Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3309


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10,000 years ago, on the frontier side, a supreme powerhouse appeared, and Yu would rule on that side and swept invincible.

Even the Xeons sent by the Celestial Clan have been killed for dozens of times, and even the current patriarch of the Celestial Clan loses in the hands of any king.

Which king is really a Legendary, by the strength of oneself, supporting the frontier for hundreds of years, that is, during these hundreds of years, many powerhouses have emerged on the frontier, all of which are the king’s discipline .

The war lasted for hundreds of years. In the end, the Celestial Clan used the foundation, but it still didn’t work. If these foundations went out, they would be killed before they jumped back to the peak.

It was the most critical time for the Celestial Clan at that time.

It turned out to be pushed into the chaos by the frontier side of the hundred thousand li. The Nuo great territory was occupied by him, and it became an occupied area, and all spirits were crying!

Too fierce, that king is really Legendary. After occupying the territory of the hundred thousand li of chaos, he did not continue, but built city walls and bunkers on the spot, step by step, slowly advancing.

The advancing speed is extremely slow, but if he keeps going step by step, the hearts of the heavenly people will dissipate, at least the world will no longer regard this heavenly people as a god-like existence.

At this moment, a woman appeared.

white clothed white hair.

The appearance is peerless.

With a limpid autumn water Lingshuang sword, he came out of the Celestial Clan, like a flying fairy sword, Changhong sunset.

One Sword Shrouding the Sky 10,000,000 li, one sword cut off the heads of hundreds of supreme powerhouses on the frontier, and killed them!

The scariest thing is that this woman was pregnant with Liujia at the time!

In the end, the identity of the woman was revealed.

A family of in-laws of the Celestial Clan.

The ethnic group of women is also called the posterity.

The most likely wife of the patriarch of the Celestial race is from this race.

It was a terrifying battle, and the contemporary patriarch took this woman to fight the king of the frontier.

There was panic in Gu Shejing’s eyes, as if he had returned to the horror of that day.

“I can’t describe that battle. Star Sea turned into dust and chaos turned into ashes.” Gu Shejing smiled bitterly, and said: “In fact, after so many years, my cultivation base has almost stopped. I am afraid I will wait and see after that battle. The reason why the mind was taken away.”

Lin Fan eyes shrank!

This is terrifying.

Who is Gu Shejing?

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Divine Race is also slowly getting on the right track. Actually, I can leave long ago. The reason why I’m still shooting Divine Race is just to use Divine Race. Achieve some of my goals.”

Lin Fan was frank and honest, just looking at Gu Shejing in this way, and said, “It’s good to get along with this time. I hope that when you know something in the future, you can think about this time, but no matter What decision you do, I will not have another word, even if there is a battlefield to meet each other, I will not resent, so don’t pass it.”


A trace of complexity appeared in Gu Shejing’s eyes.

But he is not blocking, not multilingual.

Looking at Lin Fan’s back slowly leaving, he gave a miserable laugh, and said: “My aunt is not smart, but he must not be an idiot. There are many things. Although I don’t know yet, it doesn’t mean I don’t doubt… …It’s just that, sir, go well, the future…the future.”

Then he bowed down.

Lin Fan is gone, taking away all the heavenly killers.

Outside the gate of Shenfu.

“Too sudden.” Qingcheng frowned, and said: “You go, have you left the Divine Race war?”

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