Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3384


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The black room flew like a black cloud, but it was too permeable, the wind was bleak, and the ghost shadow was so plentiful, just look at it more, as if to suck in the human soul.

What is this?

What kind of sacrifice was made?

There is no breath of the ultimate weapon, but it is more frightening than the ultimate weapon. This is the panic that originates from the deepest part of the soul. It is like seeing one’s natural enemy suddenly, like seeing the life level better than oneself. Higher creatures of terror.

With a buzzing sound, the black room shook down, but it got smaller and smaller during the fall, and was finally entrusted by the big cultivator with one hand.

“I was reminded by you.” The big cultivator said, “Although I think it is not difficult to kill you, but I will not take risks. After all, this restricted area still needs me.”

Lin Fan’s face is cold!

It was really his unintentional words that awakened this big cultivator and made him unwilling to take any more risks. He had to directly use this unknown ultimate weapon to suppress and kill himself.

But his original intention was to stimulate this big cultivator with words, make him mood swings, and find an opportunity to kill the enemy.

Lin Fan’s eyes flashed rune, he looked towards the black house held in his palm by the big cultivator, but soon, he frowned Lin Long’s brow.

Is this really just a house? Why didn’t you see any difference?

I didn’t even notice a trace, nor did I see the slightest rune on this black house, but it’s too unusual. If it’s so common, how could there be such a shocking and permeating thing? Qi burst?

“The ancestor of the sky actually used this ultimate weapon.”

Wu Tianqiong spoke, and his mind became tighter and deeper.

This is actually a very embarrassing move.

It’s just because Lin Fan and Meotian are not equal in strength, but Meotian also uses this ultimate weapon.

This is even more unfair.

This will make those who are secretly paying attention to the rest of the restricted area of ​​the Liuhuang restricted area will regard this as a sign of weakness and timidity.

Of course, he can understand his scruples.

For this reason, there is no pinnacle battle strength in the entire exclusion zone, and he is the only one.

He didn’t dare to fight desperately. He had to live for a long time until a new seven-level cultivator appeared in the Liuhuang restricted area before he dared to die.

This is a kind of sadness, and of course it is also a burden.

“You are very strong. If you are given enough time, you may be able to dominate for a very long time, but old man will not give you this opportunity.”

Speaking in the sky, cold and faint, and at this time, he recites the scriptures, which is obscure and incomprehensible. Rune rises from his constantly opening and closing mouth. There are millions of them, vast and boundless, afraid of surpassing the stars. And these rising runes are all submerged in the black house.

Finally, the black house began to bloom with a little bit of brilliance, and then it buzzed towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan is horrified!

In an instant when the door of the black house opened, he had an intuition that he would be swallowed by the black hole of the sky, and his soul and body seemed to be pulled by a huge force to fly out of the Soul Sea and be pulled Go into purgatory.


Lin Fan shook, he cut the cause and effect, cut the time and space, but it was useless, and could not stop the huge force from sucking on him.

Lin Fan is horrified. So far, he has never seen such a weird heavy weapon. All attacks are useless, and even the chaos is just shaking the glowing house at this time.

Immediately Lin Fan is about to take out the ultimate device, wanting to use the ultimate device to contend with this thing, but at this time, World Tree trembled slightly, a vague consciousness appeared, and a sense of urgency came out.

This made Lin Fan frown, but it was only the time for this frown. Everything was too late and was sucked into it.

“Well, he must die.”

He sighed and said: “If life essence can be squandered for another year, I will not be so, it would be too shameful.”

“Because of my uselessness, it hurt the ancestors.”

Wu Tianqiong said, his eyes filled with guilt.

If he hadn’t been able to suppress the temptation of realm soaring when he was young, he was afraid that he had already become a seven-level cultivator, how could such a thing happen?

He glanced at him and said, “You have no hope, but your eldest son is still possible. I hope I can still grow up. Otherwise, I will stay in the restricted area. After all, it will only be the most unremarkable in history. That spray of water.”

The killing intent flashed in Wu Tianqiong’s eyes and said, “If it weren’t for Huang’er… Actually, he would have a chance.”

Witian glanced at him: “He has no hope, so is the highest achievement, besides… after this war, don’t expect him to live.”

The painful color flashed in Wu Tianqiong’s eyes.

“Go, go out in the restricted area, and destroy Divine Court. This battle will completely defeat the power of the gods.” He said with a big smile, “I will go with you.”


“Is this purgatory?” Lin Fan asked. He was trapped inside, and a strange force was devouring his vitality and spirit.

It seems that his body has become a leaky sieve, unable to retain the life force within the body.

“Damn World Tree.” He yelled, because he found a lot of bones in it. I don’t know how old it was, but it is still solid and immortal, even if all the essence is swallowed, but the bones are dry. Still immortal, can withstand his punch.

This proves that the dead are at least in the seven realms, or even higher, otherwise even the dead bones are impossible.

Even, in the endless darkness, he saw the glimmer of golden light in the distant darkness. After he walked in, a terrifying pressure shook him.

“Is this the skeleton of a god?”

Lin Fan exclaimed, he was shocked by this imposing manner so that he took hundreds of steps back.

This is incredible. He stared at the distant skeleton in horror, and whispered: “Even if it’s not a god, it’s at least pregnant.”

“Where is this place? Why is it so horrible?” Lin Fan said in a difficult tone. He has used various methods, even the ultimate weapon has taken out, but it is useless, all kinds of attacks and killings are not even splashed. Splashed, swallowed by endless darkness.

“If this continues, I am afraid that it will take up to three or five days, and I will be swallowed up by this weird force and do it for others.”

Lin Fan has gloomy eyes, knowing that he is really in a desperate situation.

At the same time, in the restricted area of ​​the staying gods, the drums of war are booming, countless soldiers gather, the great abyss is opened, and the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses is out of the restricted area. This is not a simple talk.

At the moment when the Liuhuang restricted area was dispatched, Divine Court received extremely accurate information.

Fortunately, Divine Court has always been in a state of combat readiness, and has never slackened, although it is not disturbed.

It’s just that Xiao Nuo and Xiao Tian, ​​etc., have the lunar calendar in their eyes, and can’t hide their worries.

“Don’t worry, your father is okay.” Lin Long said, “Although my connection with his Divine Soul is blocked by a strange power, I can feel that his vitality is still strong.”

Lin Long spoke, and this made Divine Court everyone’s worries drastically reduced.

“Then fight!”

Xiao Nuo has a ferocious expression, and said: “In this battle, to kill beautifully, at least you have to fight in other restricted areas with fear.”

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