Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3317


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In fact, what Tianxi didn’t know was that Lin Fan was far behind him, and there were three heavenly killers hiding behind him.

I have to say that Xi was really careful and cautious this day, but from the Imperial Palace to the restaurant opened by the spies of the Celestial Clan, which is less than two 1,000 meters away, he has changed his face dozens of times!

Almost every time I walk out of a few ten meters, I will dress up in disguise.

The traffickers and pawns, all levels of life, have become his targets.

In the lane.

Tianxi finally no longer Qiao Zhuang, he tore off the human skin mask on his face, said with a malicious smile: “Even if you know that I have escaped from the Imperial Palace, why do you find the whereabouts of the deity?”

The human skin mask in his hand was dissipated by the ashes that he squeezed into black, and he mocked: “Mu Yi, in this battle, the deity won the battle after all.”

The three heavenly assassins who followed up, were almost amused by his words, so they broke the power and showed their figure.

And Lin Fan, who hasn’t found the trace of the three heavenly killers, has a weird look.

Lin Fan wanted to go out at this time, and wanted to see what Hee would look like after he suddenly appeared.

But in the end there was none.

“Bah! The shit’s wisdom is like a demon, only this, only this, hasn’t it been played and applauded by the deity?”

Tianxi jié jié smiled, very contented, and then waved his hands back, passing through the alley very smartly. After crossing the alley, there is a small river. On the opposite side of the river, it is the restaurant opened by the spies of the Tianzu—— Drink Tianke.

Heavenspan is an incredible drink. The Heavenspan was originally opened in front of the double imperial city, but when the Imperial Palace was relocated, it was opened not far from the Imperial Palace.

It is still one of the three largest restaurants in Senluo.

The other two restaurants are now under Lin Fan’s name.

Tianxi entered the restaurant, first tapped three times at the restaurant’s door, and then strode inside. After three steps, he stopped, looking at the hanging liquor brand names, and finally focused on begging. Tianyizui said on the name of the liquor brand, shouted: “Boss, give me nine catties and nine hundred twenty-nine dollars for nine hundred and ninety-nine yuan to be drunk, one more money, I don’t give money, one less money, I will smash your house sign.” /p>

Lin Fan looks weird.

But then, he was unconsciously nodded, and murmured: “The more common things are, the less likely it is to be discovered? It’s such a connection method, and who would have thought that it is the dignified Anbu of the Celestial Clan. Way out?”

After Tianxi spoke, Lin Fan did not listen to how the spies of the Anbu of the Celestial Clan were connected.

There is no need for that.

Since he unexpectedly returned to the Senluo world again, he would naturally sweep away all the uneasy factors in the Senluo world.

In the top luxury box on the ninth floor.

This is the shopkeeper of Yintianke who is also a great character in the entire Senluo world. He knelt down on the ground with a pious face, and shouted respectfully: “I have seen the envoy.”

Tianxi narrowed her eyes.

He hesitated for a moment, but still did not say his name.

Instead, he solemnly took out a soul letter and said seriously: “No matter what method you use, no matter how much sacrifice you will have, you must pass this letter back to the clan.”

The shopkeeper complexion slightly changed, and looked towards Tianxi suspiciously, even in his eyes, fierce fierceness rose up, probed: “Is the emissary first coming to this world?”

Nodded with an ugly expression on Tianxi’s face, said: “Mu Yi’s crap will bring the deity.”


The shopkeeper’s discoloration changed, and suddenly got up, murderous aura circulated, and roared: “Where is the mess, how dare you come to entertain your uncle! Or, you are originally from that palace, and you are here now Completely eradicate the secret part of our race?”

The shopkeeper was very alert. After angry roar, at least seven or eight people showed up with swords, all pointed at Tianxi.

Until this time, the shopkeeper said with a malicious smile: “Who are you? Who is Mu Yi? That is Supreme Sovereign in the Sovereign world. How could it be possible to bring an outsider into this world? Please explain, maybe You can have a good time.”

“You committed the following!”

Tianxi Bingsen stared at the shopkeeper and snorted a token after making coldly snorted noises.

This token is like a cloud of smoke. When it first appeared, there was auspicious flickering. In the end, these auspiciousness turned into a shining sky character!

The shopkeeper’s face changed suddenly!

Anyone who can come up with this token is the most core member of the Celestial Clan.

With a thud, he knelt on the ground.

Tianxi coldly snorted, said: “Now, the deity commands you, no matter what means, no matter how many sacrifices, you must also send this soul letter.”

The shopkeeper cried and said: “This can no longer be done. Since the change of the world of Senluo, the small one has tried to pass this shocking secret to the master’s house countless times, but it can’t work, and hundreds of good brothers have died… “


Tianxi roared and said: “After all, you are not working hard enough, and you are not working hard enough! Isn’t this Senluo world comparable to the prisoner of our race? Why can’t you pass the news out?”


The shopkeeper smiled sorrowfully: “If you don’t believe me, you can kill me and seize the power of this place, and then you can try it yourself. How strict are the guards in the Senluo realm. There is no one who has personally experienced it. It is impossible to know Of.”

“Do you dare to kill you when you are the deity?” Tianxi grinned.

“Don’t force him, he really can’t do it.”

Lin Fan said, with a warm smile, his silhouette suddenly appeared, walking out of nothingness, and there seemed to be two chaotic flowers on his shoulders.

“Mu Yi!”

Tianxi screamed, and then roared: “When did you follow?”

A strange color flashed in Lin Fan’s eyes, and said with a smile: “From before you entered that lane.”

“Ah… the deity is going to kill you!”

Tianxi roars, the murderous intent is too strong and terrifying!

most important, he felt an extreme humiliation.

How high-spirited and vigorous is he in the lane?

It was a kind of comfort that finally won the enemy in a secret fight, so he turned over and sang a serf.

He speaks loudly, with pride!

As a result, all of this was seen in the eyes.

How embarrassed?

wu wu.

As Tianxi roared, two abrupt killing swords appeared, and they were placed on his neck.

“Moving a bit, cut your ears.”

A Rakshasa soldier grinned, and at the same time, the eyes looking towards Lin Fan were extremely hot and reverent.

Lin Fan showed up two Rakshasa soldiers nodded slightly, and looked towards the shopkeeper, and said: “Don’t move, otherwise the killing sword will probably not be placed in the back of your head, but will penetrate through your head. .”

The shopkeeper stiffens suddenly!

He was thinking of breaking through!

This is the death order of the Celestial Clan headquarters.

In the event of a change, no matter who the connection person is, you can abandon it, but leave the head of the local Anbe to leave and rectify the mountains and rivers.

But never thought…

At most, within ten breaths, there are iron armors clattering in and breaking into the heaven drinker.

These are the pawns of the imperial court of Rakshasa, who took over the place at this time.

Although there was a sound of fighting and fighting, it subsided in Setsuna.

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