Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3400


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What the angels are saying and alluding to is worth pondering, but it is difficult to understand.

Also, the man on the other side has long been accustomed to his divinity and will not think deeply.

The vast Star Sea, where is it?

“The starry sky outside…is so beautiful.”

Yuhou spoke with a look of surprise and surprise.

Yu Zhu slightly smiled and said: “The starry sky is beautiful, but of course you are more beautiful than the starry sky.”

Yu Hou’s face flushed, and said: “Always like nonsense, you must know that you are a grandfather, you can’t always talk nonsense like this.”

Uzhu sternly said, “What I said is true.”

Yu Hou glared at Yu Zhu and said: “That little girl has been spoiled since childhood, and I wonder if she will bring a child.”

Yu Zhu rolled his eyes and said, “Our in-laws have a lot of work, even if a little girl doesn’t know how to bring a child, in-laws will not find their own nanny. It’s no use to find ten or eight females with reproductive experience. The cultivator can always be found.”

I didn’t know what I was thinking, and suddenly laughed again, and said: “I don’t know if Little Brat is a boy or a girl…”


The couple kept chatting like this, and kept flying. In this glowing Star Sea, they are really like headless flies.

Even if Lin Fan had told him the approximate path, through those galaxies, it was too sleepy!

The big stars are endless, you are going to find a dilapidated Ancient Starry Sky Road, easier said than done?

Fortunately, Yuzhu and Yuhou have enough patience.

I have never left the other side in my life, and I just took this opportunity to visit.


Lin Fan and others certainly did not know that Little Princess’s parents were on their way to find Divine Court.

At this time, Lin Fan is teasing the youngest. Invincible and Xuan Xuan are very naughty. They haven’t learned how to walk, but they can already crawl forward, but even so, they can still make the whole Divine Court tumultuous.

Lin Fan was making Lin Xuanxuan smile, and when he looked up, he saw Xiao Nuo coming with a gloomy face. He sighed inwardly and glanced at Qingyue. Qingyue took Xuanxuan aside. Lin Fan got up and motioned to Xiao. Nuo followed him.

Quiet place.

“Is it going to be a battle?” Lin Fan looked towards Xiao Nuo.

Xiao Nuo, Xiao Wu and Xiao Tian have grown up and can provoke big beams, so Lin Fan doesn’t have to worry about anything.

“Father, although it is not going to start a war, but the child feels that it is not far from starting a war.”

Xiao Nuo browses tightly knit, and his expression freezes.

“What’s going on?” Lin Fan pointed to the pavilion and walked forward to sit down.

“Forbidden zone to enter the world.”

The simple five-character, spit out from Xiao Nuo, but Lin Fan’s hand pouring the tea suddenly freezes in the air, and the tea is tilted on the stone table without noticing it.

But it was only a moment. The tea poured on the stone table disappeared. Lin Fan was silent, first filled the tea, took a sip, then said: “Which star did they choose?”

“It is next to the Qilin Star, but 30,000 li apart.” Xiao Nuo’s face was ugly.

Qilin Star, this is an important resource ancient star of Divine Court. The many minerals produced on it are vital to Divine Court and should not be missed.

“hehe…it means something.” Lin Fan drank tea again, smiled leisurely, and said: “Apart from this?”

Xiao Nuo shook his head: “There are no other actions yet.”

Lin Fan was slightly silent, and said: “Have you ever asked your aunt?”

Xiao Nuo nodded, said: “My aunt said that we should not change the current Divine Court deployment easily, so as to avoid the restricted area, but let the child come to ask for father’s opinion.” /p>

Lin Fan: “Qingcheng’s idea is very good. Of course, Qilin star can’t be missed. Please come and sit down with your uncle Wu Jian.”

“Father, if they really dare… I’m afraid that my uncle can’t support it alone.” There was worry in Xiao Nuo’s eyes.

Lin Fan sneered and said: “They don’t dare, I still have this confidence, at least until Divine Court shows fatigue, they don’t dare.”


How many restricted areas are there?

Lin Fan doesn’t know.

But Lin Fan is sure that the person who came to Divine Court to threaten him that day did not include all the restricted areas of the Three Thousand World.

In just four months, four full forbidden areas entered the WTO, and all of them coincidentally took one habitable star next to the edge of the galaxy occupied by Divine Court.

This kind of targeting is too obvious.

A cloud of war once again enveloped the entire Three Thousand World.

There is a kind of depression of wind and rain, which makes the spirits of Three Thousand World tremble and startled.

But the people of Three Thousand World were surprised and strange that Divine Court did not respond after being targeted in such a way, and went in and out as usual and seemed to ignore it.

Of course, everyone knows that this is just an illusion.

With Lin Fan’s character, he has never been afraid of things, so he must be holding big moves, waiting for any action on the side of the restricted area, he will go bloody.

From the past few months, Divine Court has purchased all medicine ingredients and other strategic needs. It can also be inferred that Divine Court is preparing for the battle.

In Divine Court.

“father, a soldier under the burial master invaded Qilin star the day before.” Xiaowu’s eyes were cold and severe.

He was assigned to Qilin Star by Qingcheng and was included in Wu Jian’s support Wu Jian, and he was reporting the situation.

“What level are you coming?” Lin Fan asked.

“Very weak, but dominates.” Xiaowu opened his mouth, mocking: “It is ridiculous that after being caught by our people, he unexpectedly explained the crime of invading the territory of Divine Court by accidentally taking the wrong way with the starry sky. .”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “Did you find anything in him?”

Xiao Wu shook his head and said: “Dominating this level, if you want to know something from his mouth, I am afraid that there is really only soul searching, but then there is no room for return.”

Lin Fan nodded.

Little Martial Dao: “But I’m sure he is here to spy on the defenses of our Divine Court, the troops, etc.”

“Let him see.” Lin Fan smiled contemptuously, and said: “You know, the marching formations on every big star are all made by Xuyang. How easy is that kid’s layout? Understand?”

Xiao Wu’s report comes to an end, Xiao Nuo’s turn.

“Father, the Vermilion Bird star I am stationed at hasn’t happened to these things. It’s very peaceful.” Xiao Nuo said, her eyes a little bit cold, and said: “The only thing that is not harmonious is that the descendants of the Tiancang restricted area always say Playing as an excuse to come to Vermilion Bird Star, and every time he comes, he will first submit a greeting note to the child, so that the child will be embarrassed, knowing that they harbor malicious intentions, but they can’t find a reason or excuse to kill them.”

“Why can’t there be any way?” Lin Fan sneered, and said: “Since you are the second master, you must be jealous, arrogant and despotic, and make trouble at will. Some are reasons to clean up.”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes lit up, and said: “There are really good candidates. The guy from the Vermilion Bird star Li family has no ambitions, is biased and proud, and has always wanted to catch the Divine Court line. “

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “You can handle these things yourself.”

“Father, they are getting more and more activities, can we just wait?”

Xiaotian spoke. He was most uncomfortable. He had just officially assumed the position of a Legion vanguard general, and he couldn’t wait for a battle to come.

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