Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3311


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Lin Fan looked at the two patrol hunters quietly.

It’s really good, it’s a powerhouse at the peak of the five gods.

For outsiders, this kind of strength is of course terrifying.

But from Lin Fan’s eyes at this time, it’s just this.

“What are you looking at? Isn’t it obediently surrender? Do you have to wait until the deity shoots?”

The patrol hunter turned his hands on his back, screamed, his face was cold, and sneered: “We are not comparable to the wastes of the ordinary five realms. Don’t think that you are better than the wastes of the Senluo realm. The two brothers are arrogant.”

Lin Fan looked back, and continued to lock his eyes on the raised rock, and said: “Since Senior is worried about his intentions, I will prove it to Senior.”

The faces of the two hunters suddenly changed!

Meeting Lin Fan, it was indeed lucky for them.

But if there are others here, it would be a disaster.

Lin Fan moved his gaze, looked towards these two patrol hunters, then tapped the ground with his toes and floated towards the two patrol hunters.

“It’s been a long, long time since I fought with strange creatures like you, I really miss it.”

Lin Fan is smiling, but his eyes are cold!

“Good guts!”

“courting death! Ants also tried to provoke Power of True Dragon?”

Two patrol hunters shouted at the same time, seeing Lin Fan daring to take the initiative to attack them, and they were extremely angry.

“Catch him alive, Wang Zun will surely have a great reward!”

A patrol hunter roars and pats Lin Fan with his hand up.

Another patrol hunter grinned: “Since the big brother shot, I will watch the battle, otherwise I am afraid it was a carelessness, and this kid will be scattered.”

“hong long!”

Suddenly, a heavy halberd pierced the big hand shot by the first patrol hunter, penetrated the void, nailed the second patrol hunter’s brow, and then buzzed, it was nailed through the brow. Zun Xunhu was directly shattered and his body exploded.


This exploded mournful scream.

He is different from an ordinary cultivator. It is not a whole body, but a thick black mist, exuding a breath of majesty, enveloped by Heavenly Might, making Great Dao compatible.

“Mu Yi…you dare to destroy my battle body, this is a great sin, and God won’t forgive you!”

The thick black mist roars.

Lin Fan glanced at the dense fog coldly, and the heavy halberd was retracted, the tail of the halberd was like a long dagger-axe, and it went upside down, nailed through the chest of another hunter with a puff, and nailed him to the heavens. .


Lin Fan whispered and shook Zhutian again. This patrol followed in the footsteps of the former.

“Mu Yi…you will die! You will die…the next time you meet, you will avenge your blood.”

Lin Fan looked at the roaring black fog like an idiot, raised his hand to pat it, and said contemptuously: “Do you think there is another time?”

“The ants…we are immortal!”

“You can’t kill us, wait for it, after we repair the body, we will definitely come to kill you again.”

Lin Fan sighed and said: “I have heard this kind of words at least dozens or hundreds of times.”

The big hand wiped it off, and under the palm of the palm, the lightning gleamed. When the big hand wiped the two thick black fogs, the thick fog disappeared like the first snow and the blazing sun.

“Senior, if you cut these two patrol hunters, can you convince seniors that there is nothing to do with the heavens?”

Lin Fan spoke, but soon the complexion slightly changed.

There is a powerhouse’s breath to search here!

The Celestial Clan!

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, coldly said with a smile: “Believe it or not, I’m sending these young girls to the predecessors!”

Lin Fan rushed up into the clouds.

This time and space of no man’s land exploded from time to time, and the void rumbling from time to time, bone and blood smashed down from the head of the cloud, blasting the earth out of deep pits one after another.

After a short half-quarter of an hour, Lin Fan killed 13 more people.

“Senior, maybe see you?”

Lin Fan lowered the cloud head, still standing on the spot, still narrowing his eyes on the raised rock on the cliff.

On the raised rock, a woman in embarrassment, tears ran across her dirty face, marking out jade-like marks. On a stone bed in front of her, Tianxi was dying.

“Mother…this wooden Yi is a great feud. The child and mother can have today’s difficulties, thanks to him.”

Tianxi died at any time, but she still did not forget her hatred with Lin Fan.

He forced to finish speaking, and then coughed up blood. The blood clot almost made him die completely. It was indeed extremely weak.

The angry look flickered in the woman’s eyes.

But in the end, she took a shot, uncovered the raised rock, appeared at the side of the cave, staring at Lin Fan coldly, cold said with a smile: “You are bold, really big , Are you afraid that I will kill you directly?”

Lin Fan shrugged and said: “If Seniors were in his heyday, Junior would of course not dare to take risks, but since Seniors were injured, there would be less worry.”

Before the woman became angry, Lin Fan said with a smile: “even more how, Brother Tianxi was injured. Seniors have a good talk.”

The woman’s eyes narrowed.

Lin Fan said: “Senior is still well, and the battle strength is at least 5-Layer, but Brother Tianxi is still dying. It can only prove that the unpredictable power of the older generation is not enough to cure him. Then, the next The effect is highlighted.”

The woman ridiculed: “How did you know my son was dying?”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “If Tianxi brother is not dying at this time, he knew that when I arrived, he would have rushed out and worked desperately in the next. This reasoning is still there in the next.”

The woman stared at Lin Fan in this way, and after a long while, she smiled cruelly: “It’s worthy of being a handsome man who can push my son to this step. It’s really good.”

After that, she turned around and headed into the cave.

And, not at all block the door.

Lin Fan sneered at the corner of his mouth. This was to assess his courage and see if he would dare to approach the cave?

Lin Fan raised his foot and went straight into the cave.

There is no hesitation.

He suddenly entered, but a slight surprise flashed in the woman’s eyes, and it seemed that Lin Fan would be so bold.

“What a cruel hand!”

The first moment when Lin Fan entered the cave, he saw Tianxi lying on the stone bed, and then sighed: “Poor parents in the world. The reason why I want to come to seniors to be so severely injured is to hang Tianxi. And it will greatly damage the cultivation base, right?”

The cave is silent.

“Are you…sure you can save him?”

After a long while, there was finally a trembling voice.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “If Junior can’t save Mu Yi brother, I’m afraid no one in this world can save him.”

“Well, if you can save him, then I can call the shots. Your hatred and hatred with him will be wiped out.”

Lin Fan joked and said: “Junior took the risk to meet seniors, not just because of the hatred between me and Brother Tianxi. To put it awkwardly, as far as Brother Tianxi is concerned, it is really not worthy of me. So solemn.”

“Then…what do you want? As long as I have it.”

This woman is very determined.

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