Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3391


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“For fear that those Old Brothers are not satisfied with this result.”

Chen Xuandong said in a low tone, “If it weren’t for this kind of thing, how could people be equal to that poor Little Lass.”

Lin Fan sighed and said, “The facts are always unpredictable. In fact, I don’t agree with this in my heart, but I can’t let Xiaotian really be a villain who always abandons. .”

Li Guang looked at Lin Fan and said, “That little girl is very pitiful. She is the offspring of Beast King, but she was eventually lost when she migrated to the stars. If she were not for the last blessing, she would not be able to find it.”

“It’s really pitiful.” Lin Fan sighed and said, “I still remember that I was able to find the last patrol hunting hiding place at that time, and I had to rely on the Fox King.”

“The past is too long, maybe few people can remember it?” Wuji faintly said: “But I remember clearly that the four big Beast Kings all made great contributions in the final battle, but the Orcs accompanied Our years of warfare gradually declined, and finally forced the four Beast King tribes to merge into one. This is our fault and our fault.”

Lin Fan was silent for a long time before he said solemnly: “This is indeed my fault.”

“Forget it, I don’t want to talk about this. I want those Old Brothers to know our difficulties.” Wu Jian smiled bitterly and said: “Divine Court has developed too fast, and more and more ethnic groups and forces have joined Divine Court. It is not well taken care of.”

Lin Fan thought for a while, and said: “After that, I will discuss with Qingcheng to set up a hall, only responsible for sorting out the rise and fall of the various ethnic groups in Divine Court.”

“Brother Lin, you have to know that the rise and fall of a power is often the destiny.” Chen Xuandong looked at Lin Fan and said seriously and seriously, “If his destiny is exhausted, but we are heaven defying, is this really a good thing?”

“At the very least, we should keep those Old Brother bloodlines. As for the so-called destiny, this thing does exist, but I always don’t believe it.” Lin Fan waved his hand and motioned Chen Xuandong to stop talking. After a long while, This is said with a smile: “I think we should all go to this proposal.”

“It is indeed time to go.” Chen Xuandong also nodded, saying: “To this day, there are really not many people in our generation.”

“Go, let’s get together while someone is still there.” Lin Fan sighed.

Even if he is a spiritual teacher, it is impossible to have the ability to continue life, which is unrealistic, and the manpower is exhausted.

Divine Court is too vast, headed by the main star, there are hundreds of nearby stars besides, these all are the territory of Divine Court.

Of course, farther away, some ancient stars of life have become affiliates of Divine Court.

Especially after the battle with the Liuhuang Forbidden Zone, Lin Fan is sure that more and more main stars will be attached to Divine Court. This is a general trend. Of course, perhaps in recent years, they will be attached to Divine Court. , Who are all close to Divine Court, the main star farther away, may still wait and see longer.

At this time, Lin Fan and the others went, named Beast King Star.

On this ancient star, all the living creatures are strange beasts, and the one that dominates this star is the four Beast King clans that followed Lin Fan in the lower realm.

But now, the earliest Beast Kings who followed Lin Fan have long since disappeared. Only the Fox King who was amazed by Lin Fan when he was young still survives, but he is not far away.

Lin Fan waited for the divine glow to travel. From the main star of Divine Court, a golden light avenue across the Star Sea spreads to the Beast King star.

“hong long long!”

Beyond the Beast King star, there are nine huge and splendid fireworks bombing houses, covering the entire big star.

This is welcoming Lin Fan.

“Meet the Lord.”

“God Lord long life same as heaven…”


All kinds of excited and excited voices are shouting.

Even if Lin Fan is thousands of miles away from this Beast King star, he can hear it.

Lin Fan was silent, and said: “Some people may like these pomp, like this feeling of being embraced, they will feel airy, but I always don’t like it.”

Chen Xuandong thought for a while, and said: “You are different from them, otherwise it is impossible to go from the end to the present and get the allegiance of so many people.”

Lin Fan said in a low tone, “Every cheer, every greeting, in my opinion, is a spur and a burden. If one day is slack, it seems to be worthy of these and put his wealth and life in my hands. Brother on .”

Chen Xuandong was silent for a moment. At this time, he wanted to talk about the current contradictions and internal conflicts in Divine Court, but he felt bad.

“Xuan Dong, I know what you want to say and what you want to say.” Lin Fan smiled bitterly, and said: “But in my opinion, we should be close to each other, at least not to make the Old Brothers feel chilled. We shouldn’t be able to bring Divine Court even more help to Divine Court because of the newly added ethnic groups or forces, so we can look down on them and neglect those who have been following us since the beginning.”

Chen Xuandong did not speak, but there was blood rolling in his heart.

Lin Fan said: “Xuandong, you are believing or not, if one day my Divine Court suffers a catastrophe, the one who can eventually follow you and my brother to death will only be the descendants of the people we brought out from the lower realm. At that time, most of the other ethnic groups or forces would choose to protect themselves from the Divine Court at that time, or they would turn their blades to aim at the Divine Court.”

“Of course I believe.” Chen Xuandong laughed.

Li Guang said: “You don’t need to doubt or think about it.”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “So what? I’m nepotism, what’s the matter? These new races or forces that have entered Divine Court, if they understand this truth, then that’s all. If you don’t understand, you can use Some means or methods for them to understand.”

“If they use the means or methods, they still don’t understand?” Wu Jian asked.

Won’t his ethnic group follow Divine Court to this day?

It’s a pity that the Nuo ethnic group, apart from his father and son, has no outstanding people, which also led to the aloof and remote Ping family, which almost fell in the end, and was targeted by many new Divine Court ethnic groups.

“Then let them go.” Lin Fan was silent for a long time, and said: “As you all know, since the establishment of Divine Court, we have never been to dominate the world.”

“Understood.” Chen Xuandong smiled, and then said: “It’s great to have your brother in this life.”

Lin Fan grinned: “It’s nice to have you, even if I am poor, I know you are behind me.”

Several people are smiling.

“The Fox King, long time no see.”

Into the Beast King star, Lin Fan saw the fox king floating in the air at first glance.

This fox king used to be very beautiful and charismatic. When I first saw it, Lin Fan’s mood was full of waves.

But now, she is very old, although she can’t be called senile, but you can also see the many traces that the years have carved on this face.

The Fox King bowed down, her hands were shaking with excitement: “God Lord, we have not seen each other for more than 390 years.”

Lin Fan’s eyes became farther away, and then said with a bitter smile: “There are too many things, the sky is running, and every time we return, it seems to send away many old sisters, Old Brother.”

The king of fox said: “The Lord is heroic and has become the Lord of Heaven and Earth, but we Old Guys really can’t support it. Am I the last person the Lord knows on the Beast King star?”

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