Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3385


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Too terrifying in the restricted area of ​​staying in the gods, is this coming out?

The boundless army is full of the sky, various roars of exotic animals, Nine Head Flood Dragon, etc., act as the foot force of the army, and some fierce birds in the restricted area soaring through the Nine Heavens, from time to time emit pierce gold and The high-pitched voice of split stone!

This kind of strength shocked Three Thousand World.

It makes many big clans in this world afraid, even the star owners are afraid.

The people who stayed in the restricted area did not hide anything. They clearly set out to destroy Divine Court. Along the way, they swept many satellite groups belonging to Divine Court.

Fortunately, Divine Court has long known the information about the expedition in the restricted area, evacuated various important resources early, and also evacuated the personnel on the constellation, otherwise it will definitely be a disaster.

“Divine Court is gone today!”

The General at the forefront of the army was too fierce. Riding on a barbarian dragon, he slashed towards the front entrance of Divine Court with a blade glow of thirty thousand zhang.

He is going to slap his face!

It is also necessary to use this method to boost the morale of the army in the restricted area, and to cut off the mountain gate that represents the majesty of Divine Court.

This blade glow crosses the endless Star Sea, but the formidable power is not reduced by half, but it collapses just like the main star of Divine Court.

Also, at this time, there was a cold and severe cold glow. Suddenly, on top of the General barbarian dragon, a dark silhouette appeared.

This is Promise.

He took the shot, and entered the army alone, trying to cut the head of the three armies.

“Dogs are brave!”

Someone yelled, and the General’s feet were clamped fiercely, and the barbarian dragon raised his head and roared, about to throw Wuji off, Wuji flew up, his body flashed out, and it disappeared again.

“Divine Court, is this suicidal action useful?”

General grinned, and the long knife cut out again, and roared: “Brothers, have you seen it? Divine Court is already trembling and chilling, otherwise how could it be possible to use such a faint move? I want Wanjun to take it from it. Will he be the first class? Does Divine Court think he is Lao Tzu? Does anyone in Divine Court divine might like Lao Tzu?”


The dissipated Wuji silhouette reappeared, and he shot a sword at the grinning General.

At the same time, dozens of Dao Body appeared again, and at the same time handed out the killing sword to General.

They are all silhouettes of Promise.


General roared, he didn’t expect that this Wu Ji missed a hit would not escape ten thousand li far, but attacked him again after hiding again.


General dying did not understand why he clearly found the silhouette of the assailant, but why he was finally wrong.

“Empty wrong……?”

Wuji seemed to have heard the question in the General’s heart. After a few words of reply, dozens of Dao Body shadows suddenly violently rushed into the forbidden area to kill.

It was just an attack that killed at least a thousand people in the restricted area, including a high-level and direct line of the restricted area commanding the three armies.

“Ah…Divine Court, if you don’t cut one of your barren today, the deity will judge yourself under the stars!”

Wu Tianqiong roared fiercely.

He temporarily appointed a General to command the overall situation.

The army pressed down, but when they reached a big star adjacent to Divine Court, they stopped moving.

Obviously, the General who was appointed later was much calmer than the one who was beheaded by Wu Ji, knowing to advance step by step and not to advance.

In Divine Court.

Xuyang lazily passed through the Dao Realm formed by the Divine Court, watching everything outside, indifferently said: “It is still 3000 li short, this is a small problem.”

Zhan Tian Jiang glanced at him, with suppressed anger in his eyes, he said: “I always tell you, don’t show your damn laziness during the war, haven’t you heard it?”

Xu Yang looked bitter and said: “Father, there are no outsiders here, so there is no need to pretend, right? Even more how, these clay chickens and pottery dogs, with the current Divine Court’s strength, are enough to push and use Are you so nervous?”

Chen Xuandong said with a smile: “Uncle Xuandong doesn’t have to reprimand Brother Xuyang. In fact, I think about it the other way around. Brother Xuandong is more reassuring.”

Zhantian will be coldly snorted.

Wu Qingcheng came from outside and said: “Let hell and reincarnation copy the back path of this clan. Since I dare to invade my Divine Court, then naturally I must do a good job of extermination.”

Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu quickly got up and took their orders.

“Also, let the world do its best. I can’t watch my family fight for life and death, but his family picks up a ready-made cheap.” Wu Qingcheng sneered and said: “Daughter-in-law, we are indeed very satisfied. But it doesn’t mean that Divine Court can do my best.”

Xiaotian cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Auntie, I can lead a strange army to attack and kill from behind. It only takes three rounds to disperse their army.”

Qingcheng looked towards Xiaotian and said with a smile: “It is indeed time for you to come forward. You are about to get married and start a business. You must first make you famous and let the Divine Court believe in your strength and help your brother. In charge of the overall situation of Divine Court.”

Xiaotian bows down.

Xiao Nuo glanced at Xiaotian and said: “Don’t lose father’s face, otherwise I won’t forgive you.”

Wu Qingcheng laughed and said: “The whole Three Thousand World is watching our battle, so let them take a good look and see how out of the Divine Court cultivated after getting a lot of resources. of the ordinary .”

Li Guang laughed heartily, saying: “I even wonder whether the eagle regiment with customized battle armour can ignore the attack by the army in the restricted area.”

“Uncle, don’t be careless, you have to know the many ominous beasts in the restricted area, but all of them will be solved by your eagle group.” Wu Qingcheng still has an overview.

Li Guang’s face tightened and said: “Sister-in-law, don’t worry.”


At this time, in the black house.

Lin Fan always has a way to stop the leakage of energy within the body, and at the same time, he has discovered that this place is unusual.

“World Tree…”

Lin Fan whispered, then smiled bitterly, and scolded: “You showed eager emotions, and I was swallowed in a daze, but now you are still.”

World Tree trembled lightly, which was an echo to him.


The outside war has begun, very abrupt.

Should be the Golden Peng soaring from the restricted area falling from the sky.

The Eagles are too terrifying, sweeping invincible. As Li Guang said, after wearing the runes created by many geniuses brought back by Lin Fan, these should belong to ordinary Monster Beasts, but they also have impervious. The power of to sword and spear.

The air Legion in the restricted area was only destroyed between the three rushes of the Eagle Group!

“Lin Nuo, I heard that you are a well-known filial son, but today I found out that the rumors were not true.”

Wu Tianqiong grinned, and said: “Your father is trapped in the imprisonment of my clan, if you lead the Divine Court to surrender, and make Divine Court a step in the world for my clan, maybe it will make your father live longer. Day.”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes are gloomy, and there is no reply.

But Xiaotian couldn’t help it.

His father and son relationship with Lin Fan has just eased, and now I hear this sentence.

He wanted to kill Wu Tianqiong, but was pressed by Xiao Nuo with one hand, indifferently said: “Just trifling to stay in the restricted area, is it really embarrassing for father? Don’t worry, don’t break it because of impulse. My aunt’s plan.”

Little Heavenly Eye is ferocious and said: “Anyway, people of this race don’t want to live anymore.”

Xiao Nuo frowned, and said: “Do less things like extermination, and reincarnation will be liquidated.”

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