Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3308


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When Tianxi knew the news, he knew he was done!

He knows too well the nature and temper of his father.

For the man his father, the supreme position in the world is more important than anything else.

What wife, what son, compared to that position, nothing counts.


This was Tianxi’s second reaction, but soon, he became frightened again. This world is so big, where can he escape?

It wasn’t until this moment that he suddenly realized that if he was deprived of his identity as the Celestial Clan, he would really be worthless.

The world is so big that it is the place where I stand.

But not long ago, this world was held in his hand only a short time ago.

“Mu Yi! If I don’t kill you in this life, even if I die now, I can’t look at you!”

Tianxi roars fiercely.

In the Celestial Clan.

“You guys go to Mrs.’s yard, take good care of her, don’t let her go, the battle 10,000 years ago had too much influence on her, and her personality changed drastically.” The patriarch of the celestial clan faced several of the celestial clan The clan elder spoke, said with a bitter smile: “I just came to fight with me.”

Several elders sighed.

They looked at this obviously the hall of embarrassment where they had just fought.

An elder of a clan is comfortable: “Don’t remember patriarch in the heart, just as patriarch said, the lady just suffered a severe injury and has not healed, which leads to a dilemma.”

The patriarch nodded, said with a bitter smile: “Please also be optimistic about the wife of the extremely tribe veteran. At this time, her condition is very bad. If she goes out often, I am afraid that something bad will happen.” /p>

“Please don’t worry, patriarch, madam, but I think it’s a big deal. If you want to come to the old man’s words, she will still listen a little bit.”

A kind-eyed patriarch smiled, and then the three of them went to the deepest courtyard of the Celestial Clan.

The courtyard is quiet and quiet.


“Madam, please go back.”

The benevolent old man smiled and said: “I know that the lady has not healed yet, and my heart is uncomfortable, but recovery is not a matter of overnight…”

“Uncle grandfather, do you want to stop Qing Er too?”

The old man with eyebrows smiled bitterly, and said: “The husband and wife have a fight at the end of the bed. Patrarch should not be angry.”

The patriarch of the Celestial Race laughed: “How can I be angry? I have my current position, and most of the credit goes to Qing Er.”

The kind-faced old man laughed and said: “Where does the credit come from if the husband and wife share the same life?”

The patriarch nodded, and then said: “Let me see the injuries for the two elders.”

The two clan elders didn’t doubt that he had him at all, smiling, just waiting for the patriarch to approach.

“Uncle grandfather, where is the fifth uncle who went to Qing Er courtyard with you?”

The patriarch asked.

“The old bastard is worried about the unhealed Qing Er, so I just followed.”

The compassionate old man spoke.

“pu! ”

“pu! ”

Suddenly, two muffled noises appeared.

It was the patriarch of the Celestial Race who suddenly made a bloody shot. Within three meters, he suddenly attacked and killed them. Even if the two patriarchs had a terrifying cultivation base, they couldn’t resist!

I was shot all over in an instant, dying!

“Don’t blame me! The crisis is coming. I saw the dim road ahead of the Celestial Clan. Mystery Old Person warned me more than once that the Celestial Clan must be highly united and all rights are in the hands of one person.”

The patriarch of the heavenly race had a grim look in his eyes, and then he shot again, but for the second time, he used the means of a beautiful woman!

Soon, the Celestial riots!

Countless hunters and the heavenly powerhouses are dispatched, all over the world, looking for beautiful women!

The accusation is that in the first battle ten thousand years ago, the beautiful woman was invaded by the monster’s remnant knowledge in Divine Soul. At this time, she had been Demonized and killed the clan elder first. After punishing the clansman for thousands of days, she fled to the outside world and called on the world to be beautiful. Woman found out.

Lin Fan got up when he heard the news, and hurriedly approached Gu Shejing.

“patriarch, I want to know who the wife of the heavenly patriarch is, and what happened to the war ten thousand years ago!”

Lin Fan straight to the point.

Gu Shejing is also in panic right now.

10,000 years ago, he also participated in that battle.

That battle swept the entire Chaos Realm.

It was also in that battle, that beautiful woman was amazed by time and space, and I don’t know how many great things fell for her.

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