Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3397


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Lin Fan is too bold!

It’s chilling to be bold enough.

That is the owner of the restricted area, famous and famous, 30,000 years ahead, this starry sky has crawled at the feet of Wanlong Cave.

But at this time, Lin Fan said that he was about to move, and that he was about to die. There was no half of his scruples and jealousy. He shot blood and swallowed the white beard and eyebrows in Hell, not giving him half a chance to survive. And on the day of his second son’s wedding, he will fight with Wanlong Cave to stain the restricted area with blood!

Shifang Jieyu hovered above Lin Fan’s head, releasing the energy that made the masters of the restricted areas tremble, and finally the Jieyuu flew into his hair and became the unseen particles of naked eye.

Although the Absolute Prison has disappeared, the deterrence is even more terrifying.

Because of the fact that Absolute Hell was so instructed by Lin Fan like an arm, it can only prove that this heavy weapon, Supreme Treasure, has really been subdued by Lin Fan, and at least it has initially recognized the Master.

This is terrifying. For the owners of the restricted zone, there is no more infiltrating and terrifying news than this.

It can only explain that even if they are violent at this time, it is useless to suppress and kill them before Lin Fan did not take out the Hell. Then the Hell will voluntarily rise up and swallow them all into the legend. Dark enough to make Yu Dao desperate in the prison, until it turned into a pile of useless bones.

“Fellow Daoist, can you let out the beard first?”

The burial owner spoke, with temptation and vigilance, said with a bitter smile: “He intended to be good, not against Fellow Daoist.”

Lin Fan said with a sneer: “Come to my home and force me to surrender the treasure with unnecessarily threatened. This is not a deliberate target? And his reason is too ridiculous and shameless.”

“Fellow Daoist…Divine Court is strong, but if you insist on going your own way, someone will always resist.”

The owner of the restricted zone spoke quietly again. He looked at Lin Fan: “Fellow Daoist, for the peaceful coexistence of all of us, it is better to abandon this hell.”

Lin Fan smiled, but his smile was too cold and cold!

He has already thunderbolt shot, and directly captures the white beard and eyebrows directly, but he still can’t frighten the wolf ambition of these people, and he dares to speak like this.

“Xiao Nuo, can all the soldiers be together?” Lin Fan shouted again.

Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu came in uniform, both one-knee kneels in front of Lin Fan.

“Go, hold this device and destroy the Wanlong Cave.”

It was a small dust, but like the darkest matter in the world, it swallowed all the light in the four fields and attracted everyone’s attention. In the end, it flashed slightly, like the disillusioned micro in the tail section of a firefly. Light, hidden in Xiao Nuo’s hair.

“The Wanlong Cave will be destroyed in one hour.” Xiao Nuo said.

Lin Fan nodded: “Go ahead.”

Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu left directly, and then hundreds of millions of troops stepped on the stars.

“Fellow Daoist, do you really want to go your own way and be the enemy of the restricted areas?”

The burial master is angry.

The burial master saw that he was taken away by Xiao Nuo, and the bloodthirsty killing intent and courage returned. He pointed to Lin Fan and roared.

The lord of the other restricted areas narrowed their eyes and sneered.

“Fellow Daoist, that heavy treasure is really a disaster, not to mention the distant, I guess you don’t know it, it’s only about the exclusion zone of Liuhuang, because of this device, it was condemned by the gods, and today Bloodline fell. All.”

Leng Youyou, the owner of the restricted area, swept his eyes across the Divine Court, said with a laugh: “This is a very beautiful picture, but if it goes through the war, it will become a broken wall, and it will be unbearable to look at .”

“Are you threatening me?” Lin Fan narrowed his eyes.

“Heh…” The man sneered: “This is not a threat, but a fact.”

“Well, you are all senior experts, I am a junior, always listen.” Lin Fan smiled.

“Fellow Daoist, you are very sensible, you are a brilliant man.”

“tsk tsk… is indeed a brilliant man, so he knows the current affairs.”

These people all spoke with sneers, and when their eyes exchanged, they all smiled with trickery.


Suddenly, Lin Fan shook his fist, just rushing straight into the nine heavens above, and blasted a huge star.

“Itchy hands, that Senior enlighten me?” Lin Fan smiled, and said: “After all, the battle with the two in the Liuhuang restricted area was not too happy.”

The faces of the people who were ridiculing and laughing suddenly condensed!

I thought that Lin Fan who claimed to be a junior boy was trying to persuade them.

But for this sentence?

“tsk tsk…” The burial master smiled, very gloomy: “Well, since you want to fight, you must be done for you. I am the weakest among these people, so let me do it.”

Lin Fan’s eyes flashed with mockery.

Where is the burial master the weakest among these people?

At least rank in the top three!

“Of course, today is Divine Court’s great joy. Our discussions are only between about one inch.”

This sentence was actually said by these old farts themselves, but it was not because of their kindness and tolerance, but because of their malicious intentions.

In Lin Fan’s realm, there is not much difference between a battle between Fangcun and a battle on Star Sea.

Moreover, the war between square inches is even more terrifying and scary.

This is the mastery and understanding of techniques and the use and understanding of Dao marks by both sides of the competition!

This is the most direct fight against cruelty. One carelessness can cause the Dao Heart to collapse!

“Okay, I think it’s OK, come on.” Lin Fan smiled.

The burial master glanced at Lin Fan and said: “Well, there is no need to be so complicated. It’s just a short discussion. It’s a matter of three or five tricks.”

He seemed to think for a moment, pointed to the table among the few people, and said: “One person has a teacup, and whose teacup is broken, even if he loses, how about that?”

Lin Fan’s eyes are colder.

However, other restricted zone owners suddenly clapped their hands: “It’s so good! It doesn’t hurt your peace.”

“More than just not hurting harmony? This is simply a group of harmony! From the bottom of my opinion, such a method of learning is excellent.”


“Come on.” Lin Fan didn’t want to say any more, sitting on the other side of the long table with a dress of robe, and the burial owner’s face was slightly dark, sitting opposite Lin Fan.

“There should be light on this day, so the light will shine everywhere.”

The burial master took the initiative first. In this brief moment, he seemed to have turned into the creator of the open sky, Jinkou Yuyan, and suddenly a real world appeared on this table.

Lin Fan has a dim expression and single-pointed out: “Your surname is a funeral, and it represents evil and gloom. How can it be bright?”

Poke the finger forward, pu’ sound, and the big world on the table suddenly shook, and then the shining light exploded and turned into darkness.

The burial master complexion slightly changed, Lin Fan said: “Since we want to become a great world, how can we not have time and space? Help you.”

Lin Fan stretched back the finger that he pointed out, and the other finger slowly moved towards this great world. On that knuckle, two light glows were dazzling, containing the Supreme Principle of Time and Space.

“How can you intervene in the realm of the deity? Deprived!”

The burial master drank lightly.

The big world that was supposed to be an illusion suddenly shook, and then from the mountains and rivers, a Dao sword the size of a thumb was shot, and they all slashed at Lin Fan’s fingers.

Lin Fan sneered, shouted: “The sky is above, when there is still sky!”

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