Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3386


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Xiao Nuo spoke very seriously and solemnly, as if he was admonishing, or admonishing.

The battle between the two huge monsters is too much. It can easily be the death of dozens of ancient stars, which can easily cause millions of casualties.

At this time, the arrow is on the string, no matter whether it is the offensive side’s restricted area or the Divine Court side that is passively facing, there is no way out.

Three Thousand World has never been as simple as imagined. I don’t know how many terrifying forces are watching and looking for an opportunity.

This battle is a severe test for both sides, because if it is the loser, only the disappeared fate, and even the winner of this battle, if it does not win the battle cleanly, it does not make Three Thousand World fearful. If you don’t even think about the record, the next wave of Calamity Tribulation will be ushered in, and there will be countless wars.

“Go, lead your Legion, and play your prestige.” Xiao Nuo smiled and looked towards Xiao Tian, ​​and said: “Let them know that you, the young god, are not relying on the remaining power of your father and brother. “

Xiaotian cup one fist in the other hand, bowing down, he set out, on the top of the floating island in Divine Court, two women are watching him.

In Divine Court.

“I am not thinking about how to win, but about how to win the most beautiful.”

Qingcheng opened his mouth and said: “Husband has fought out that many resources and poured all of them to Divine Court. If there is still panic in the trifling restricted area, then Divine Court is too disappointing.”

Chen Xuandong was silent for a moment, and said: “Sister-in-law, Divine Court has never disappointed people, even in the most desperate times.”

Wu Qingcheng laughed and said: “I know, I just want the most beautiful victory.”

It’s started!

The two armies are facing each other, lined up in the endless starry sky.

This is too terrifying, which makes people question whether it has returned to the era of wars that occurred from time to time in prehistoric times.

The two sides of this pair are like celestial troops and generals, stepping on the Star Sea, and shooting out cold light enough to illuminate the wild with the war weapon in their hands.

“Brothers, I have not lived in the forbidden area for 700,000 years. Maybe this world has forgotten our reputation.”

The General who was reused in the battle opened his mouth and shook Star Sea and Nine Nether. With a boom, his long knife pierced the sky and tore the sky, suddenly said with a smile: “But now the opportunity is here, sweeping ahead This group of clay chickens and pottery dogs were wiped out at the fastest speed, allowing the world to reminisce about the years when the restricted area was dominated by Wu Liuhuang!”

The people in the restricted area of ​​the staying gods are roaring, and the rays of light of the swordsmen in their hands are even more permeable, and the reflected rays of light are connected into one piece, like a light curtain, which makes people unable to open their eyes.

“hahaha…the trifling is just the imperial court. It only takes a single rampage to level it off. When my people called the starry sky, their ancestors had all crawled under the feet of our ancestors!”

“clay chickens and pottery dogs, impossible to withstand a single blow, and look at their battle armour, which is too thin and breaks with a poke. Look at the soldiers and crossbows they straddle. Wipe away the rusty a pile of junk.”

The leaders of the Liuhuang restricted area are all roaring, and they are all stimulating the morale of the army in the Liuhuang restricted area again in various ways.

As a result, this kind of discourse attracted the starry sky to look towards Divine Court.

Looking at Divine Court’s standard battle armour and standard combat soldiers.

As a result, all of them almost stared out.

What is this?

Can such rubbish runes and war weapons flood the battlefield?

How poor is this Divine Court so that it can save the lives of soldiers like this?

“Brother of Divine Court, turn around. From your battle armour, you can see that the seniors of Divine Court don’t treat you as human beings.”

“hahaha…Come on, let me stay. Any resources will be given priority to soldiers. The position in the army depends on military merit.”


The soldiers in the restricted area of ​​staying in the gods all looked at them, with grinning smiles and unkind intentions.

As a result, everyone at Divine Court stared at each other like idiots, and of course they were proud of them.

Qin Tianjian is indeed worthy of Lin Fan’s visit to the cottage. The battle armour designed in accordance with the requirements of Qingcheng is indeed heaven defying, which is almost concealed from everyone.

Actually, this seems ordinary. The battle armour, which can be pierced with a finger, is very impressive. It uses a variety of secondary golds, and even Lin Fan uses some chaos, starry sky etc. Gold crushed it with Supreme mana and blended with other secondary mother gold.

Divine Court’s battle armour, etc., are really extravagant.

It’s just that in order not to attract attention, Qingcheng deliberately placed must to make these newly forged runes, etc., the more common the better, and the less conspicuous the better.

At this time, it worked. The entire starry sky was underestimating this battle armour.

Even the ethnic groups and forces who were optimistic about Divine Court were disappointed.

It’s started.

The Legion of Two Great Influences crashed in one place like a torrent, and as a result, something unexpected happened!

When the swords and swords in the restricted area of ​​the staying gods were slashed on the soldiers of Divine Court, it turned out to be only a little splash of light, apart from this, it had no other effect!

This made the soldiers in the restricted area stunned, and then panicked.

But it was too late. When Divine Court troop danced with swords and soldiers to cut it down, it was really cut off. The dark and unremarkable Divine Court standard soldiers were too sharp to be worthy of.

Unexpectedly, it shakes the starry sky. Anyone who pays attention to this battle, and anyone who has evaluated the Divine Court standard equipment, is unbelievable and stunned.

The situation they had imagined did not appear.

It is not the fierceness and strength of the soldiers in the restricted area, like cutting melons and vegetables, sweeping the Divine Court tribes.

Everything is the other way round, it’s the Divine Court crowd pushing everything.

It’s incredible, what kind of material and treasure is this standard equipment forged?

Someone clearly saw a forbidden zone leader in the second realm of God holding a sharp sword on Divine Court, a Thousand-man Commander of Ruler Realm, but the battle armour was only sunken, and a scary sword appeared.

And this Thousand-man Commander of Ruler Realm was only severely maimed and not dead!

This is terrifying.

“How is it possible?”

There was an unbelievable roar of old fart in the restricted area, and he said: “How can someone so extravagantly forge a battle armour with mother gold and secondary mother gold? This is unrealistic, this impossible, based on the Divine Court heritage, where to go Searching for so many Tianzhen?”

This old fart has excellent eyesight and can see the truth at a glance.

“What? Combine sub-prime gold and real mother gold to forge tens of millions of standard battle armours with other divine irons? Is Lin Fan crazy?”

Someone suddenly frightened after hearing the words of old fart in the restricted area.


Xuyang is in the army.

His strength is extremely strong. For a period of time, Lin Fan used him as an imaginary enemy to spur his own cultivation.

But now, few people can see him doing it.

This is related to his status.

Lin Fan fulfilled his contract and let him command the three armies of Divine Court.

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