Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3307

This is more than lion’s big mouth?

This is simply a cosmic black hole.

“Thirteen Heaven Grade killers, how much do you think it takes to cultivate?” Xiao Zuo grinned and said: “Speaking of 1 billion, just considering that the action failed at this time, we were indeed lazy and did not check the news again. Because of this, otherwise… 1 billion? Even 10,000,000,000, do you think you can talk to the deity?”

Xiao You gave this Dao Protector a gloomy look: “It’s the same for two seconds. If you don’t nod after two seconds, it will be regarded as a war. If you want to come to the power of my king, it is not a problem to kill only a declining successor.”

“You dare!”

Dao Protector roars fiercely.

Xiao You’s words are too lethal.

But let him roar, just to greet the sneers of Xiao Zuo and Xiao You couple.

“This number is too big, i am unable to help Lord.”

Dao Protector is suddenly in trouble.

He didn’t dare to take that odd risk.

If these executioners really attacked his master, would they be able to protect him well?

Who can guarantee?

“I knew you could not call the shots. I told you Patriarch. I will be here tomorrow and give me an answer.” Xiao Zuo sneered.

I’m not afraid that Old Guy will never return.

He is sure that the other party has no guts.

At least since the Rakshasa Palace towered between Heaven and Earth till now, only one person who wants to kill can survive.


There is an undercurrent in this world.

Discussions are muted everywhere.

The topics discussed were the attack on Lin Fan that day.

Of course, Lin Fan was attacked, it was just an introduction, and it all pointed to the guardian who Tianxi died.

“What? Does he really speak like this?”

At a restaurant, someone yelled in surprise, and then, as if afraid that others would hear it, he lowered his voice to say with a malicious smile: “His heavenly people think that he has this world, so he can sit back and relax? I think too much, if it is this world All spirits are not convinced by his Celestial Clan, how does he rule the world?”


“Really have this claim?”

At the restaurant in another heavy city, another person looked at Bing Sen, and then said: “It seems that I was wrong. I always thought that the heavenly clan was brilliant and majestic, and ruled the world for all souls, but now it seems… …”

“Old Brother, you think too much, aloof and remote, how can you really care about the life and death of us ants? This time the words of the heavenly people are just revealing the tip of the iceberg , I’m afraid it’s too much to write about the stubbornness of the Celestial Clan’s oppression of Wan Ling, but it was suppressed by the power.”


This is just an undercurrent, but with the help of Qingcheng, a storm of stars gradually swept through the chaos.

After that, the entire Chaos Realm exploded!

There are some secular Confucian scholars who lobbied all over, persuading the Celestial Clan to send high-ranking officials everywhere to be kind.

When the patriarch heard the news, it was too late!

The main reason is that the Celestial Clan is too powerful, no one dared to discuss this matter publicly, and some people faintly intervened, waiting for this undercurrent to converge into a storm that can no longer be suppressed, and then stopped taking care of it. Let it go.

“What’s the matter?”

The patriarch of the heavenly clan quietly looked at the kneeling man before him.

“Young Master Tianxi and King Senluo Realm Rakshasa teamed up to kill Muyi…”

The kneeling talent said this, and the Celestial patriarch waved his hand and said: “Go on, I already know this.”

This time the person who gave the report was shocked.

I didn’t make it clear, why did patriarch know?

But he didn’t dare to ask and left.

“My son…this time, how do you let me protect you?”

The Celestial patriarch sighed, and then his eyes became cold again, and said: “You are so stupid, so stupid, are you really my son?”

The patriarch of the heavenly race became more angry as he thought about it, and said grimly: “I have emphasized countless times and told you not to provoke him, but you just don’t listen. Are you his opponent? Just forget it after repeated battles, but The basket that was pierced out is getting bigger and bigger…

Water can carry a boat and it can also overturn it. I told you this ten thousand times, but…this time, my father cannot save you. “

“Are you going to abandon your son?”

A beautiful woman with a tall cloud on the temple came up, with a strong breath, staring coldly at the patriarch.

The patriarch complexion slightly changed, saying: “You have not healed from the severe injury, what did you do?”

“If I’m not coming out, my son will be gone.” The beautiful woman had a cold face.

The patriarch of the heavenly clan was silent, and said: “I will always save him.”

“hehe…what about this supreme position? Who are you going to give away?” The beautiful woman’s face was colder, she pointed to the patriarch, and said: “In this position, no one except my son deserves to sit, otherwise there will be one I’ll kill one, let’s wait and see! Although this matter is big, there is no way you can calm it down.”

The beautiful woman turned around and left.

Patriarch’s eyes narrowed little by little, and a little bit of darkness fell.

Suddenly said with a smile: “hehe…interesting, neither wife nor son wants me to live well…so…what are you going to do?”

“Come and bring Tianxi.”

The Celestial patriarch shouted loudly, and someone immediately took the command and went to the frontier.

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