Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3392


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Lin Fan was silent for a moment, and said: “The Tiger King sought benevolence in the final battle. The Leopard King died to protect me when the universe exploded…”

“He went out to buy supplies at the beginning of Divine Court, but was eventually killed by the Star Sea thieves.” There were tears in the eyes of the Fox King.

It is one of the four Beast Kings, and the husband of the Fox King.

“I remember, I never forgot a moment.” Lin Fan said, “So for a long time, Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu have been away, fighting for decades, just to wipe out all the robbers. “

“This incident… is actually the work of the God Lord?” The Fox King’s eyes showed a shocking brilliance.

“Old Senior, my father strictly ordered me and Brother Xiaowu to kill all thieves. We fought for a total of 28 years and punished a total of 3,963 people.”

Xiao Nuo walked out, bowed respectfully, and then said guiltily: “Of course, senior please forgive me, I am unable to find the ultimate murderer, but the gangster star thief, if you want to come, the culprit will also die, which is considered Revenge.”

“ha ha ha ……hahahaha ……”

The Fox King laughed suddenly, crazy and impudent, with large drops of tears falling, she shouted: “Old Guy, the Lord has not forgotten everything, he has not forgotten our blood and blood, he didn’t say anything, but But I do everything to the best! I have no regrets, really no regrets, I have not misunderstood the wrong person in this life, follow him, and I will be honored in this life!”

Lin Fan felt uncomfortable.

“Fox King, we will never forget any brother.” Chen Xuandong said: “The reason why Brother Lin dare not speak is because of guilt, that many Old Brother, and there are still a few people in the end.”

“Why should the God Lord be guilty?” The Fox King suddenly raised his eyebrows, and said: “The God Lord has done and done without being ashamed of Heaven and Earth, and has not treated anyone wrongly. As for the old bastard in the ground, they dare to blame the Lord, etc. When I get older, I must make justice with them.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “But what I want to do now, I feel ashamed of Old Brother.”

The fox king smirked. At this moment, she seemed to be the fox king who was so charming and overwhelming the sky.

“The god Lord is talking about the little young god?” Fox King smiled.

Lin Fan has a solemn expression and said: “It’s exactly, the dog is ignorant, and he accidentally made a big mistake, my little brother, I think about it, I always can’t bear the reputation of being a chaos and abandonment, so…”

Speaking of which, he really can’t go on.

Xiaotian’s face is heavy.

After all, he doesn’t have the kind of feelings Lin Fan has for the older Divine Court.

I have never experienced the precarious period of Divine Court, which will be slaughtered at any time, but it is the years of interdependence, mutual encouragement, and final victory.

But at this time, he saw the guilt and self-blame in the eyes of his father, as well as his uncle Xu Yang and his uncles, such as the killing intent in the eyes of Chen Xuandong and others!

This killing intent, of course, is impossible for the fox king.

Then it can only be aimed at the outer world!

Obviously, if the Fox King says one thing he doesn’t want!

Don’t allow your direct line to be equal to other women, and don’t want to separate the status of a flat wife.

Then his uncles will definitely pass away and ask for an explanation.

If the world still insists on flat wife, then his uncles will definitely kill.

When the time comes, I am afraid that even his father can’t stop it.

The Fox King smiled, and his expression suddenly became solemn and serious. He bowed deeply and said, “I am grateful to the Lord for paying so much attention to my Fox Race, and I am grateful to the Lord for not hesitating a fight for worrying about my Fox Race…”

She said a lot of gratitude, but it made Lin Fan’s face flushed.

In the final analysis, he is selfish in this matter. In order to preserve his son’s reputation, he wants to wrong the little girl of Fox Race.

“God Lord, after all, you have too many scruples.” The Fox King is very free and easy, and said: “After all, Fox Race is just your vassal. The little girl in the clan can be admired by the little young god. That is her blessing.”

laughed, the Fox King said: “even more how, the reputation of my clan is generally bad. If the little girl marries the little girl as the only true wife, he will be scolded and scolded the little girl for marrying A vixen.”

Lin Fan’s eyes stood up: “Under this starry sky, no one dares to say that.”

The Fox King smiled and said, “In fact, when the little girl and the little god fell in love with each other, I warned that the little god should be like the sky of the sky, not she deserves to have it, but the boy and girl The heart is always unpredictable. The little girl recognized the little god, even if I shut her down several times, it was useless, and then turned to be second, let her agree, even if the god doesn’t dislike it, she does I can only be a concubine, and she agreed.”

The more Lin Fan listens, the more unpleasant he feels.

After all, the education he received is different from that of everyone in the world, at least there is no distinction between high and low in his heart.

“I came here just to propose marriage to the dog.” Lin Fan said, “I don’t know if I will meet a woman who is beloved after Xiaotian. I can’t guarantee it, but I dare to say it in front of your old sister. In this sentence, no matter whether Xiaotian will marry in the future or how many women he will marry, no one can bully the little girl of Fox Race, and the status cannot be shaken. If one day this Divine Court needs Xiaotian to inherit, then Fox Race, the little girl gave birth to the heir, also has the right to inherit. This is my family rule, and no one dares to change it.”

The Fox King was so touched that he wanted to kneel down, but was finally stopped by Lin Fan.

This is the first time Lin Fan has seen Fox Race, a little girl.

It’s different from the women who protect the family. It’s not beautiful, and it’s not gorgeous. It’s ordinary. There are a few playful little freckles on that cheek.

But Lin Fan liked this shy daughter-in-law when he first saw it.

In the end, it was very simple. Fox King and Lin Fan made a marriage contract for these two people on the spot.

Just choose an auspicious day to get married immediately.

“Don’t the gods need to discuss the wedding date with the world?” The Fox King asked.

Lin Fan said: “No, the two families are married on the same day and at the same time. My Lin Family will marry two girls on the same day. No distinction is made. There is no level of distinction, and the wedding gifts I give are absolutely the same.”

Such words naturally make Fox Race happy.

In Divine Court.

“Neon, are you dissatisfied with my decision?”

After returning to Divine Court, Lin Fan immediately let Neon come.

Neon shook his head.

Lin Fan said: “That’s good, I hope you can get along with Mei Er peacefully in the future, and the family will be happy.”

Neon quickly nodded, Lin Fan said with a smile: “Let Xiaotian accompany you back to the world, tell your father, I will come tomorrow.”

Neon and Xiaotian go to the outer world together, but Divine Court is busy from top to bottom.

Don’t think about it, this Xiaotian’s wedding will surely shake the entire Three Thousand World.

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