Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3305


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Lin Fan smiled in his heart!

This old scumbag still wants to hide his identity?

Is this possible?

This is a dream.

If it weren’t for this, how could it be possible to tolerate this old bastard jumping up and down?

Xiao Zuo and Xiao You, I don’t know that they have been asking for orders dozens of times in his ears, and they all want to kill this old bastard.

The reason why Lin Fan left this old bastard was originally to publicly reveal the true origin and origin of this old bastard, so as to slightly shake the foundation of the heavenly clan.

Otherwise, how could there be so many panacea coming all together, welcome?

Of course, this is not led by Lin Fan.

He hasn’t been so mean, he wants to use this innumerable living beings.

It’s just that all the spirits in this Gushe Divine Race had this kind of sign first, and Backlight is helping that’s all.

Lin Fan thought carefully about the tyranny of the Celestial Clan, in addition to the undisputed strength of the Number One Under the Starry Sky Clan of the Clan itself, as well as the chaotic spirits that have become accustomed to the rule of this Clan.

In Lin Fan’s view, the horror that all spirits are accustomed to is far greater than the toughness of the Celestial Clan.


Lin Fan shook his fist, rushed into the Star Domain, and stood with the Dao Protector.

The strength of this old bastard is really terrifying enough. I have been immersed in the Sixth Realm of God for too long. As long as I have a chance, I am afraid it will be enough to enter another level.

Lin Fan was forced to reveal a little bit of strength again, so that he could be a draw with him.

“Mu Yi, you have done bad things, many Divine Races have died, and many strong clans have passed away. There are too many people in this world who want you to die. The deity is only one of that’s all.”

From this step, Dao Protector still clings to this sentence, blaming all the faults on Lin Fan, and confuses everyone’s thoughts, involuntarily following him to think about the indirect or direct destruction on Lin Among the ethnic groups in Fan’s hands, which family is most likely to have the next two remaining.


Lin Fan pressed forward with one hand, and the entire Star Domain was covered. Hundreds of big stars crashed and exploded at the same time. The fragments of the stars were like a big knife with a handle enough to open the sky, and they slammed towards Dao Protector. .


The Dao Protector slammed his hands, and a large black space surrounded him like a black ribbon, and all the attacks on him were swallowed.

“Junior, want to capture me? You are still far away, go and study with your wife for 300 years!”

Dao Protector laughed heartily.

But soon, his face changed!

He suddenly thought of who Lin Fan’s Master was, and his heart suddenly tightened, as if being held by someone fiercely, and at this moment, he seemed to feel a prehistoric creature, suddenly opening it. With cold and severe eyes, he stared at him through the time and space of the ages, causing him to die.

“Supreme’s Spiritual God, please atonement.”

He cried out sadly.

As a result, with a clang, a heavy halberd suddenly slashed from behind, dragging a very long gap on his back, splashing blood, crushing the void.

Lin Fan is very ruthless. He has never used this method in Illusory. He thinks this method is rateless, but now he has taken advantage of the trend and achieved full success.

“Is it you?”

Dao Protector roars fiercely.

He was awakened by the severe pain, and suddenly murderous aura masterpiece!

At the same time, ashamed!

It’s hard to say which one is still alive, but even so, he was still scared to death, and he was almost robbed and was taken directly.

If it weren’t the critical moment, the spiritual sense stung, which made him avoid the terrible halberd. At this time, even if he is not dead, he may have been captured alive.


Lin Fan didn’t bother to take care of it, holding a halberd, swept across the sky, and blocked in an imposing manner, this Dao Protector was struggling to move and move.

At this time, Gu She Jing killed him, stood on a big star that Lin Fan transformed into, and shot seven arrows in a row, turning into seven huge divine runes, divine runes rays of light thousands, condensed Seven larger beams of light, sealed Dao Protector inside the beam.

“Mr. helped me capture this slap!”

Gu Shejing yelled, Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and did not continue to attack Dao Protector.

If this Gu Shejing really has the ability to capture him, it would be a relief.

He has already estimated that if he really wants to capture this, at least he needs to expose the strength of 8-Layer, which is too bad. He also wants to hide the cultivation base all the time and keep all kinds of hole cards in case from time to time. Need it.

“Sir, please guard the gate.”

Gu Shejing spoke. It was obvious that it was too hard to support this formation with his temporary cultivation base. At this time, he was already sweating on his face.

Lin Fan squinted and followed Gu Shejing’s gaze. He flew up and flew towards the most dazzling beam of light, stepping on it with one foot, fiercely shook, and suddenly the seven beams of light were brilliant. , The brilliance is connected, and then it becomes a huge aperture.

“Close!” Gu She Jing roared, and a few mouthfuls of blood spewed from his mouth, pouring on the huge aperture.

With a buzzing sound, the huge aperture shrank, and Dao Protector screamed as he smashed like a headless fly, and there was a clear bone cracking sound from his body within the body.

It is conceivable that there is huge gravity in this aperture.

“I see how you escape!”

Gu She Jing grinned.

Gu She Jing wiped the sweat, and then haha ​​mad said with a smile: “This is a magical skill inherited from the divine bow. I never thought that I could use it without the help of the clan weapon.”

Lin Fan was slightly surprised, but did not speak.

Gu Shejing smiled awkwardly, and said: “Of course I still took advantage of the power of my husband.”

Lin Fan laughed, but when his eyes looked towards the Dao Protector who was bound by the aperture, the killing intent suddenly rose three thousand feet!

“Let the deity reveal your disguise, but to see who you are and what family you are from!”

Lin Fan smirked.

Dao Protector complexion greatly changed!

He knows that when his true roots and feet are noticed, the matter is too big.

After angry roar, he actually had Self-destruction, but I have to say that this inheritance is too terrifying in the sun-shooting divine bow. When he struggles and wants Self-destruction, this aperture actually generates dozens of A long needle pierced fiercely into his Soul Sea and stopped his Self-destruction.

“Kudos to her! Kill me! If you don’t want to shoot Divine Race for your aunt, kill me with speed. Don’t let him reveal the truth!”

Dao Protector roars fiercely.

This sentence made Degu Shejing’s expression slightly changed.

Lin Fan looked at Gu Shejing this way, and then said: “I really don’t know his identity, but since he speaks like this, let patriarch decide.”

Gu Shejing’s eyes changed slightly.

This is a hot potato and also a very difficult problem.

If this person has no basis, he would never say such a thing.

But if he didn’t reveal the truth at this time, how would he think of him if there were hundreds of people around here?

He knew Lin Fan was carrying a load.

But I can’t say anything, I can only take this big question.

Just because he is patriarch.

He is the most powerful person here.

Everyone is watching Gu Shejing.

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