Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3390


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He is indeed in A Tooth For A Tooth, just because this old fart has swallowed tens of thousands of Divine Court army with ten directions, he will do the same.

In Hell-Free, it really makes people desperate. Listening to the countdown to your life, you can listen to your heartbeat and perceive the Yellow Springs Road getting closer.


old fart roars fiercely, he rushes to Lin Fan.

In my eyes is anger, despair, and humiliation!

This is the ultimate weapon of other people.

At this time, it becomes a monster in the hands of the enemy, devouring one’s own vitality.

And what made him most embarrassed was that this ultimate weapon was actually “given” to the other party by himself!

This is too unbearable.

“It came right!” Lin Fan yelled, and he whirled and kicked fiercely on the Ten Directions Hell, letting it cut through the sky and head towards the old fart who was rushing towards him.

As a result, this old fart seems to be walking right into a trap. Although it has tried hard to fight, it is still useless and has been swallowed.

This scene stunned how many restricted areas and big things were secretly unknown.

All fear and fear!

The Shifang Jushui in the Liuhuang Forbidden Zone has shocked countless times.

In fact, because of the existence of this precious treasure, the restricted area for staying gods is not behind, and no one dares to provoke it easily.

This thing is the ultimate evil monster and horror.

At this time, this heavy treasure has become another ultimate weapon of Divine Court, how can they not be afraid?

Be aware that this Shifang Juezi is in the hands of a half-dead old bastard, which can allow him to run rampant in Three Thousand World, even more how now is in charge of this thing, it is the year of the fight, the blood of war is as hot as lava, Lin Fan of Three Thousand World shines like a big sun?


Xiao Nuo speaks with a cheerful laugh.

Lin Fan glanced at him and smiled, then waved his hand to signal Xiao Nuo not to fight.

Because of the battle strength at the highest level of the Liuhuang restricted area, almost all of it was levelled, and the rest was nothing. Lin Fan felt that this was a good opportunity for military training, and we should make good use of it.

Divine Court high-levels all flew up, separated from the battlefield, and Lin Fan stepped on the Shifang Hell, overlooking the vast battlefield.

In the end, the staying gods restricted area was destroyed, and of course Divine Court was not so vicious and merciless.

That’s too much, it’s a monstrous killing and robbery. If all the forbidden areas are destroyed and there are several millions, then it will be truly cruel.

In Divine Court.

“You can figure out your own way of this matter.” Lin Fan said, “You can deal with those prisoners of war, but you must make sure that these people will not cause any trouble to Divine Court in the future.”

“You are always habitually being an arm-flinging shopkeeper.” Qingcheng pouted, and said: “Why do I think you, the god master, do so leisurely?”

Lin Fan said in surprise: “This god has given Xiao Nuo soon?”

Xiao Nuo was stunned.

Li Guang and others all poked their lips to Lin Fan.

“No matter, whoever loves to be the god, I don’t have so much time.” Lin Fan said, then looked towards Chen Xuandong, and said: “Why do you guy come to be the god?”

Chen Xuandong fiercely said: “Do you think this God Lord is whoever wants to be? You can take a look at Divine Court. The brothers do not recognize it.”

Lin Fan looked bitter and said, “Then give it to Xiao Nuo, or Xiao Tian, ​​this is my Bloodline, I think the brothers will recognize it.”

Xiao Nuo hurriedly said: “I feel that the important task is better for the younger brother. It just so happens that he will get married soon, so it can be regarded as a gift for him.”

Xiaotian was more direct, got up and left directly, and complained: “Big brother, it is not so harmful, I feel that I am a good soldier under your command.”

Xiao Nuo pretended to chase out angrily, and the two brothers chased each other out of the hall.

But in fact, everyone understands that these two brothers are both acting in order to avoid this topic.

Actually, the entire Divine Court knows that this divine dominance is only Lin Fan’s, and it can only be Lin Fan’s. Even if it is really changed to a master, it cannot be called a divine master.

“Ma De, can’t these two boys share the responsibility for Laozi?”

Lin Fan cursed in a low voice, and then laughed: “It just happens that there is the invincible little thing, and start training again. When he arrives at Ruler Realm, let him take on this big task.”

Xiao Wu scratched his head and said: “Father, I feel Invincible shouldn’t like it, and will refuse to accept it.”

“Do you know how to speak?” Lin Fan stared at Xiaowu very uncomfortably: “If anyone doesn’t like it, then you guy will give Lao Tzu a top. If you want to come, you are the most obedient, and will never refuse to take Lao Tzu. Pull?”

Xiaowu Shivered Ling shivered, and said: “I’m just a son-in-law, just a son-in-law. If I take this position, I will be scolded.”

“Who dares?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

“Father, Xianxian seemed to call me just now, I’m leaving now.” Xiaowu hurriedly left, like a string of firecrackers hung on the cudal vertebrae.

“It’s another thankless wretch, can’t tell good from bad.” Lin Fan hated it.

Of course, after he said so, what awaited him was the middle finger and contempt of a group of Old Brothers.

“Don’t say anything else, let’s take a look at Shifang Jiejia.” Xu Yang said.

Without the juniors present, they have no scruples, and they can say all kinds of dirty words.

The Ten Directions Absolute Hell appeared, but the palm-size floats in Lin Fan’s hands, but this bright and majestic great hall suddenly seemed to dim, like being sucked by the sudden appearance of the Absolute Hell Exhausted all the sunshine.

“Somehow, when I see him, I feel flustered and panicked.”

Qingyue spoke like this, saying: “There is a feeling of facing a god.”

Thinking about it, Qingyue said: “It’s like when I was young I suddenly saw a spiritual position with a True Spirit attached to my mother.”

Lin Fan suddenly looked towards Qingyue and said: “Daughter-in-law, do you feel this way too?”

Qingyue dignified and nodded, said: “This thing is afraid of greatness. It is inevitable that it came from the hands of the gods. Besides, I feel that the great power who sacrificed him is probably better than mother and father. Not much weaker.”

This is horrible!

Be aware that the father and mother in Qingyue’s mouth are Thor and Dream God.

Lin Fan thought for a while: “I don’t know what material this thing is made of, but even World Tree has an eager mind on it, as if it wants to grow and cannot do without this thing.”

Chen Xuandong and others all had pupils shrinking sharply.

They all know that Lin Fan once had a World Tree.

“Husband, I think you should study this precious treasure carefully. I always think he is very important.” Qingyue frowned, but then Xuan Xuan started crying and she had to leave to coax the child.

“It is indeed time to study carefully.” Lin Fan frowned and whispered, and then said: “Of course, it must be after Xiaotian this kid’s wedding.”

laughed, Lin Fan looked towards Qingcheng, saying: “To prepare some betrothal gifts, I have to go for a walk.”

Qingcheng said with a smile: “I have been prepared long ago, all in this talisman.”

Lin Fan took a glance and smiled with satisfaction: “This dowry is almost done. If it is stingy, I am afraid I will be scolded by a group of old bastard.”

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