Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3394


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The big star owners looked at Chen Xuandong personally to welcome them, with excitement on their faces!

No one in this world knows that Chen Xuandong is the brain of Divine Court. He will come out to meet you. This kind of specification and level is enough!

Chen Xuandong just greeted this group of star owners, and suddenly another group of star owners came, but this time it was not him who came out to welcome him, but was replaced by Wu Jian.

In the end, all the star masters came, none was absent, and their posture was very low, without the star master’s airs.

Just when everyone thought that the heavyweight guests should be over, a major event happened all over the world…

Even the Divine Court ceremonial singer who chanted the origin and name of the person who recited the name, felt his voice trembling in an instant.

“Foreigners from Tiancang Restricted Zone congratulate the little goddess of Divine Court on the wedding, and present a 100,000 years deep-sea monster whale!”

This gift is too big!

The deep-sea predator whale is infinitely powerful and terrifying. It is said that this race possesses half of the True Blood of Kunpeng. It can be transformed into a giant whale shark to run across the endless ocean while flying into the sky. Kunpeng wings can grow up to hundreds of thousands li.

This is the most sought after war beast in ancient times, apart from this, or a certain kind of exquisite Divine Pill, is indispensable and the most important medicine!

Of course, what is even more shocking is that the restricted area has come to congratulate Divine Court. This is too unexpected and unbelievable.

Should the restricted area be aloof and remote, overlooking the ups and downs of the era?

Even if you enter the world, you are holding a deity overlooking the world, and you will think that entering the world is a shame.

But at this time, the owner of the Tiancang restricted area who ranks in the middle of the restricted area personally!

But everyone’s horror hasn’t subsided yet–

“The burial master in the restricted area of ​​the burial day congratulates the young god of Divine Court and presents him with a purple clothes and a banana.”


Someone sucked in a cold breath.

The restricted area here is becoming more and more terrifying, and the gifts given are also becoming more and more terrifying!

Lin Fan of course also heard the deliberately raised tone of the singing ceremony, and suddenly became frowned.

Qingcheng also sighed: “These guys, I’m afraid they are uneasy and kind.”

Lin Fan was silent for a moment: “No matter what their heart is, they are still my VIP guests at Divine Court before they are exposed.”

Chen Xuandong rushed over and said: “These characters must be met by you personally.”

He was very serious and serious, and said: “This kind of inherited long-term restricted zone, cares about these details, we can’t let them catch anything wrong, otherwise it may become the reason for their trouble.”

Lin Fan dashing eyebrows picked, Bingsen said: “Could it be that you are still afraid of them? At worst, we are in a penalty zone war.”

Hongmei and softly, with a desire to say: “Husband, but this is Tian’er’s wedding, I hope Perfection and smooth progress, do not want him to leave regrets.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Don’t worry, I will prevent this from happening.”

Then he got up and walked towards the mountain gate.

It’s just that what he thought in his heart was that even if he was working hard, it would be difficult for him not to stir up disputes on such a happy day.

“It’s really an honor for Lin Fan, Fellow Daoist, to visit Divine Court.”

At the gate of the mountain, Lin Fan cup one fist in the other hand smiled and saluted dozens of masters of the restricted area.

The masters of these restricted areas are also smiling, looking kind.

It wasn’t until Lin Fan greeted these people into Divine Court that the silence outside suddenly disappeared, and then it turned into a shocking noise!

The wedding began. Xiaotian married two women and entered the door at the same time on one day. It is really enviable. The only thing that is not very harmonious is that the world outsiders always seem unnatural and inferior in front of a group of forbidden zone masters.

“What a big battle…”

The Lord Lord laughed, seemingly inadvertently said: “When I thought of my son getting married, the battle was much worse than this Divine Court.”

Tianwai Ke leisurely said: “This is incomparable. You are not respectable in the restricted area, but Divine Court can be respected in this world.”

“hehe…that’s right.” white eyebrows old man said with a smile: “Well in this world, there are not many others, but there are many people.”

Speaking of this sentence, the masters of the restricted zone all sneered and understood.

“Saiwaixian, you guys are really lucky. You even found this kind of in-laws. I’m afraid it’s your declining world. You can survive for many years, right?”

Someone pointed their heads at the immortal.

The anger flashed in the eyes of the world’s foreign immortal, but in the end it was said with a smile: “The two are in love with each other. I really can’t do anything about it. I can’t beat the mandarin duck.”

“Really? But what I heard was that little girl in your family…speaking of which, your teaching method is really unique.” The alien sneered and said: “Your ex-in-law, but just died, You, impatient, will marry neon…”

He has to go on.

But at this time Lin Fan has finished drinking the tea for his son and daughter-in-law, and walked towards the table calmly.

Then he looked at the aliens and said: “Fellow Daoist, I won’t mention it anymore. Neon is my daughter-in-law, and the immortal is my in-laws. I always have to be cautious.”

The angry look flashed in the eyes of the foreigner, but after haha ​​smiled, he said: “Please don’t blame Fellow Daoist, I’m just getting used to it.”

Lin Fan laughed, but did not speak, but raised his wine glass and said, “Thank you all for coming to congratulate the dog, Lin Fan is grateful.”

“Hehe…Divine Court claims to be in this world. I am afraid that the restricted area will be troublesome in the future. This trip should also be taken.” The white eyebrows old man smiled.

However, Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “Where is the Three Thousand World? How vast and huge is this Three Thousand World? Maybe there are one or two powers that can crush Divine Court somewhere. Not necessarily.”

Slightly stopped, Lin Fan said with a smile: “Just say that you are sitting here. If you want to respect this world, Divine Court can only have a strategic withdrawal, absolutely not dare to contradict.”

“The God Lord laughed. If he said this before without the treasure, it would be almost the same, but after having the treasure, it greatly disrupted the balance…” The white eyebrows old man laughed and sighed. “Now we are a few, but don’t dare provoke you, I’m afraid you will be angry and hold that treasure and give us a bit of cruelty.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.


He had some guesses, and it is true now.

Coming for the Ten Directions Absolute Hell.

laughed, said: “Being in Xia is not the kind of person who does nothing to make trouble. The reason why the Divine Court Million Erlang is practicing fighting and fighting every day is just to protect himself, and he will continue to repair every day to protect himself. If This world is peaceful, no one is provoking disputes, and the so-called treasures are just furnishings that’s all.”

Originally, it was far enough away from this table, and I was afraid that there were other banquet guests over 100 meters, all of them looked bitter, and even their expressions and movements were unnatural!

The conversations of these people are too terrifying and infiltrating!

Without a trace of fireworks, but talking about the most terrifying major event.

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