Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3313


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Lin Fan haha ​​smiled and said: “Senior hasn’t been born for a long time, of course I don’t know many things. In fact, after the senior, there are many peerless beauties like seniors in this world.”

The beautiful woman glanced at Lin Fan and said, “I’m afraid that there will be many women falling in love with you? Your mouth is really good. This kind of oblique praise of people’s foreheadability, until he has several times when he was young points of similarity.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, cold said with a smile: “It has long been heard that the patriarch of the heavenly clan had only one wife and three concubines in his life. This was once praised by others, and he said his love, just say this. I am indeed inferior to him, but seniors please refrain from mentioning Junior and him on equal terms. For Junior, this is a great shame.”

The beautiful woman raised her eyes, staring at Lin Fan like this, very majestic and fierce.

After a long while, he laughed bitterly at himself, and said: “What’s wrong with me? I have come to this step, but I’m still subconsciously defending everything about him.”

Lin Fan looked towards Mei Fu, solemnly and seriously said: “Habit is something more terrifying than life and death.”

The beautiful woman is nodded deeply.

The Imperial Palace in the Senluo Realm was originally designed by Lin Fan and arranged with many masters in the Senluo Realm. Therefore, he naturally has a way to enter the palace directly without disturbing anyone.

Then the effortless found King Rakshasa who really leaned on the dressing table.

Lin Fan’s heart suddenly felt distressed.

This woman’s cultivation base and realm are higher than him, but she is so tired that she wants to sleep.

This is too unusual for a cultivator of high realm.

Notice that when you arrive at this realm such as Lin Fan, you can live without sleep.

“Do you want to dress up?”

Lin Fan lightly said, he moved forward slowly, the half-sleepy Rakshasa suddenly opened his eyes, and then saw Lin Fan coming towards her in the mirror, and said with a bitter smile, “You enemy, at this time I’m afraid it’s stirring the wind and rain from the outside world, how could it appear in front of me? It seems to be another dream.”

Lin Fan sighed slightly, approached Rakshasa, gently picked up the jade comb, and took care of the full head fine black hair for King Rakshasa.

“This dream is becoming more and more real. I only wish to do it longer.”

King Rakshasa muttered with happiness.

Lin Fan smiled awkwardly.

If he is the only one who sneaks into this place, then that’s all.

Unfortunately, behind him, there is a beautiful woman with a weird look.

“Crazy woman.”

Lin Fan laughed low, Rakshasa’s whole body was shaken, looking back, there was a deep surprise in his eyes: “You actually came back?”

Lin Fan smiled: “I’m back.”

Wang Qinger is her idol in this life.

The envious and pursuit is not just the peerless cultivation base of Wang Qinger’s life.

And the dream of the daughter’s family.

Have one’s heart, and the white head will not leave.

Choose a city and an old man alone.

But now, this dream is broken.

It should be noted that for a long period of time, the various relationships between the patriarch and Wang Qing’er were regarded as myths by many married men and women in the chaos and Senluo realms.

“Senior, just say what you want to do.” King Rakshasa came back, looking at Wang Qing’er and said directly.

Wang Qinger’s eyes showed a blank look.

I only know about hatred and resentment, but I really haven’t thought about how to do it later.

“This matter is not in a hurry.” Lin Fan looked towards King Rakshasa, and said: “Now it is a serious matter to heal Brother Tianxi first.”

When you arrive at the Imperial Palace in the Senluo Realm, naturally you don’t have to worry about safety. Tianxi is properly arranged in a palace and is guarded by Wang Qinger himself.

In the bedroom.

Lin Fan has his chest naked, and Rakshasa’s black hair is on his chest.

faintly said: “Are all men in this world so cruel?”

Lin Fan got a cold back and quickly said, “At least I am not cruel.”

“Really?” King Rakshasa looked up at Lin Fan, then smiled: “I am different from my predecessors. If one day you betray me and abandon me, I will not know what to do. We will work together. All, I will destroy it myself, and then I will find you and die together.”

Lin Fan shivered shivered. A little annoyed, he lifted his slap and slapped it, annoyed by Fire Dao: “You crazy lady always thinks that there are none. It is Essence, Qi, and Spirit. It’s pretty good.”

Standing over is naturally another intimacy.

For a long time, King Rakshasa was lying on the bed, not wanting to say even a word.

“Listen carefully, my intention was to take their mother and child to Ancient Battlefield, and ask Brother Beast King to help monitor it, but since you can’t bear it and you feel sorry for her, you don’t have to.” Lin Fan solemnly, Said: “But her cultivation base is too strong, and the picture has been changed, no one can guarantee whether her temperament will change drastically, so you have to focus on this matter, at least make sure that even if she suddenly violently rises, it won’t be aroused. What a mess.”

Asura Path: “I’ve thought of it a long time ago that the palace where the mother and son are all around, but they are all the Xeons I have bothered to invite. Even if the seniors have the ability, I’m afraid it will be in this group of people. I can’t find it inside.”

“Very well, my crazy lady, she really grew up.”

Lin Fan’s words are indeed a pun, making Rakshasa a big red face.

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