Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3389


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“How is it possible!”

old fart screamed in horror!

It’s not because of the too terrifying and senran halberd tip that killed him.

It is shocking, why someone can be trapped in Shifang Jiejia for several hours without dying, and why anyone can get out of Shifang Jieji without any damage to himself!

“There is nothing impossible in this world.”

Lin Fan shook, his speed was extremely fast, and he slammed with a clattering sound, with millions of bright runes falling on the tip of the halberd.

“Suppress me!”

old fart yelled, when he retreated backwards, he did not forget the summon Shifang Hell suppress and kill Lin Fan.


The rune falling on the tip of the halberd suddenly exploded. If dozens of hundreds of large worlds are killed by this halberd, countless fireworks will fly out, and eventually they will turn into cold glow, chasing and retreating. The old fart.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “old bastard, this treasure is in your hands. It’s really a reckless waste of natural resources. You don’t deserve to be in charge of him.”

old fart roar: “Who is the deity not worthy of?”

He has a hideous expression.

It should be noted that after this heavy treasure fell into the abyss, only he could use this treasure in the entire restricted area.

That was the Peak period in the exclusion zone of the Liuhuang. There was a peerless cultivator from the 8th Realm in the clan, but he was able to use Shifang Juezi.

This is regarded by him as the glory of his life.

But at this time someone pointed and said that he was not worthy of controlling this treasure. How could he not be angry?

“The deity is worthy!”

Lin Fan screamed, and at this time, those cold glow that chased down old fart like a meteorite turned into a golden spear again in Lin Fan’s virtual hand. Lin Fan’s palm was virtual It seemed that he was really holding a heavy halberd, and then took a step forward, the palm of the virtual grip suddenly pierced forward.

With a bang, time and space suddenly exploded, and the old fart was robbed. Although he evaded his death in time and was not pierced by the halberd, he was still shaved off the flesh of his left cheek by the terrifying killer. Even the cheekbones were flattened, and the blood splashed out of Biao would dye his chest red.

“The Absolute Prisoner gave me an order, kill me!”

old fart roars fiercely.

Only in the first match, it was a shame to be injured by a junior who was far inferior to him.

And in order to fight back Lin Fan said that he is the only one who is worthy of taking charge of the Ten Directions Absolute Prison, so he has to lock Lin Fan into Absolute Prison again, and must refine Lin Fan to death.

The Shi Fang Jue Hell trembled slightly, but after Lin Fan’s heavy coldly snorted, the Shi Fang Jue Hell fell silent and stopped moving.

“Look, you really don’t deserve to manipulate him.”

Lin Fan stared at the old fart, smiling contemptuously, and then he flew up and stepped on the Shifang Hell with one foot.

The expression is grim and scary.

When he was trapped in the Early-Stage of Ten Directions Prison, he was desperate and terrified, because even the unfavorable thunder pool seemed to have lost its function, and he could feel that his Life Essence Origin, etc., was leaking rapidly.

Based on the rate of leakage at that time.

Even with Lin Fan’s power, he can survive two hours at most.

If he had all kinds of Divine Pills called heaven defying, and he was taking these Divine Pills to try his best to maintain a balance of the essence within the body, he would die.

In the end, if it weren’t for World Tree’s trembling, rooted in the Absolute Prison, and blocking the devouring of the Shifang Absolute Prison, he would have died early.

That kind of feeling is too terrifying, listening to my death in the terrifying area of ​​absolute darkness and silence, even every heartbeat feels unnecessary.


old fart roared, both of his hands pressed forward, and with a bang, the void that Lin Fan had erected suddenly collapsed. With this method, he wanted to force Lin Fan away and take back the black house.

But Lin Fan sneered. When the void collapsed, the black mist from all sides poured out of the Shifang Hell, and all the ultimate moves could not get close.

“Old Guy, you have been in charge of this device for hundreds of years, but can you use this method of protecting the master?”

Lin Fan ridiculed.

The big cultivator of the seven realms stares at Lin Fan in the lunar calendar.

He doesn’t believe in these ten directions, Lin Fan is qualified to use it, and the whole person is violent. In the extreme time, he also ignited the remnants of life within the body and attacked Lin Fan.

“I will show you the ability of this Hellless.”

Lin Fan’s eyes are extremely cold.

He had felt that kind of despair, and of course he wanted to feel and experience this old bastard again.

“hong long!”

The Shifang area suddenly rumbling, black’s door opened, and dozens of bones burst out of it!

Every step these bones take, there will be a rubbing sound of joints colliding, making the scalp numb.

“What’s this?” old fart exclaimed, but soon a strange war ensues.

These bones are too strong. From the wide open black door, there are black threads connected to these bones, as if they are transmitting unpredictable power. Of course, from another perspective, these are now being connected with The bones of the old fart battle are more like puppets.

Lin Fan’s eyes are gloomy!

This hell is really vicious and evil to the extreme.

Dying in it, your body and soul have become its servants.

In other words, your body is dead, but the undead is about to be imprisoned for thousands of years, becoming a slave to and ashamed of a prison break.

This is cruel.

This is what he used at this time.

“Midnight!” old fart yelled in fear, he guessed the true identity of the bone from the sword in the hand of a certain bone he was at war with.

This was a great enemy he once had. It made him fight and lose repeatedly. Finally, he used a trick to lure midnight into a desperate situation, and suddenly a sneak attack with the ten directions hell, which successfully trapped him in it. Inside.

“old bastard, just these methods, you don’t know, don’t understand, and can’t use them; still dare to boast that you are the master of the Shifang Hell?”

Lin Fan yelled violently, and at this moment, he waved his big hand, and all of the Divine Court soldiers who had been taken in by the Ten Directions Hell at the beginning all appeared, alive, and of course there were some look pale. Swallowed a lot of life.

But under Lin Fan’s finger, from the Shifang Jiefang, powerful vitality gushed back into the bodies of these soldiers. Only in an instant, these soldiers recovered Peak and all of them faintly improved.

“Do you have this method again?”

Lin Fan impudent sneered and laughed heartily: “Speaking of which I should really thank you first. If you don’t imprison me in it, how can the deity get this Supreme Treasure?”

“Damn you!” old fart roared fiercely.

I don’t know what emotions are in my eyes.

In order to make a safe picture, I used ultimate weapon directly. I thought that Lin Fan could be cleaned up simply and easily.

The result is a dead loss, having given away a bride, to lose one’s army on top of it.

“You dare!”

The pupils of the old fart shrank sharply, only because of this, Lin Fan ordered Shifang Juezhu to expand ten thousand times, and each and everyone expert in the penalty area was gathered in the impudent.

“Why not dare? Just A Tooth For A Tooth that’s all, now it’s you!”

Lin Fan Big Hah!

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