Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3399


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The master murderous aura of the burial master, his heart agitated.

But when I met Lin Fan’s unbridled eyes, they involuntarily withered.

“The God Lord is really majestic. In the long years of age, it seems that I have seen people like the God Lord, but in the end they are missing.”

The owner of the penalty zone chuckled, then flew up and left Divine Court in one step.

They are all gone, Lin Fan stands alone, with killing intents in his eyes.

If Divine Court was strong enough to destroy all restricted areas in one fell swoop, he would really do it.

The original extravagant hope has long been defeated by reality.

If you want to integrate the power of the world peacefully and securely, and fight against the Primal Chaos Heaven clan, this is impossible.

The most important thing is that he is sure that after these houses leave, there will be countless follow-up moves against Divine Court.

“father.” Xiao Nuo came and stood still behind Lin Fan.

Lin Fan nodded, Xiao Nuo said: “The guests are basically gone.”

“Take a good treat, no matter whether you are foe or me, the visitor is the guest. At least today, don’t make trouble.” Lin Fan sighed and said, “Your aunt Hongmei is right. You can never let your younger brother stay. Next regret.”

Xiao Nuo was silent for a moment, and said: “But today, we have already set off.”

Lin Fan said: “If you and Xiaowu hadn’t swiftly pushed the Wanlong Cave this battle, I’m afraid that Divine Court would be full of flames at this time.”

Speaking of this, there is another murderous intention in Lin Fan’s eyes!

Do those old bastard think he doesn’t even know?

It seems to be here alone, but in fact, each family has buried the terrifying Legion in the area of ​​the galaxy to which Divine Court belongs.

Perhaps he was holding the intention of directly going to war and destroying Divine Court if he didn’t agree to the request.

It’s just that the owner of the restricted area didn’t expect him to control the Shifang Juezi so deeply, and would be so strong, first punish the white beard and eyebrows, in the Tuwanlong Cave.

Continuous bloody methods have made these restricted area owners jealous.

“Go and prepare for the war, let the brothers come up with their spirits, they may go out at any time.” Lin Fan said in a low voice, his eyes were distant, and he said leisurely: “Peace is never negotiated.”

Xiao Nuo heavily nodded and said: “Only by letting everything on the surface and the enemies hiding in the dark are jealous and terrifying, can we exchange peace and respect.”

Xiao Nuo left, and the huge monster Divine Court immediately started to spin. From top to bottom, they were all preparing for the battle. They didn’t dare to be sloppy and careless.

Of course, the outside world has no idea about this.

In the morning on 2nd day, Xiaotian proud of one’s success, next to his two wives, came to Lin Fan’s floating island to offer tea.

This made Lin Fan’s gloomy heart feel much better.

When Neon and Nine Tails were taken aside by a few women, Lin Fan and Xiaotian father and son were alone.

“Father, are you going to fight?” Xiaotian said.

Lin Fan was silent for a moment, and said: “You just got married, you don’t need to worry about these things.”

Little Heavenly Dao: “Father, I am also your son. I can share it with you.”

Slightly silent, Little Heavenly Dao: “Although I am not as heroic as my elder brother, there are still merits.”

Lin Fan glared at Xiaotian, then haha ​​smiled, and said, “Well, you guys have grown up, and you know how to share the burden for Laozi. This is a good thing.”

For a moment, Lin Fan said: “You have never led any Legion before. It’s hard for me to assign you to the position of others. Just go under your Li Guang Uncle’s command. Be a pioneer general first. Well done, I gained the trust of the Divine Court brothers, and my father is setting up your own Legion for you. What do you think?”

Little Heavenly Eye’s eyes brightened, and said: “Is it the Legion like the two brothers? Samsara and hell?”

Lin Fan glared at Xiaotian and said: “I created Samsara and Hell with my own hands, but in fact, these two Legions are invincible not at all from the very beginning. The reason why they are now Divine Court has the strongest combat effectiveness. That’s because of the charisma of your two elder brothers and you must take the lead in every battle. Soldiers have one heart…”

Lin Fan said a long time, then looked towards Xiaotian, and said: “You are very smart, you know what I’m talking about. What I need to mention for my father is that the so-called raging soldier Wo, this is not a joke.”

Xiaotian heavily nodded, said: “Always never lose the face of father and brother.”

“I don’t care if I am embarrassed.” Lin Fan was silent for a moment, and said: “But if you give you soldiers and generals, you can’t convince them, so don’t blame your father for not giving you a chance. In my Divine Court, It’s for the capable, you know about it.”


I don’t know how many other galaxies are in the world.

Uzhu is sitting opposite the divine envoy.

“Does Yuzu leave?” The envoy looked towards Yuzu with a smile, and said: “You are heaven defying, and you have grown to this step in just a few years.”

Yuzhu still looks like that, and there is not much change. After hearing the divine envoy say this, laughed and said: “I just want to see the little girl so much, so I worked hard for the cultivation.”

The god envoy haha ​​smiled and said: “In my opinion, it is a complete solution of the heart, and the accumulation is deep enough, and the Dao Foundation is strong enough.”

Yuzhu smiled and said: “It’s not unimportant.”

The divine envoy sighed and said: “The presence of God on the other shore again, and let you go to this step in the five realms, also proves that some fate has already begun.”

Yu Zhu’s brows tightened slightly: “What does the so-called destiny in the mouth of the divine envoy mean?”

The god made a smile and said: “Don’t say it.”

Yuzhu smiled bitterly: “Since you can’t say every time, why do you have to mention it every time in front of me? It makes me itch.”

The divine envoy seriously said: “It is true that you cannot say, but I can give you some tips. After the Sea of ​​Bitterness, follow the direction of your heart. Don’t deliberately look, don’t deliberately think. Jie is not desperate. Seeing the collapsed Tianyu will not panic. The person you want to see is still there.”

Yuzu’s pupils suddenly narrowed.

But it was obvious that the envoy did not want to say anything more.

“I will bid farewell to the envoy, and hope to have a goodbye.” Yuzhu cup one fist in the other hand saluted.

For so many years, he can get to this step without the help of this divine envoy.

The envoy slightly nodded: “Go, I can feel that your bloodline has continued.”

“What?” Yuzhu trembled all over!

I don’t know the meaning of this sentence.

Three days later.

In the pilgrimage of the entire world, Yuzhu and Yuhou departed from the sky, crossing the Sea of ​​Bitterness, looking for the luminous starry sky, without knowing where to return.

“Heaven and Earth has changed a lot…”

Respectfully sent Yuzhu and Yuhou to leave the other side, of course not including the gods.

On the other side, there is no higher identity than him.

When the sky that was split by the U-Zhu healed, the god envoy slightly smiled, and then sighed bitterly: “I just don’t know where the other side…has grown up. If it doesn’t meet expectations, I’m a crime deserving ten thousand. deaths.”

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