Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3383


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Too sudden!

The chaotic air exploded, and the murderous intention was as if the ocean slapped the entire restricted area. Everyone was cold, feeling the tingling between the eyebrows and the spine stiff.

And, what kind of attack is that?

Playing a battle between square inches, but it caused the time and space of ten thousand li beyond to collapse. Moreover, among the onlookers who were shadowy in the distance, the creatures of Ruler Level screamed and ended.

There are also creatures in the Second and Third Realms of Gods roaring, feeling that the moment they saw those hand-determinations, they couldn’t stop the principles of within the body. They seemed to be chaotic, disordered, and even more so. The rule within the body is to abandon the deity and return to heaven and earth, even Dao Guo is about to collapse.

“Stop boy!”

The great expert of the seven realms later yelled and rushed towards Lin Fan.

This great expert has stronger perceptions than others, and also understands the life and death crisis Wu Zhentian is facing at this time.

It can only be said that this kid called Lin Fan is too terrifying in his grasp of fighters.

Just when Wu Zhentian’s battle strength dropped sharply, and he didn’t have time to improve again in the future, he shot like this.




Three consecutive sky-shaking explosions appeared between Lin Fan and Wu Zhentian.

“fuck off!”

Wu Zhentian roared fiercely, cutting down with a sword in one hand, making a fist in one hand and banging, all pouring on Lin Fan.

Lin Fan spurted blood and fell back ten thousand zhang.

“hahaha… bastard, do you think that if you find an opportunity, you can hurt the ancestor of our race?” Someone laughed, and the panic and anxiety in his eyes disappeared, and he became happy.

“The ancestor is mighty! In a spurt of energy, use Iron Fist to obliterate his True Form and let him splash the sky!”

Someone roared again. When the chaotic gas exploded, he was almost scared to death, even thinking that his ancestor would die.

But it turned out that their ancestors were invincible, even if Lin Fan was deliberate, and Zhenfei ten thousand zhang coughed up blood and suffered severe injuries.

“Lin Fan, the deity tells you a truth, even if the Heavenly Dragon is nap, it is not an ant to hurt.” Even Wu Tianqiong spoke like this, and he let out a long breath in his heart.

At a certain moment, he actually had a damn illusion, thinking that his ancestor would pass away and was buried in Lin Fan’s series of attacks.

At this moment, thinking about it, the self who gave birth to that kind of thought is really damn, questioning the power of faith in his heart?

Lin Fan laughed heartily, he was indeed seriously injured, but it turned out that he just lost two medicine pills to himself, wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth, and laughed wildly, pointed at Wu Zhentian, and roared: “Old bastard, you made my invincible heart stronger, speaking of which I really should thank you.”

Wu Zhentian looked towards Lin Fan in a daze, and sighed after a long while, saying: “Slaying the seven-level cultivator in front of the six-level energy can indeed help increase your prestige and make your invincibility stronger. Since then, I am afraid that Dao Xin will not be damaged.”

Lin Fan grinned.

Wu Zhen Heavenly Dao: “But you don’t have a future.”

Lin Fan’s expression sinks slightly.

Wu Zhentian looked towards the big cultivator later, saying: “Old Brother, keep him, otherwise it will cause no end of trouble.”

“Okay, you go slowly.” The big cultivator had a heartache in his eyes, and said: “I’m staying for a while, as long as there are seven cultivators in the clan born, I will come with you, when the time comes You and my brother rule the roost.”

“What?” Wu Tianqiong shook his whole body, looked towards Wu Zhentian in disbelief, and roared bitterly: “Ancestor!”

Wu Zhen Heavenly Eye gave a complicated look at Wu Tianqiong: “You have three wrongs in your life. The first one shouldn’t marry her in the past, and the second one shouldn’t be greedy for merit. You should enter the six realms before the Dao Foundation is consolidated. The third mistake is that it shouldn’t be his goodwill.”

Wu Tianqiong cried out sadly: “Ancestor…”

Wu Zhentian sighed and said: “The first and second mistakes, you can no longer make up for this life, but the third mistake is still possible. Cut him off and destroy the Divine Court, otherwise… I will never stay in the restricted area. .”

After Wu Zhentian finished speaking, he slowly floated up, actually in an instant, and walked through every corner of the forbidden area of ​​the immortal gods, his eyes were reluctant, and finally he sighed, saying: “Who never Aspiring to the world, who has never swallowed mountains and rivers, it’s a pity… The survival of the race has left me lacking an enterprising spirit, making me lose the courage to fight to death, and wasting the best years… Regret? Hatred? The race and the true self…the dilemma.”

“Old Brother is good to go.”

The big cultivator screamed, tears in his old eyes, and then he moved away from Wu Zhentian ten thousand zhang for an instant, and he drew a regular circle to surround the ten thousand zhang.

Because Wu Zhentian has already begun to transform his way, countless points of light floated from his body within the body, and every point of light seemed to engrave Wu Zhentian’s past. In the end, only a simple and tattered long gown was weak. Of falling from a high altitude.

“Greetings to the ancestor.”

“Send to the ancestors.”



Every corner of the entire exclusion zone for staying gods uttered sorrows. Everyone in the Witch clan lineage bowed and saw off.

“Where to go!”

Suddenly, the big cultivator yelled, and directly reached out a big hand to cover the passage to the source of heaven.

With a bang, five fingers close together, suddenly like an iron wall blocking the great abyss, Lin Fan’s path is blocked!

“Damn!” Lin Fan cursed in a low voice. He wanted to leave while staying in the forbidden area, but the big cultivator got a glimpse of his plan, so he shot it straight away.

Lin Fan showed his real body, only a hundred miles away from the exit.

“Damn bastard, do you want to escape?”

“Stop him, at all costs will also be destroyed here!”

“Kill! Kill the culprit who killed the ancestor!”


The entire restricted area of ​​the staying gods is roaring, shouting and killing, and all are murderous aura, with terrifying expressions.

“Shut up.”

The big cultivator shouted coldly, and suddenly the entire restricted area of ​​the resident god was very quiet. He alone forced Lin Fan to kill, and said grimly: “You are very strong, beyond my imagination and Zhentian.”

Lin Fan stared at the big cultivator and ridiculed: “Are you going to fight? Don’t follow in your Old Brother’s footsteps. When the time comes, you will really be removed from the restricted area if you stay in the God’s restricted area.”

This sentence made people in the restricted area even more angry.

But the big cultivator has a dark expression, nodded, said: “You are right.”

Lin Fan eyes shrank.

Did you wake up accidentally?

“Well, I won’t be taking risks.” The big cultivator sighed, and said: “At least when there is no cultivator in the seven realms, I can’t leave.”

Lin Fan’s eyes are deeper!

What’s the matter, did you accidentally wake this old bastard?

“Please Absolute Prison.” The big cultivator yelled, and suddenly, a black floating island was flying over!

This floating island is too strange, it’s all dark, even the plants on it are like this.

Also, when he flew, it turned into a square black room, gloomy.

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