Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3388


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“Linnuo! Your father is trapped in the Supreme Treasure of our clan. If you don’t want him to die, I will order your Divine Court army to stop!”

He took out killing move.

But actually, he knew Lin Fan must be dead.

That’s a hell.

Even in the restricted area for staying gods, I don’t know the origin of this respect device. It fell into the great abyss after a certain battle.

But the horror is so terrible, trifling is in the six realms of God, and it should be swallowed up in a moment and become a dead body.

But now, he can only speak like this, let Xiao Nuo wait for refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

At this time, even if Xiao Nuo showed a slight hesitation, he has this kind of ability to rewrite the situation.

“Old Guy, you can’t keep the deity from breaking through!”

Just as he roared, the voice of cold and severe suddenly exploded.

Also, the dark house does not have his summon, but he jumped out by himself and kept rumbling.

It’s as if a creature wants to break through this heavy weapon from the inside out.

old fart is shocked.

With this treasure, he doesn’t know how many great enemies and powerful enemies he has killed, and all of them are great cultivators of the seventh realm and above.

But even those enemies can only last a few hours.

But Lin Fan is not dead?

His eyes changed and he said with a smile: “Lin Nuo, do you know why your father is still alive? That’s because the deity didn’t chant the mantra. At this time, you order your Divine Court army to stop. I can forgive you. Your father is a dog.”

I have to say.

This old fart is indeed too wily old fox, and too rigorous schemes and deep foresight.

Making up this kind of unnecessary thing, but being biased, most echoes the logic of the present, and echoes everyone’s inference.

old fart is very good at it. After seeing his inability to stop this already one-sided battle in time, he threatened Lin Fan’s life and death and stared at Xiao Nuo hideously and terribly.

Xiao Nuo glanced at him contemptuously, and Trident burst into fiery rays of light in his hand. He stabbed forward with Trident, and immediately emptied a large area of ​​the forbidden area in front of him, as well as three or four Prosperity Four. The cultivator of the five realms turned into a bubble in the bright light.

“Ah…” The old fart whistled and said angrily: “It is said that Divine Court is filial to the young god; but now it seems that only this! It is just a fake name, and even the life of his father is ignored. Regardless, just to win.”

“old bastard, what are you talking nonsense here? How can you master your bad house? Are you dreaming?”

Xiao Wu was so angry that he killed too cruelly.

The half-corrupted heavy halberd that originally looked rusty in his hand has been greatly changed. The rust on it has almost fallen off, revealing the deep and penetrating rays of light under it.

Xiao Wu is very strong, even if he is in the five realms of the Gods, he will feel that the five inner parts are burned, as if he was about to be shattered by the huge force that followed the soldiers within the body when attacked. .

“old bastard, you are chanting the incantation in your mouth.”

Li Guang also sneered. He did not have the abilities of Xiao Wu and Xiao Nuo, but under his seat, the Eagles exploded with a terrifying lethality equal to that of any Legion, and took measures for every soldier in the restricted area who wanted to leave the battlefield. No one can escape the firmament and the Quartet blocked by the Eagle Group.




The small black house he held in his palm made a constant roar, and it expanded rapidly and then contracted. There was an intuition that this treasure would be burst by its inner creature.

That is Lin Fan desperately.

To get rid of this predicament in the shortest time.

Just because he felt that the only Divine Court at the moment could fight this old fart. Xiao Nuo should do, but he was afraid that Xiao Nuo might have an accident.

But soon, the constant roar suddenly disappeared, and the small black house kept trembling and roaring, returning to its calm.

“hahahaha…is that a struggle before death?”

old bastard laughed heartily.

He has been in charge of this heavy treasure for a very long time, and has used it to trap and kill the enemy more than once, and has seen such scenes.

This should be Lin Fan’s last struggle, and then he will become a dead body in the black prison.

“Linno, remember, you killed your father.”

old fart roars fiercely, and rushes to the battlefield.

He turned to tens of millions, rampaging everywhere in this battlefield, hunting down the soldiers and generals of Divine Court.

In the end, after a long scream, he threw the black house in his hands into the sky. The black house rose up against the wind, and the black house door opened in ten thousand zhang. The black house door opened. It came from the house, swallowing some Divine Court soldiers who were unable to dodge or were not strong enough.

This scene is too terrifying, whether it’s a master or a god, if you fail to escape the first wave of Devouring Power, you can only scream and roar weakly, and finally be swallowed into the door like a rotating black hole in.

With a bang, the black door closed tightly.

“old bastard, you die to the deity!”

Xiao Nuo’s canthus is cracking.

In fact, before the war, Allure had already focused on thinking about their Divine Court when this old fart raged.

The final result of the negotiation is that Xiaonuo stepped forward to curb the attack of the old bastard, at least until the army was destroyed in the restricted area, and then gathered the power of the entire Divine Court to kill the big cultivator of the seven realms.

Of course, the best vision is that if Lin Fan can appear in the war, it will be more secure.

But there is one person who is faster than him. It was Lin Long’s dragon king sword cut out, a golden Divine Dragon shaking its head and wagging its tail towards the old bastard, Xiao Nuo also killed, a flower bud from the other side suddenly It takes root at the feet of old bastard, and it blooms to the most splendid place in the blink of an eye. Each petal looks infinitely ready, as if it is the strongest cage in the world, imprisoning the True Form of old bastard in a short time.

Then a big regular star was condensed by Xiao Nuo and blasted towards the imprisoned old fart.

All this seems to have been deduced tens of thousands of times.

This is Xiao Nuo’s unique skill.

If you change to a cultivator that is in the sixth realm of God, or is a cultivator that squeezes into the seventh realm, with this ultimate move, you can only wait passively for death.

But the old bastard is too strong. He recalled the black house hanging in the sky, and guarded him. The rule star and the black house slammed into it.

The house shook, the black mist shook, flooding the sky and the earth, but the big star also burst.

“Today, the restricted area for my stay may be half destroyed, but your Divine Court will be destroyed.”

old bastard has a hideous face, killing intent.

At this time, the Liuhuang restricted area was too miserable, and the army of Divine Court was chased and killed under the locked sky. Those supreme powerhouses in the restricted area were also blocked by corresponding levels of creatures.

But actually, Divine Court’s Peak battle strength is not as good as the restricted area, but Divine Court’s Peak battle strength is too violent, and it can be one-to-two or even more.

“old bastard, want to destroy my Divine Court, do you deserve it?”

At this moment, Lin Fan’s gloomy words exploded from the black house, and with a bang, the black door suddenly opened, and a deep-cold halberd suddenly shot out from the door, directly facing between the eyebrows of old fart.

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