Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3315


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Wang Qing’er, who couldn’t be found in the whole world, sneaked back into the Celestial Clan last night, trying to assassinate the Celestial Patriarch!

The result, of course, was unsuccessful.

In this battle, the Celestial Clan died at least dozens of elders, which was a heavy loss.

The loss is far more than just these…

In this battle, there were tens of thousands of heavenly brave men who died tragically in the aftermath.

The whole chaos is in an uproar!

They were all shocked by this horrible news and scared to death.

It’s all talking, the most poisonous is not a woman’s heart.

Sin Luo world.

Wang Qinger looked at the communication jade in her hand, and then slowly squeezed the palm of her hand, a little bit, directly squeezing the extremely hard communication jade into powder.

“Heavenly! You are so cruel!”

Suddenly, Wang Qing’er roared and spit out a bloody spit, and the whole person fell straight back.

I was so excited that I fainted directly.

Lin Fan stepped over, held him back, and took him back to the seat to sit down. After Wang Qinger swallowed a medicine pill, she waited quietly for her to wake up.

“Let go of my mother!”

At this moment, a cold shout suddenly sounded from the door.

With a bang, a bright yellow fist struck Lin Fan’s door.

This is a long punch, very scary.

Tianxi saw this scene when he woke up, thinking Lin Fan would be unfavorable to his mother, so he shot directly.

Lin Fan’s eyes were cold, he raised his arms forward, opened his five fingers, and wrapped the fist prints from Tianxi in his palm, and the five fingers were suddenly brought together, pinching his fists in his hands, gloomily : “I saved your life, do you repay the deity’s life-saving grace like this?”


Tianxi roared, and several surging auras poured into his clenched fist fingers, trying to shake off Lin Fan’s grip, Lin Fan’s face was slightly cold, and he stepped forward slightly, he must tell this cannot tell good from bad boy.

“Wait a minute.”

At this moment, Wang Qing’er woke up, and Li shouted: “Xie’er stop.”


There was a light in Tianxi’s eyes: “This is Mu Yi. He single-handedly led to the miserable experience of our mother and son. We also asked mother to speed up and kill him.”

“I told you to stop, didn’t you hear?”

Wang Qinger drank.

Tianxi roared angrily, but she took a step back as expected, but still stared at Lin Fan unkindly.

“many thanks your men for mercy.” Wang Qinger looked towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, cold said with a smile: “Senior, my temper is actually not very good. I can let it go once or twice, but if there is a third time…”

Wang Qinger’s eyes were slightly cold.

“Who needs you to let it? Get out of here for a fight and kill you!”

Tianxi stepped into the wide square outside the palace, and pointed at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan glanced at him contemptuously and said: “You really can’t do it. I said earlier that if you lose that identity, there are probably no fewer than a hundred people in this world who can kill you.”

“Impudent, even without the identity, the deity can still sweep the same realm, the strongest in the world.”

Tianxi roared fiercely, but Wang Qinger grabbed him back.

Wang Qinger looked at her son faintly and said: “You are quiet now, listen to me.”

Tianxi was forcibly suppressed, so she could only stare at Lin Fan with an angry expression.

“Your father wants me to die, and of course also wants you to die. Your uncles, grandfathers, etc… should all die in your father’s hands.”

Wang Qinger began to speak, but the words were sad: “Now Wei Niang hopes to know that your choice is to be with your mother, struggling for survival under your father’s power, or betraying your mother, and then kneel on your father Begging for mercy in front of you.”

Wang Qinger finished speaking, staring at her son expectantly.

“Mother, is there any misunderstanding between you and father? Is it all clear?”

Tianxi spoke, and then said: “The culprit of all this is right in front of him. He beheaded to death, holding his head to the father’s place, mother said a few more soft words…”


Lin Fan was angry and pointed to Tianxi, shouted: “If your mother is right there, I really want to slap you.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were gloomy, shouted loudly: “Do you know what happened to your mother? What are you suffering from? You still want her to beg for mercy, confess your sins, and submit to your wolf-hearted father! You’re a son of man! !”

Lin Fan is really angry!

What Xi did on this day really contradicted the Gangchang ethics he believed, and he wanted to kill people directly.

“Shut up! What qualifications do you have to talk about my family?” Tianxi roared, and then looked towards her mother with expectation, and said: “Mother…I know you have been wronged, and who I know Grandfather is even more wronged, but now we can’t do anything about it, but as long as I can inherit that position and finally sit firmly, I will definitely reveal the truth today…”

“After all, you just can’t give up that supreme power…”

Lin Fan sadly looked towards Tianxi, then sighed, looked towards Wang Qinger, and said: “Senior…you are so sad.”

With a wry smile, he said: “I won’t say anything, but no matter what decision the predecessors make, I will definitely not be able to step out of this world this day, otherwise it will bring endless Calamity Tribulation to this realm. You should Understand.”

Lin Fan is gone.

Tianxi is still chattering.

Begging for mercy before persuading his mother to go to his father.

He didn’t see the loneliness and despair in Wang Qing’er’s eyes… and the heartbreak.

“Strictly, during this period of time, all outside spies must be nailed to death! They are not allowed to spread a word.”

Lin Fan’s eyes on the lunar calendar said: “Tianxi is so messy, and his heart is not dead, he will definitely do everything he can to inform the heavens and tell them where they are.”

Rakshasa Wang Yinsen said: “This kind of person deserves to be condemned by the heavens. Is that power really so attractive?”

Lin Fan did not answer, but said: “I know what Tianxi he will do, but I will not stop it. I always have to make Senior Forget desperate so that she will understand and be willing to admit something. .”

Wang Rakshasa sighed: “It’s just that… she is really pitiful. The only three men worthy of this life are father, husband and wife, but his father was designed to be killed by his husband. And now I am being chased by my husband. A son who is by his side is wholeheartedly trying to please his husband and ask for that position.”

Lin Fan silently did not speak, and said: “These are not what we should discuss, nor are we in the mood to consider who is a tragedy in this life. If we want to destroy the Celestial Clan, then we should be cruel.”

Rakshasa nodded, said: “Don’t worry, I still have some control over this forest world. I guarantee that every spy from the outside will have at least ten heavenly ranks to crucify them.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “You are passing your life secretly, this Imperial Palace deliberately reveals a little bit of weak spot to let the idiot go out, otherwise…how can you let Senior Forget to give up and despair?”

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