Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3393


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Don’t think about it, the battle strength demonstrated by Divine Court is enough to win the scruples and heart palpitations of all the forces and families under this sky.

It comes with respect, of course.

So, Xiaotian’s marriage will definitely be the Three Thousand World earthquake, and perhaps there will be a forbidden area that never appeared in the world and an old fart buried deep in the earth.

Of course, Lin Fan is also extremely cautious. Divine Court is loose on the outside and tight on the inside. Behind the beaming beams, the Divine Court brothers are waiting. Divine Court, a huge machine, can operate at any time to deal with all sudden changes. Of the battle.

Xiaotian and Neon went to Shiwaitian. The trip was very smooth. She didn’t even need Xiaonuo to say anything. Shiwaitian took the initiative to show her favor. Seeing that posture, she was afraid that Divine Court would regret it and would not marry Ni. Rainbow general.

Even, when Xiaotian was alone with the top leaders of Shiwaitian, the other party also cryptically said that if Divine Court is very guilty for the Fox Race woman, then he could not bear to beat the mandarin ducks, and mentioned Now that the two have become a fact, he is happy in the beauty of adulthood. As long as Neon is willing, he can be a concubine in the past.

This makes Xiaotian Haosheng despise the world, and of course it also makes Neon’s heart colder and colder.

In the final analysis, this entry never considered whether she was happy or willing, and always thought about the survival of this restricted area.

When the two returned to Divine Court, after Xiaotian told Lin Fan about these things, Lin Fan was only slightly smiled. Obviously, he had already guessed it.

This is normal.

Only because in the restricted area and Divine Court battle, Shiwaitian still remained on the sidelines, even if Qingcheng sent people to Shiwaitian and asked this family to send troops, although the family agreed on the surface, but secretly delayed , Until Divine Court’s winning ticket was in hand and there was no risk that was impossible, he rushed out.

At that time, Lin Fan had already seen through this family and was disgusting.

“little girl, don’t think too much.” Lin Fan smiled and comforted the neon eyes with red eyes, and said: “You still have father and me, father will be the master of everything in the future.”

The tears of Neon’s forbearance could no longer be held back, and the big drops fell down.

Lin Fan has never been good at comforting people. Fortunately, there are still a few women who naturally pull the neon away and comfort them softly.

The news that the Little God of Divine Court will get married on September 9th three days later, in a very short time, like a hurricane sweeping the entire Three Thousand World, countless great clans and forces are alarmed, no matter how far or near, Regardless of whether they were close or close, they all prepared generous gifts and came to Divine Court.

Just as Xiaotian’s wedding was in full swing, a conversation was taking place outside the distant galaxy.

These are the masters of the major restricted areas, or the important figures of the major restricted areas.

“Divine Court is too strong, we have all missed the best time to destroy Divine Court.” A large creature hidden in the dark said coldly: “Those people are really rubbish, not only failed to contain Divine Court The development of Divine Court has also allowed Divine Court to thrive in the continuous battle.”

“I didn’t have much hope for them.” Someone said leisurely, “After all, it’s just a game between us.”

“It was indeed a game before, but now the strength of Divine Court is enough to make us serious.”

Only one old man who didn’t hide his true face opened his mouth. His white eyebrow is a full foot long and looks divine poise and sagelike features.

“Indeed, the father and son pair…makes people jealous.”

Someone had a look of dreading in their eyes and said, “Especially Lin Fan…”

“It’s even more serious now. After getting the Absolute Hell, my strength has increased more than twice.”

When it comes to “Inferno”, everyone here changes color.

Someone said: “When the old bastard was in charge of this treasure, it was so terrifying that it did not exert its power at all, and now Lin Fan can use that Supreme Treasure…”

Everyone is silent.

Someone sighed and said: “This world has indeed changed. Apart from this era, at least, I have never heard of the fears and fears of the forces in this world in the restricted zone.”

This person said with a bitter smile: “Aren’t all the forces and ethnic groups in this world living on the breath of the restricted area?”

“After all, we are only afraid of the treasure, not the Lin Fan deity.” The only old man who didn’t hide his true face said, “Although Lin Fan is strong, but after all, it is not as good as you and me. , If you are willing to pay the price, you can’t kill it.”

“But that piece of treasure is indeed in his hands.”

“We have been discussing here for a long time. Have we made up our mind to destroy Divine Court?”

“Even if Divine Court is not destroyed, the treasure cannot fall into the hands of Divine Court, otherwise, for us, it is like a sky thunder hanging above our heads, and it is like a sharp knife on our neck.”

“Indeed, that heavy treasure can’t fall into the hands of Divine Court.” The white eyebrows old man opened his mouth, and said, “With a weapon in my heart, I will kill myself. I will find a way.”

“Heh… this time the little goddess of Divine Court got married. It happened that we old fart hadn’t tasted the fireworks of Human World for too long, so we walked together.”


Since the news of Xiaotian’s marriage appeared, there have been an endless stream of ethnic groups, forces, or prestigious cultivators coming to Divine Court.

Divine Court will do all the etiquette to the best, whatever level of power comes, will send the corresponding level of Divine Court to greet everyone, absolutely unambiguous, and strive to be at home, and congratulate everyone for coming Everyone tries their best to be at home.

Divine Court became lively, attached to hundreds of stars, and there was an endless stream of people everywhere.

September 9 is finally here!

After nine huge salutes, a golden-bright and dazzling Divine Dragon and a colorful True Phoenix suddenly jumped straight into the sky from the Divine Court. This is a small gift from Lin Long and Leyao. It means Dragon and Phoenix Cry.

Of course, what makes this Three Thousand World amazing is not only here. There are too many to count or describe, but all the amazing Celestial Phenomenon, etc., have all appeared, such as what auspicious sign descended from the Heaven, Rui Cai, millions of threads, etc., are all normal.

There is no way. Li Guang and the others have become big cultivators. Random shots can cause Heaven and Earth to change color.

“Ye Kuang, the lord of Uranus, congratulates Divine Court on the wedding of the little young god, and presents a gift…”

“Gu Kai, the ancient dragon and stars, congratulate the little god of Divine Court on his wedding, and present a gift…”

When the guests who have entered or are still waiting in line, they all trembled when they heard the singing.

That’s the star owner. As far as identity is concerned, in this Three Thousand World, it really has reached the top. Above it, I am afraid that only Lin Fan and the major restricted zone owners are the only ones.

But even these star masters actually came to congratulate themselves. From now on, we can see the prestige of Divine Court in Three Thousand World now.

“ha ha ha…The major stars came to congratulate my nephew on his newly married, but it really made my Divine Court shine.”

Chen Xuandong wears red clothes today, full of joy.

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