Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3306


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“Gu Shejing, you are a smart man, don’t pick something wrong, the price, no matter you or me, can’t bear it!”

Dao Protector shouted again.

“Shut up!”

Lin Fan drank low, stepped on one foot, and was stepping on half of the Dao Protector’s cheek. He suddenly rotted half of his face and couldn’t speak, and then Lin Fan looked towards Gu Shejing, He sighed and said: “If patriarch has scruples, then just kill it.”

Lin Fan used a very simple radical.

Gu Shejing grinned and said: “If this person claims to be the remnants of the extinct ethnic group, how can he not look at it? At the very least, you have to know who your husband’s potential enemy is.”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

Then his eyes were slightly cold.

This Gu Shejing is telling him that it is okay to reveal the identity of this person, but no matter what the consequences are, the two will share it.

This Gu Shejing is really not stupid.

“Then many thanks patriarch.”

Lin Fan cup one fist in the other hand.

“Gushe respect! You are being robbed of Divine Race for your Gushe. If one is not good, you will kill the people. Think about it.”

Dao Protector’s eyes are full of panic.

He still has to struggle, but it is basically impossible. This aperture not only imprisoned his actions, but also sealed his cultivation base.

Gu She Jing grinned and walked over, fiercely grabbing the Dao Protector with his big hands, shattering its hidden Supreme Treasure and tearing open the fictional veil.

“Is it you?”

Gu Shejing’s pupils shrink sharply!

He knew this person more than once and saw him following Tianxi behind him, which great character Dao Protector was.

“Is it you?”

Lin Fan was also shocked: “Clansman?”

There was a long uproar, followed by death, and everyone was trembling with fear.


Gu Shejing shouted, with incredible colors in her eyes.

Lin Fan’s face changed abruptly, shouted: “I got it wrong, it’s not the Celestial Clan, there is still an old bastard like you in the Divine Race without phase!”

He immediately changed his words, as if trying to make up for it.

Gu Shejing’s eyes are cold!

He really didn’t believe it. With Lin Fan’s talent and courage, he would be so shocked by his identity, and he could even use the term lose one’s head out of fear to directly break his identity!

“Death to the deity!”

Lin Fan shot directly, not giving this Dao Protector any chance to speak, he pressed forward with one hand, suppressed and killed this person, his head was burned to ashes by the fire, and he died completely.

Everyone is uneasy, all in panic.

The news today is really earth shattering, it’s too big!

If the Celestial Clan just shot Lin Fan, that’s nothing.

But the most important thing is that the heavenly people use innocent creatures and say that all souls are like ants, which is too sensitive.

“The deity has a clumsy eye, almost caught the old dog’s planting and arrogant tricks.” Lin Fan looked stern, facing everyone, and said: “His true identity is the Divine Race that is in the hands of the deity. Of a fish that escaped the net, don’t think too much about it, you guys, moreover, the heavenly clan aloof and remote, in charge of the heavens, have always loved the people as children, it is impossible to do such cruel and vicious things.”

Lin Fan explained it seriously, but who would listen?

The name of Mu Yi, shocking the world, is most remembered for his incomparable incomparable talent and superior resourcefulness.

How can you make mistakes here?

This is just trying to cover up.

Everyone understands this.

But no one dared to break it.

divine rainbow stood up again and hurried to the heavy city.

“Sir…” Gu Shejing said with a very complicated face, and said: “Mr. Could it be that the ultimate goal is really…”

He had expressed some thoughts in front of Lin Fan not long ago.

But at that time, Lin Fan refused directly.

But now, he has to believe that maybe this gentleman who is temporarily living in the family really has that kind of ambition.

Lin Fan was silent, and looked towards Gu Shejing a moment later, and said: “Patriarch thinks the Celestial Clan is good?”

Gu Shejing’s pupils shrink slightly.

Talking about the good or bad of the Celestial Clan is also a taboo.

But after a moment of silence, Gu Shejing still spoke, said with a malicious smile: “I always thought they were very good, at least very fair, but then… more and more disappointed.”

Lin Fan laughed and said: “If you change the company to take charge of the world, do you think it’s okay?”

Gu Shejing’s heart was shaken again, and after a long while, she said with a smile: “No matter which company is in charge of the world, but I know it, which one is always impossible to be Divine Race, so I didn’t think about it. Good or bad.”

After a long while, Gu Shejing sighed again: “The world is as dark as crows. When the regime is stabilized, it is necessary to consolidate the rule and work hard for the so-called inheritance of billions of generations. When the time comes, where Maybe there is no blood and injustice?”

Lin Fan laughed and said: “Patriarch can see it thoroughly.”

Gu Shejing did not answer this round, but looked towards Lin Fan with a wry smile, and said: “Sir, don’t you worry at all? After all, what you and I just revealed…”

“Don’t worry.”

Lin Fan said absolutely, leisurely said: “After all, this is only Tianxi’s Dao Protector, and Tianxi has long been demoted by the heavens. At this time, he doesn’t even have the identity of the clansman of the heavens. Can represent the Celestial Clan?”

Gu Shejing’s pupils were slightly bright, and it was obvious that she relaxed a lot.

But soon, he looked towards Lin Fan puzzledly, and said: “Since the sir knew about this, why did he expose it on the spot?”

Lin Fan glanced at Gu Shejing, but was not talking.

This Gu She Jing is sometimes as clever as a fox, and sometimes stupid as a wood. His IQ fluctuates high and low. In many cases, even his deity can’t tell whether this Gu She Jing is a disguise or always. .

3000 li away from the place where the incident occurred.

“Pay your life!”

Xiao Zuo clenched his fists extremely furiously, and could kill him at any time, blasting through the Dao Protector in front of him.

“Paying for life?” This Dao Protector grinned and said: “You did not complete the task, and my Old Brother was so exhausted that it was also on the spot. Besides, it was revealed that I was on the Patriarch. If I didn’t make a claim to you, that’s all. Now you Still have the face to pay, talk about paying for life?”

Xiao You slapped his hand directly and slapped Dao Protector’s face with a slap. He was very unceremonious and domineering, and said coldly: “In your news, Mu Yi is only the cultivation base for the Five Realms of God, but What about the facts? Even the so-called Old Brother in your mouth can’t hold him down. So, what kind of cultivation base does he need to ask?”

Dao Protector roars!

This is a woman.

But when he raised his hand, he drew his cheek.

What kind of humiliation is this?

But when he just got up, there was a broad knife placed on his neck. It was Xiao Zuo, faintly said: “Try it!”

Dao Protector didn’t dare to move, but he roared: “Na Muyi trifling, why can’t my brother hold him? If it weren’t for Gu Shejing, Mu Yi would die today!”

A sneer appeared in the little left eye, and then he removed the broadsword from Dao Protector’s neck, said with a sneer: “I’m not negotiating with you now, but asking for the reward! Also, this time Failure has caused dozens of my king’s masters to die. You must be responsible for this!”

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