Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3314


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Wang Qing’er suddenly disappeared in Chaos Realm, and after searching all over the world, she could not be found again.

This made the Celestial patriarch furious. With an order, the chaos was shaken and tens of thousands of people poured out from the Celestial Divine Mansion, and the powerhouses where the Divine Races were forcibly selected to form a terrifying search net. From north to south, a team from west to east, a total of four teams walked opposite each other, searching for chaos in this way.

This patriarch is going to plow a chaos!

Under this search method, if Wang Qing’er is really still in Chaos Realm, he is destined to have nowhere to hide.

Imperial Palace of Senluo.

Lin Fan quietly looked at the information in his hand, sighed, looked towards Wang Qing’er, and said: “I have to say that the strength of the Celestial Clan is really terrifying to the extreme. Under the order, the Chaos Realm earthquake, each The clan must send out people to help, otherwise it is rebellious.”

Wang Qing’er ridiculed: “It’s those Divine Races who are afraid of death and dare not fight.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and then said with a bitter smile: “It’s not that Divine Race is afraid of death, but it’s useless to fight. The Celestial Clan is too strong. Even if you do everything you can, you can’t get anything done. Waves.”

Wang Qinger coldly snorted and said: “Little Brat, don’t even think about hearing any news from me. It’s useless at all. Even if I’m abandoned, it’s just him, not the clan. I always It’s impossible to do things that are unfavorable to that group.”

Lin Fan said in surprise: “Junior doesn’t want to see seniors and do anything unfavorable to the Celestial Clan.”

Wang Qinger smiled, did not look towards Lin Fan, raised her eyebrows, and then said: “Rakshasa, you were originally a family of elves?

Rakshasa looked back suddenly, with gloomy eyes, almost hysterical: “How do you know?”

Wang Qinger sighed and said: “That was an unjust case and a tragedy. I stopped it, but it was useless. The situation was too complicated.”


Wang Rakshasa sneered and said: “One of my clan guards in the ruined earth, survives among a group of monsters, and shelters at least tens of millions of creatures. As a result… the heavenly clan regards us as a rebel and a betrayer. It’s a shame and a blood feud to slander our people for taking refuge in monsters outside the frontier.”

Wang Qing’er’s face is more complicated, and said: “Then everything is too incredible, because it is too incredible, so the truth is often no one believes.”

“What is incredible? A clan of mine, loves peace, just wants to be with the grass and trees, and friends with birds and beasts. I have been in that forest for tens of thousands of years, never going out, so of course I can stay More powerhouse.”

Rakshasa’s eyes on the lunar calendar, said: “That’s because there are so many powerhouses in the clan, so the rare beast attacks have been repelled time and time again. The Royal Father has even strictly ordered several brothers to be surrounded and blocked by multiple breakthroughs. The all-spirit abandoned by the tribe takes back the number of millions and millions years. No outsider has ever set foot in the forest for shelter. What is unbelievable and incomprehensible?”

Wang Qinger said: “When the tragedy of your clan happened, I could do nothing. I was like a living dead. Although I was awake occasionally, I was muddleheaded. For that matter, I should say sorry to you.”

“Sorry?” King Rakshasa looked sad, and said: “My tribe, my Royal Father, my Brother Wang…tens of millions of people… actually died and wounded in a despicable plan If it weren’t for the Royal Father’s mount, I had a chance to escape when I was young, and I was eventually rescued by the Sovereign. My clan, but the clan was really annihilated.”

Lin Fan’s heart hurts!

This Rakshasa still has so much hurt and pain in her heart.

This is indeed his negligence, he hasn’t known it for a long time, and didn’t heal the wound in his heart.

Gently pull Rakshasa into her arms, pat her shoulders slowly, letting her relax slowly.

“Senior, how do you treat the Celestial Clan? That is your business, but the Celestial Clan should be destroyed.” Lin Fan said frankly, looking towards Wang Qing’er, and said: “even more how, since I knew that 10,000 years ago Since World War I, I felt that this was a conspiracy. Senior, I would advise you to think about some details ten thousand years ago.”

“Boy, are you going to provoke here again?” Wang Qing’er sneered: “I said it earlier, that’s useless.”

Lin Fan shrugged and said: “Some things are not based on my will. The truth can never be buried in the yellow sand forever. There will always be the day when the sun is seen again. Just look at… I am willing to wake up, or…must be woken up by someone else.”

Wang Qinger suddenly shouted: “Shut up!”

After that, Wang Qing’er left here with one step, and she disappeared in an instant.

Lin Fan sighed.

Rakshasa Wang said: “Perhaps she has been aware of it, but she has never dared to ask or think carefully. If all this was a plan since the war 10,000 years ago, then, in her life… Sad.”

Lin Fan said coldly with a smile: “But there will be a day when the moon will be bright. Isn’t it time to face it? Is the escape at this time useful? Like a tortoise, withdraw your head into the shell , It can only guarantee temporary peace.”

“It’s a moment to escape for a while.” King Rakshasa said, “You are not a woman, you can never understand.”

Lin Fan nodded, then looked towards King Rakshasa and said: “We don’t even mention the past, hatred and hatred, I will repay it for you.”

Rakshasa Royal General retracted into Lin Fan’s arms and said: “Don’t mention those, now, hold me tight, okay?”


Beginning with Divine Race and Imperial Family, they are still fighting.

But from the beginning of Divine Race, I can only taste the bitter fruit of defeat time and time again.

The most important thing is that the killers headed by the little left and right couples are really too sharp.

Just the last five days, from the leading Small Captain level up to the commander of the three armies, these official positions have been changed at least three or five times.

Because the officers who took up these official positions were all killed.

In the army, everyone is brave enough to strive for one and a half positions.

But now, all the soldiers of Divine Race are all trembling, for fear that the official position of courting death will be pressed on top of their heads, which is really hundreds of times more effective than King Yanluo’s urging talisman.

Imperial Family wins.

But it’s not really a crushing victory.

Lin Fan impossible allows such things to happen and appear, so Xiao Zuo and the others are strictly ordered to only target officers and powerhouses. As for the battlefield, even if millions of people were killed or injured in World War I, they should not interfere.

Other Divine Races held a wait-and-see attitude under the instruction of Haijia, but the uncle Divine Race, during this time, quietly rose up, recovered 99% of the lost ground, and stood up again.

If the sun shoots the divine bow and flies back, it will develop with peace of mind for a hundred years. After Gu Shejing enters the seven realms, another majestic Divine Race will stand in the chaos.

Of course, the Celestial Clan’s search of Wang Qing’er, mother and son, has still not ended.

Furthermore, there was even more exciting news.

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