Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3312


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This sentence is too harsh and too direct.

Are you cold?

Of course it’s cold.

That’s a man who has loved him all his life, devoted everything to him, and gave birth to children for him.

For that man, he fought to the death while he was pregnant, and nearly killed two lives.

For the man, in order to help him sit firmly in that position, he did not hesitate to break with his parents.

I remember at that time, the late parents warned themselves that the man was not a good match. Under his gentle and frugal appearance, what was hidden was wolf ambition, very ruthless and ruthless for achieving the goal by fair means or foul.

But at that time, I was fascinated by ghosts, right?

Until the end…

The mother clan, whose splendor and prosperity was as scorching sun shining as chaos, was wiped out in the aftermath of that catastrophe.

And since that time, you have become a homeless pitiful person, right?

I paid that many, what did I get?

After all, it was just discarded.

Even for over 10,000 years, it’s impossible for me to never interfere in the affairs of the Celestial Clan.


Lin Fan chuckled lightly. He watched the ripples in his eyes, but she was a beautiful woman who hadn’t said anything for a long time, said with a smile: “Senior, please protect the law, wait for me to make Brother Tianxi get better. Other.”

“I hope you can really save my son, otherwise…”

A murderous flash in the eyes of the beautiful woman.

She is indeed beautiful, even if she is battered and exhausted at this time, she is covered all over, and her hair is scattered, but it is still difficult to hide her peerless elegance.

Lin Fan looked towards Mei Fu and said: “If Junior can’t save him, then… Senior can arrange funerals for him in advance.”

“You want to die!”

Severe expression flashed in the eyes of the beautiful woman, and between raising her hands, she grabbed Lin Fan’s apple.

Lin Fan looked towards the beautiful woman faintly, but he did not evade. The sword edge-like nails suddenly stopped when the distance from Lin Fan’s apple knot was less than about one inch.

But that sharp sharpness still aroused the fine goose bumps on Lin Fan’s neck.

Lin Fan looked away and looked towards Tianxi again, his pupils tightened slightly: “What a ruthless method! This is completely sincere for Brother Tianxi’s life, this is an exterminator, and it is really unsparing. “

In the eyes of the beautiful woman, the masterpiece of killing intent, roared: “That old bastard forgot. On the battlefield, if it weren’t for the sword from the main palace to clear out the enemy, he would be divided.”

Lin Fan is slow, he unhurried to save Tianxi, but trying to arouse the killing intent and anger in the beautiful woman’s heart.

“Boy, I know what you are going to do. There is no need. That man will die. You don’t need to instigate.”

The beautiful woman Senran, and then said: “It’s just you, why do you always not see the heavens like this? Could it be that your Lord has an enmity with the heavens? Don’t mention your Master. Others may believe it, but I I won’t believe it.”

Lin Fan stuffed Tianxi with a medicine pill and went in, saying: “This is Pill Pill, the most suitable brother Tianxi now.”

The beautiful woman looked at her son tightly, until Tianxi’s fingers trembled slightly, and she rolled down tears.

Using her cultivation base and methods, of course, she can feel Tianxi’s improvement in an instant, the soul body that is slowly overflowing is slowly reuniting, and the soul Sea that is disintegrating is also slow Slow repair.

“many thanks.”

The beautiful woman speaks.

At this time, she is not the Legendary woman, but a mother.

“No.” Lin Fan also solemnly returned.

Of course, nothing else, just because of the woman’s motherhood.

Then Lin Fan suddenly smiled: “speaking of which Brother Tianxi is really happier than me.”

The beautiful woman looked towards Lin Fan, Lin Fan said with a smile: “There is no mother in my memory until I have a son before I reunite with my mother.”

The beautiful woman is nodded, but in an instant, her beautiful eyes stood up, with a grim expression: “The gang of slaves he raised are really becoming more and more capable, and they have repeatedly found this place.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed: “There is indeed ability. Looking at it, I am afraid that we are in this cave.”

The beautiful woman sneered: “What if you know? Could it be that they still have the courage to attack?”

Lin Fan smiled bitterly, and said: “Only with their ten people, of course they dare not, but if we don’t break through at this time, they can summon reinforcements, and when there are hundreds of people, they will be How?”

“What can I do? One after another kill it!”

A masterpiece of murderous beauty!

“Where is Tianxi? Who will protect?” Lin Fan sighed, and said, “It’s not Junior who brags, even if hundreds of people come in, I can kill all by myself, but at that time, the soldiers are fierce and dangerous, who can guarantee Brother Tianxi is not good or bad?”

The beautiful woman’s face changed.

Lin Fan said: “So… the most urgent thing is to find a good place. At least wait for Brother Tianxi to recover completely and talk about other things.”

“Boy…you are so attached to my mother and mother, and you are afraid that it will be a bamboo basket to draw water. You know, no matter how I fight with that man, it is a family matter after all.” The beautiful woman sneered. .

I have seen through Lin Fan’s careful thoughts a long time ago.

Lin Fan shrugged: “Even if it’s really a bamboo basket to draw water, it doesn’t matter, it’s okay to have a good relationship with the right.”

The beautiful woman was silent, and then the huge rock blocking the cave suddenly burst open and turned into countless fragments. Each fragment was like a soldier thrown out with all its strength, splashing everywhere, and suddenly countless howls sounded. .

Lin Fan is a little surprised.

This woman is too domineering. She fights and kills when she says she fights. She does not have any signs at all.

“Senior only takes care of the guarding brother Tianxi. The remaining Junior is here.”

Lin Fan gave a long howl and ran out of the cave with a halberd.

There is nothing to describe this killing. Lin Fan is walking with the beautiful women, and it is not the patriarch level to come, otherwise they can’t stop it.

After breaking through, Lin Fan looked towards Mei Fu and said: “It is not safe to come to Chaos Realm. It is better to go to an absolutely safe place with me. After Tianxi brother recovers completely, where will the seniors go? Whatever you want.”

The beautiful woman glanced at Lin Fan: “Yes.”

Of course, Lin Fan is going to take this beautiful woman to Senluo Realm.

This is the plan he made since he knew about it.

Sin Luojie, the imposing Imperial Palace stands tall and majestic.

“You and this Senluo Realm… are so deeply involved. It seems that everyone in the world underestimates you.”

The beautiful woman spoke faintly, her pupil light was a little surprised.

For thousands of years, it seems that I haven’t taken a half step out of the Celestial Clan. At this time, I really walked in this world. I knew the blue sea turned into mulberry fields.

Lin Fan slightly smiled, saying: “I also want to make a mistake for seniors to hide their identities. The Celestial Clan is very powerful. If you know that seniors are in this world, I am afraid…”

The beautiful woman’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Lin Fan said: “The emperor of the forest world is like me, and I cannot be robbed for her.”

“The world of Senluo has changed?”

Amazement appeared in the beautiful woman’s eyes.

Lin Fan nodded, said: “The emperor of the Senluo world is the former King Rakshasa.”

“King Rakshasa…King Rakshasa…” The beautiful woman muttered, and then haha ​​smiled and said: “This Rakshasa is quite appetizing to me. I have long heard of her reputation.”

Lin Fan laughed and said: “This King Rakshasa is like the predecessors, but they are all women, but they are not conceding to men.”

The beautiful woman was even more surprised, and said: “Apart from me, there are such strange women in this world?”

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