Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3316


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“Did we pass it?”

Rakshasa’s eyes were complicated, and she gave a wry smile, and said: “She is already bitter enough, we are still adding fuel to the fire, I can’t bear it.”

Lin Fan cold said with a smile: “Do you think Tianxi will listen even if we stop it? After all, he was fascinated by power and impossible to abandon. Until now, he almost died in the hands of his father, but still With extravagant hopes, his father can change his mind and send him back to that position.”

King Rakshasa was silent.

“It’s just a trifling Patriarch position of a family that I can crush tens of thousands of times with a single finger, is enough to make brothers smash the wall, let alone a strong family patriarch who rules the heavens like the heavens?” Lin Fan Fan No wonder, he has seen enough of this kind of thing.

“Hey… Only wish for Senior can survive. Don’t be overwhelmed by this one after another blow.”

Wang Rakshasa sighed and said: “Don’t worry, I will arrange it.”

Lin Fan nodded: “Everything is destined to happen, we just use it, so don’t have any psychological burdens on you, it’s all redundant.”


Five days.

Wang Qing’er didn’t even meet Tianxi.

She shut herself in the room, not knowing what she was doing or thinking.

And Tianxi, every morning, she will come to greet you on time, knock her head, and then leave.

In the first three days, his trajectory was fixed, except that he walked from his residence to Wang Qing’er’s door. In fact, they were not too far apart, only separated by a courtyard.

But from the fourth day on, Tianxi looked sad and wandered in this Imperial Palace.

And, like Spirit Voyage outside the sky, his eyes are empty and blank.

But in fact, he kept secretly in mind that during this period of time, he spent more and more time wandering, and the scope of his walk out became larger and larger.

“The guard is so strict, who is setting up this Imperial Palace? The big formation is closely linked with one another. In just three short steps, I actually perceive there are at least ten kinds of big formations.”

Spirit Voyage Under the outside of the sky is Tianxi’s Lin Linglong Xin.

“hmph! Chaos Realm has said that Sanluo Realm is just a remote place, not worthy of seriousness, but now it seems to be underestimated.”

Tianxi’s heart was coldly snorted, and then suddenly, a surge of blood surged in his heart.

“What father wants is unification, and this Senluo world has always been the dazzling thorn in his Senior’s heart! If I can draw this Imperial Palace diagram, give it to father, and tell father, Senluo is a big The sky changes, so…should I let father forgive my fault?”

Tian Xi murmured.

Then he thought of his mother again, and he suddenly shook his heart, but soon he grinned in his heart and said: “I am destined to become the lord of the world, how can I be trapped by family love? These are unnecessary emotions and should be cut off.”

In front, there is a long corridor.

Lin Fan is standing at the end of the tunnel.

Tianxi’s heart suddenly tightened!

Up to this step, he can’t lie to himself.

For this Mu Yi, he was really a little scared. In his hands, he had lost more than once or twice.


Tianxi ran into Lin Fan stupefly.

“Pretended to be very good. You may be able to hide these guards, but you can’t hide from me.”

Lin Fan spoke coldly, saying: “For your hardship, I won’t move you, but I have to persuade you, it’s best not to be whimsical, and don’t do anything unforgivable, otherwise I have something to do. You.”

The confusion in Tianxi’s eyes is gone, and she is surprised: “Why are you here?”

“Hehe…” Lin Fan smiled, ridiculingly, and said: “Continue to pretend.”

Then mocked: “So many days of continuous exploration, can you find a way?”

Tianxi expression turned cold.

Lin Fan said coldly with a smile: “To tell you the truth, this imperial city was planned and arranged by me. It depends on you, and I also want to find a gap for you to escape alive and contact your heavenly spies. Or is it, you yourself still expect to be able to walk out of this realm in real life?”

“My mother is here, I am not going anywhere.”

Tianxi glanced at Lin Fan coldly, turned around and left.

“I advise you to stay on your own. After all… I am not your father. I am wrong. I am not your mother. I love you and cannot bear to move you. If you are in my hands, you will be miserable. “

Lin Fan sneered, his silhouette disappeared in an instant.

“Mu Yi! Mu Yi! How come you are everywhere!”

Tianxi roars fiercely.

He just praised the exquisite design of this imperial city. The big array is closely linked with one another. No matter who wants to be from the inside out, or the breakthrough from the outside in, it will affect the whole body. .

I was even thinking that when I took control of the Celestial Clan, I must ask the expert who designed this Seng Luo Imperial Palace to rearrange it for myself.


The person he praised turned out to be his mortal enemy-Mu Yi!

This is more uncomfortable than eating a fly.


The cold light flashed in Tianxi’s eyes, said with a malicious smile: “Since this imperial city is arranged by you, the deity really must be broken! If you don’t believe it, you can’t always win you once.”

In addition to going to greet his mother every day, Tianxi still conducts daily routines.

This Imperial Palace, it turned out that most of it was visited by him.

I have to say, he is really patient enough.

In order not to attract attention, he fixed his walking distance within 1000 meters every day!

A full half a month,

He finally found out the trail Lin Fan had left him on purpose.

“This is really an idiot.” Lin Fan said angrily, and said: “It took half a month to find that path.”

Rakshasa glanced at Lin Fan and said, “It’s not easy. After all, he still wants to minimize our suspicion.”

“It’s also a waste.” Lin Fan said, “If I change places with him, I can find it out for up to three days.”


“Mu Yi! I thought the imperial city you set up was so great, I really thought it was a great formation!”

Tianxi grinned in her palace: “But in fact, no, it’s still the deity found a path, you wait for death! Soon after, the army of the Celestial clan will descend like a divine soldier. At that time, the deity will Watching you kneel at your feet begging for mercy!”

Tianxi left, following the path that was finally found out, she was afraid of sudden changes along the way.

But this way, it turned out to be a surprise, and he successfully walked out of the Imperial Palace.

I glanced back at the majestic imperial city, grinned, and said: “Wait, this Senluo Realm will soon become a branch of my Celestial Clan!”

After that, he reported the unique contact method of the Celestial Clan, and he was in contact with the spies who were ambushing in the Senluo Realm.

Soon, he got a reply, grinning grimly and heading to the restaurant opened by the spies of the heavenly race.

What Tianxi didn’t know was that Lin Fan had already followed him when he walked out of the Imperial Palace.

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