Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3318


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“Let’s go, anyhow, they are all people with faces and faces, don’t you want to be crushed and parade?”

Lin Fan smiled lightly, and he disappeared into the void again.

Obviously, until this time, Lin Fan didn’t want to let this Slow World until his return.

After a while, inside Rakshasa Imperial Palace.

“I and you have emphasized many times. One mistake is fine, and the second mistake is fine. But the third time, I will punish you.”

Lin Fan quietly looked at Tianxi who was crushed to her knees.

“you dare!”

Tianxi did not show any weakness, turned her head and looked towards Lin Fan savagely.

Lin Fan chuckled, straightened up, walked a short step forward, then suddenly stopped, tightened his waist, raised his slap, and banged down!

In this slap, Lin Fan didn’t use any cultivation base, just pure Strength of Fleshly Body, and it exploded half of Tianxi’s cheek.

Lin Fan sneered: “I said a long time ago that I am not your mother and I will not love you and love you, but in fact, if I were you, I would be very honest and well-behaved. I will do nothing but you. A bitter mother.”

“Asshole…you dare to hit me! You dare to hit me!”

Tianxi was trapped by this slap in the flace.

If not for his good cultivation base, this slap in the flace would be enough to kill him.

Lin Fan expression turned cold, raised his slap and rewarded him with a few mouthfuls, sneered: “I will hit you as I want, how can you?”

Tianxi face covered in blood, struggling violently, but how can she break free?


Wang Qing’er is here. Looking at Tianxi’s miserable situation, what appeared in her eyes was not anger, but…sorrow.

“mother! Mother save me, this Mu Yi is going to kill the child… he is going to kill the child!”

Tianxi was roaring, crying, and being a child first.

A trace of contempt appeared in Lin Fan’s eyes, looking towards Wang Qing’er, and said: “Senior Atonement, if his conspiracy is not discovered in time today, I am afraid that it will not take a moment or three, this Senluo world is afraid that it will become a bloodshed. , So under the anger, the shot is not important.”

Wang Qinger looked at Lin Fan, and finally faintly sighed.

Perhaps, she already knew that all this was just Lin Fan’s method, right?

“Senior should keep him under strict supervision, otherwise…it is impossible to guarantee that there will be another time.” Lin Fan Quandang couldn’t understand the meaning of Wang Qinger’s eyes, his face was very cold, and said: “Shen Luo is weak. , It’s always no match for the Celestial Clan. For this world without war, it’s hard to guarantee that I won’t make a bloody shot. When the time comes, terrifying will have to be an enemy of the predecessors.”

Wang Qing’er glanced at Lin Fan without saying a word, then slightly lowered her head and looked towards Tian Xi, her eyes were extremely complicated, and she whispered: “Is Wei Niang not good enough for you? Why do you want so much? Back to that heartless person?”

Tianxi looked savagely and said: “All this is Mu Yi’s strategy. It is he who wants to destroy our family! It is his trajectory to let father’s wife and wife become lonely.”

Lin Fan smiled contemptuously, but said nothing.

“Great Lord, the soul letter just found out!”

At this moment, a killer floated up, holding the soul letter in his hand.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Actually, where do you use search for this soul letter?

If he really wants to get it, he can grab it the moment Xi just took it out of the talisman ring that day.

It’s just that he doesn’t want that’s all!

Because this soul letter is of great use.

Although he doesn’t know what Xi said on this day, he can probably guess it.

So, he wants to use this soul letter to completely crush the fluke in Wang Qinger’s heart.

So Wang Qing’er completely gave up on that person and the Celestial Clan.

“oh?” Lin Fan pretended to be surprised, his eyes narrowed, then eyes shrank, and said: “This is your soul letter?”

Tianxi showed panic in her eyes, and then roared: “Nonsense! Where is this deity’s soul letter?”

Lin Fan glanced at him: “The spirit of soul energy is exactly the same, this can’t be faked.”

Tianxi struggled and roared, actually trying to grab this soul letter into her own hands or destroy it directly.

“What the hell did you describe on this? It is worth your struggle?”

Lin Fan pretended to be curious, and as a result, there was a crack in the center of his eyebrows with a golden Spirit Force flowing out, turning into a golden knife, and slowly leaning towards Hunxin.

Tianxi grinned: “Just because you dare to break the deity’s soul letter? You are dreaming!”

He gritted his teeth severely, and even wanted the Divine Soul Seal on the Self-destruction soul letter to completely destroy the soul letter.

Lin Fan was coldly snorted and shot a golden mask backwards, covering Tianxi, temporarily isolating him, so that his plan could not succeed.

Golden’s knife is extremely slow, but it is very determined to probe the soul letter. At the same time, Lin Fan’s eyes are shining with rune, and with the help of the residual red to suppress, even so, he is breaking the Divine Soul on the soul letter. Seal keeps the time, and Lin Fan still sweats coldly.

The consumption is extremely scary.

In the process, Wang Qing’er didn’t say a word unexpectedly, but stared blankly at Tianxi, who was crushed to her knees.

“Father, child, kowtow to greetings.”

Lin Fan began to read this soul letter.

“Stop reading! Please stop reading…”

Tianxi begged, roared, and expressed panic.

But Lin Fan might listen to it, so I continued reading——

“The child and mother are now in Seng Luo, Seng Luo is changing. It is no longer Yu, the two Emperors of Sen are in charge, but the former King Rakshasa…


In a very long paragraph, Xi is only explaining the current state of Senluo.

But then, the topic changed–

“Mother didn’t know how conspiring with Mu Yi was, and had a long conversation all night long. The child had to kowtow for fear that the mother would fall into Mu Yi’s tricks, so he had to kowtow, but he asked the father to go to Senluo as soon as possible…


“Stop reading.”

Wang Qing’er sighed, got up, looked towards Tianxi, and said: “Are you so unwilling to let go of the power of the heavenly clan? Do you just belittle your mother like this? Do you know it, from your soul letter? Words are enough to make everyone in this world think your mother is a sleek, sluggish woman?”

When Wang Qing’er spoke, there was no hysteria, no anger, none at all.

Very plain, as if talking about other people.

“I am disappointed.”

Wang Qing’er glanced at her son for the last time, sneered, and said, “I forgot Qing’er in this life…I really failed. Didn’t my father give me a good name? Wang Qing’er… From the time I was born, I was destined to have only one way of forgetting emotions to get a good end.”


Lin Fan frowned.

Wang Qing’er waved her hand and each minding their own business left, saying: “He…you can do whatever you want, I… don’t have such a son.”

Tianxi collapsed to the ground suddenly.

When it was recorded on the soul letter, Xi didn’t think that if the letter was leaked, would it cause unreasonable and vicious speculation?

This is hard to say.

It’s just that, this time, he did hurt Wang Qinger’s heart.

In fact, the heaviest injuries are often only from the closest relatives, because people are used to fully armed to strangers.

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