wrong with these spirits? But you actually treat them Go bloody!”

Dao Protector face lunar calendar.

Unexpectedly, with such a conspiracy, thirteen Heaven Grade assassins shot at the same time, and they did not bring any injuries to Lin Fan.

He grinned and said: “All spirits are like ants. They can be valued and used by the deity. This is their happiness.”

“Push up three generations, maybe your ancestors are also ants, why no one uses them.?”

Lin Fan yelled, and attacked forward: “The deity wants to see what shameless face is hiding under this thick fog. Under the shackles of this rule, are you wearing Which clothing, and which is such a very ruthless, is ruthless, and takes action against this innumerable living beings.”

Dao Protector complexion slightly changed!

If his identity is revealed on the spot, it will definitely be big news and will shake the entire Chaos Realm.

At least the image that the Celestial race has been trying to maintain will collapse in the eyes.

This is a serious sin. Needless to say, even his master, Tianxi, can’t bear it.

“Who am I? It’s just the remnants of a certain clan that you have ravaged.”

The cold light flashed in Dao Protector’s eyes, said with a malicious smile: “Maybe you have done a lot of evil and don’t know how many ethnic groups you have destroyed, right?”

“Very well, a fish that escaped the net? It will be clean today.”

Lin Fan shot, the universe shook out with both fists, and struck down Star Domain, imprisoning the four fields.

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