Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3398


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rays of light are dazzling, golden glow rushes into the sky!

This is Lin Fan’s chant, and a big world fell from the golden glow.

Looking at it dazzlingly, the big world that fell from this golden glow seems to be the same as the world of the burial master.

But all the owners of the restricted area here are in an instant have one’s hair stand on end, with eyes like torches, bursting with terrifying rays of light.

They are staring at the slowly falling big world.

However, the size of the long table can be expected. When this big world really falls down, it will surely be able to fit tightly with this big world. It looks like a nihil world of Dao Mark evolution. It should be a mere appearance.

But, all of these forbidden zone owners screamed, trembling, and staring at Lin Fan from time to time with jealous and suspicious eyes, and then looking back towards the world that was shot towards the burial master slowly under the great realm.

In this world, although it is an illusory shadow, it is lifelike, as if there is such a star between Heaven and Earth. At this time, Lin Fan borrowed his projection.


The burial master roared, both of his hands pointed forward, the black mist was like magic mist, in an instant it covered the entire table, and turned into billions of ghosts, soldiers, ghosts and other evil monsters , Rushing towards the repressed big world.

“Useful?” Lin Fan smiled contemptuously: “Since you said you want to solve the battle within three or five moves, then I will fulfill you.”

Lin Fan finished speaking, and the finger that was poking out pointed out more eagerly and quickly. Of course, along with it was the slowly descending Great World Hong Long Long!


The burial master gave another roar, and his canthus was about to split. His methods emerged one after another, all kinds of Dao intent and Dao marks, but they were useless, all were shattered by the slowly falling Great Realm.


The great world that the burial master played was crushed, and then turned into a broken Dao Mark and scattered.

He lost!

We lost too fast.

The Burial Lord Kyogen should solve the battle within three or five moves.

This is a mockery of Lin Fan, and of course his strong confidence in his own strength.

The implication was that Lin Fan was crushed within three or five moves.

Let Lin Fan see clearly the difference in strength, so as to achieve their goal of coming to Divine Court today.

As a result, the battle was indeed resolved within three or five moves. Unfortunately, contrary to what he expected, Lin Fan won the round with a crushing force.


The great realm that the burial master had evolved with Dao marks was completely disintegrated, making a rumbling sound, and the burial master himself screamed, and even the chair under him could not be protected, completely bursting into powder, groaned, and buried. Blood spilled from the corner of the main quarrel.

In fact, if it weren’t for the two forbidden zone owners next to him to stabilise his figure in the dark, he would be even more embarrassed, maybe a dog would chew on mud.

“Good means!”

The burial master’s expression is hideous, he stared at Lin Fan sullenly, and said: “Didn’t expect when fighting the two wastes, you still have your hands.”

Lin Fan shrugged and said: “The enemy is always on the sidelines, and he is always afraid to fight. This is indeed a pity.”

“You are ruthless! I’d rather risk your death and be swallowed into the ten-point jail, rather than try your best to escape.”

There was another gloomy person, but he didn’t even notice him. When he said this, his eyes were full of jealousy and fear!

The enemy is not terrifying, but terrifying is a character who is deadly and is more cruel to himself than to the enemy.

Lin Fan twitched his lips.

No words.

But in fact, he wouldn’t take risks on his own.

Also, these people are not worth his risk.

At that time, he could actually burst out his full strength, at least he could use the ultimate weapon, but with the emotional influence of World Tree, he finally took a strange risk.

So far, it has proved that the risk that day was worth it.

Although until now, Lin Fan has never understood the material of Shifang Juezhu and who made it.

But just relying on the overbearing and fear of these forbidden zone owners, you can also know how extraordinary this thing is.

“Fellow Daoist, is this really unwilling to surrender the prison? You think about it.”

The burial master’s eyes were cold, and he was defeated today!

This kind of thing hasn’t reappeared in his life in 100,000 years.

“If it’s you, you will hand it over?” Lin Fan smiled contemptuously.

The burial master’s pupils shrink slightly!

If you get this respectable treasure, with his forbidden power, you can only take the path of respecting the world and becoming the lord of the world.

How could it be handed over?

“What you don’t want done to you don’t do to others, haven’t you heard this sentence at this age?” Lin Fan said with a smile.

This sentence, however, caused a murderous intention to burst into the eyes of all the owners of the restricted zone present!

Is this secretly scolding them to live as a dog at an age?

“Father, come home with a great victory, and Wanlong Cave will be removed from it.”

Xiao Nuo came, and deliberately didn’t clean it up. There were pieces of meat and blood hanging on the silver armor, piles of hair, blood red on his forehead, and he grinned: “We didn’t have much death or injury. “

Lin Fan looked towards Xiao Nuo with a smile, and said: “I always feel relieved when you do things. By the way, don’t be busy disbanding the army, there may be a battle later.”

“Father, this is the treasure of Wanlong Cave. I will bring it in one pot.”

Xiao Wu also came, grinning and smiling like an idiot. He handed out the three highest-level talisman rings, and then sighed: “It is indeed a forbidden zone. I’m afraid it’s worth the total income of Divine Court 10,000 years or more.”

Lin Fan’s pupils lit up: “This is a good way, it’s easy to get rich. Okay, you go down and be ready to go out at any time.”

The three fathers and sons are here to respond freely and loosely, without any performance element, resembles nature itself.

It is clear that the three father and son really use the extermination of the restricted area as a means of making money, their eyes are straight and hot.

Especially the Divine Court Prince Consort!

Too beggar.

That look is horrible!

They treat each and everyone as rich men?

It was like eating people, as if wishing them to go on fighting, and then he could lead his army to make a fortune.

“Fellow Daoist, you are threatening us.” The burial master spoke again.

Lin Fan glanced at him and said: “The wealthy wolf is here, there is a hatchet, and friends are here, and there is a good wine. Divine Court has always been like this.”

Then, before the burial master spoke, Lin Fan said with a sneer: “I just proved that even if there is no Absolute Hell in hand, I can fight you, so your threats to me won’t work.

Also, since you came to my Divine Court today, you should know that what I have is the means and methods that hide my Divine Court members.

If you push too hard, at worst, I won’t want this Boundless Starry Sky, hide the army, and I’ll have fun with you. “

After finishing speaking, Lin Fan suddenly turned his head, staring at the burial master sullenly and coldly, and said coldly: “old bastard, don’t think that the seven realms are so great. If Young Master a few years ago, I didn’t want to consolidate Dao. Foundation, I have long been from this realm.”

This sentence made all the main pupils of the restricted area shrink sharply!

“Okay, the banquet is over, fellow Fellow Daoist can go.” Lin Fan was not half polite, said with a sneer: “Coexist peacefully, or the battle is endless, you choose, I will accompany you, but no matter Which one, please think about it first, whether it can withstand the consequences of my madness.”

The burial master’s low roar.

Lin Fan twisted his head and nodded between the burial master’s eyebrows: “old bastard, this is a threat!”

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