Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3310


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“I’m not in this world, but this world will still follow me.” Lin Fan said stinkyly, smiling, and said: “I should have left Gushe Divine Race long ago.”

Wu Qingcheng was silent for a moment, and said: “It is indeed the same reason. It is very troublesome after a long time. There will always be some damn emotions, which will affect many things afterwards.”

Lin Fan sighed and said, “But in general, it was really enjoyable during Divine Race.”

“Farewell to Great Elder.”

“Great Elder has a good journey.”


Suddenly, goodbyes appeared again and again.

After that, all the top leaders of Gushe Divine Race appeared, and they all appeared in the sky.

Lin Fan’s heart is full of blood, and he long said with a smile: “Don’t pass today, I only hope that everyone is well, Divine Race is thriving.”

“Mr. Drag’s good words.”

Gushejing also came, and bowed down, saying: “When Mr. Xianyou is tired, please return to Gushe Divine Race. Although Gushe Divine Race can’t be called powerful, it wins in unity. No matter how big the wind and rain are, if Mr. Fan returns, Gushe Divine Race will do his best to block the thunder and lightning.”

Lin Fan fixedly looked towards Gu She Jing, then bowed down.

This prayer is very sincere.

I apologize.

Also respectfully.

The origin of the apology to Gu Shejing was only because his father died in his own hands.

But Lin Fan asked himself, he had no mistakes and no regrets about killing Gu She Jing father.

Jing, because Gu She Jingming realized the truth.

At this time, his empty right arm may be his apologization for his father.

I know who my father’s homicide is.

But he was born in this life, and he was kind to him and the entire Divine Race.

Then he chooses to smile.

So, he cut off his arm because he felt guilty for his father.

There were tears in Gu Shejing’s eyes, but they were evaporated in an instant.

Lin Fan got up, didn’t say much, waved his back to the people of Divine Race, and then strode away.

Qingcheng and Chasing the Moon were both silent. Knowing that Lin Fan was in a complicated mood at this time, after walking thousands of miles away, Qingcheng said softly, “Husband is going to the frontier?”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Since that woman came out of the Celestial Clan, she must go to find Tianxi.”

Qingcheng frowned and said: “In fact, Shang Gu Shejing said that it was right. At this time, you and I take the initiative to find the door, which is extremely dangerous.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “If the patriarch of the Celestial tribe does not want to exterminate this woman, it is indeed dangerous, but if we go now, if we have a proper strategy, it will not only be dangerous, but also have great benefits.”

Chasing the moon frowned.

Lin Fan looked towards Liu Chauyue, and said: “Do you know this woman?”

Chasing the moon nodded, and then sighed: “How do I not know? We Divine Race women, I am afraid that at least 99% of us will regard her as an idol.”

“oh?” Lin Fan was surprised and said: “Did she have such a great reputation in Divine Race?”

Chaoyue did not answer this sentence, but faintly said: “In fact, the heavenly race should belong to her.”

Lin Fan eyes shrank, asked: “What the hell is going on?”

Chasing the moon shook his head and said: “I don’t know the details, the ancestor didn’t talk much, but I firmly remember the words of the ancestor.”

Chasing the moon and glancing at Lin Fan, faintly said: “The more beautiful beauty, the less likely to be emotional, but as long as emotional is a lifetime, reincarnation cannot be changed, but that woman…”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “The ancestor said this is extremely reasonable.”

Chasing the moon immediately gave Lin Fan an angry look.

At this time, shouldn’t it be this idiot who praised them with a shy face?

As a result, this statement is extremely reasonable?

Chasing Moon wanted to draw Lin Fan’s mouth.

Take two steps forward, Lin Fan said with a smile: “Then the ancestors said that the more beautiful a beauty, but after the unfeeling, it will not change. For a lifetime, reincarnation cannot be changed?”

Qingcheng glanced at Chasing Moon, who made Qiong’s nose wrinkled with anger, and said: “This product is already in a daze, thinking about a lot of things, I am afraid that there is no time to amidst flowers and in the moonlight.”

Chasing the moon bulgingly, stomping tenderly.

Qingcheng glanced at the two wryly.

After all, this chasing the moon is the spoiled and spoiled Little Princess.

“Husband, do you want this woman to go back and seize power with the patriarch?” Qingcheng looked towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan as it should be by rights, saying: “Why not?”

Qingcheng frowned and said, “You know, the patriarch of the Celestial Clan is not an idiot. The woman has slept for thousands of years. Even after she wakes up, she rarely walks out of the small courtyard. May compete with the patriarch of the Celestial race?”

Lin Fan said in surprise: “Can she be able to compete? It is related to me? I only need her to compete.”

Wu Qingcheng looked towards Lin Fan, said with a bitter smile: “I really think she is very pitiful, if… I mean if… help her.”

Lin Fan looked towards Qingcheng, laughed: “Good.”

This way, calm and tranquil.

Of course, the so-called calm and tranquil is only for Lin Fan and the others.

Actually, the whole Chaos Realm is screaming.

All kinds of terrifying legends are on the scene.

One day and some time, the Celestial Xeon met the woman who was invaded by the evil spirit in Soul Sea in a certain place. As a result, the female female erupted and killed all the Celestial people with one enemy ten.

One day and sometime, the patrol hunter was stronger than somewhere and met the woman who was invaded by the evil spirit in the Soul Sea. He lost the patrol hunt and was sentenced to thirty people.



Lin Fan heard all kinds of rumors along the way, and gained a deeper understanding of the strength of the Legendary woman.

Until they were no more than a thousand miles away from the frontier.

There is another big news!

The woman flees with her son!

Joined by the Celestial Xeon and Xunhou, chased all the way, hundreds of thousands li.

Even the Legendary woman couldn’t protect her son Zhouquan, and Tianxi was slashed-near death!

When Lin Fan heard the news, his eyes suddenly brightened, said with a big smile: “The opportunity is here.”

Wu Qingcheng narrowed his eyes: “It is indeed a good opportunity.”

This is a mountain with extremely harsh environment, barren, the earth is brown.

Lin Fan is here right now.

He faintly looked towards the front and said: “I am Mu Yi, please come out and see me.”

Lin Fan is convinced that the Legendary woman is here.

Because he has searched the ten thousand li area, only this place gives him an intuition that is not clear and unclear.

The most important thing is that this woman was wounded at this time. According to common sense, she went to a crowded place as soon as possible to ask for help and find the incredible Pill Master.

Those chasing soldiers also have this kind of shoe idea, so they are out of the air.

“Senior, please come out to see you. If you want to come, you should have heard that Junior has a pill technique and dare not call it peerless, but in terms of the current chaos, I am afraid that there is no comparable.”

Lin Fan continued to speak, but the mountain was silent.

Lin Fan swept toward the cliff, and then fixed on one of the raised rocks.

“Mu Yi?”

At this moment, an exclamation of surprise appeared.

Lin Fan’s eyes became cold. Looking back, he saw a hunter staring at him with a grim look.

“hahaha…it is good for you and my brother to be lucky!”

An patrol hunter appeared again, haha ​​laughed.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “It seems that you didn’t ask to take action on me on Patriarch, right?”

The patrol hunter grinned: “The patriarch of the celestial race can’t order me to come on the patrol hunter.”

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