Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3401


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Xiaotian murderous aura is shining, and he can’t wait to go out for a fight immediately, to kill Heaven and Earth, and the universe is flooded with blood.

But Xiao Nuo stopped him with just a look, scratching his head and stepping aside.

“Father, if those dandies die, will Tiancang restricted area…” Xiao Nuo said, “If Tiancang commits a large-scale crime, to investigate the reputation of the murderer…”

Lin Fan glanced at him and said: “A bunch of second masters who are greedy for beauty, mixed in brothel and wine shops, and then caused chaos, such a simple thing.”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes lit up: “Understood, child will arrange it now.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “I need to meditate well during this period. I have already touched the gate of the seven realms.”

“Congratulations to father, congratulations to father.”

Xiao Nuo Xiaotian and Xiao Wu both knelt down to congratulate them.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “I just touched it, but I don’t know how long and how old I want to break the mirror, so why are you happy?”

After that, he looked towards Xiao Nuo seriously and earnestly, and said: “Actually, I don’t recommend you to participate in these things. Your realm is equivalent to mine. If you practice hard work as twice the results for half the effort. “

After a slight pause, Lin Fan said: “In fact, the reason why I let the restricted area be so close, fighting with them like this, in the final analysis, is because our Divine Court hasn’t really produced a seven-level Peak. cultivator .”

Lin Fan’s expression was cold, and said: “If I am already in the Seven Realms at this time and can sweep through the forbidden areas, why use the threat of Helllessness? You are thinking about it. If you and my father and son are both seven Environment, do you dare to make trouble with these waste materials?”

Xiaowu and Xiaotian were both said to bow their heads.

Although Lin Fan is preaching to Xiao Nuo, he is ashamed and embarrassed. He only hates his lack of talent and cannot grow up to a realm that can really be shared by Lin Fan.

“Father has learned that in the future, child will focus on cultivation.” Xiao Nuo said.

But in fact, he sighed inwardly.

Your own cultivation is always different from others. It seems that there is no difficulty in breaking the mirror, and there is no such thing as penance.

It’s just that he didn’t say it, otherwise it would be too alarmist.

Time passes slowly, Three Thousand World is not peaceful, but there is absolutely no big storm, of course small storms continue.

The accession planet chosen by the restricted zones is close to the Divine Court galaxy, which is already harboring malicious intentions. How can there be less friction?

However, both the restricted area and the Divine Court side were extremely restrained and did not allow the war to expand without limits.

And until now for more than a month, the highest level cultivator involved in the friction between the two sides is only the first level of God.

From the beginning, the Three Thousand World trembled to the present. Many people even think that when the war is impossible, a major event will appear!

The sky fell in the Tiancang restricted area, the soul buried in the restricted area of ​​Tiancang, the sword in the restricted area of ​​Jaiju has no end, the ghost of Ghost Spirit in the restricted area is vain, and he was cut on Qilin star at the same time!

As soon as this news appeared, it detonated Three Thousand World.

Wan Ling seems to have returned to the initial tremor, fearing that the ancient star he lives in will be suddenly exploded, fearing that he will be suddenly conscripted into the army, etc.

That is the direct line of the four restricted areas, and their status and background are so terrifying.

But they are all dead!

Divine Court immediately sealed and locked the entire Qilin star. It was terrifying. It can be said that you don’t even want to escape from this planet with a beam of light, and then launched a major investigation.

It is said that tens of thousands of suspects were arrested, and finally the reason for torture was revealed——

The direct line in the restricted area, died in brothel!

This is a terrifying scandal.

The most important thing is that this brothel is not too high-end. Mostly it is a receptionist for Loose Cultivator, or a rough guy.

This makes the four restricted areas even more gloomy.

Forbidden area, always aloof and remote, let all beings worship and dare not provoke the slightest.

But after the incident, the restricted area was ashamed and fell to the altar.

The most important thing is to die in that dirty place.

The cause of death is to make the whole starry sky gimmick–

The sons of the four restricted areas came to the starry sky only for the sake of a clear man who suddenly appeared in the Red House.

The cause of death was because he was jealous with a group of Loose Cultivator, and spent a lot of money on the laugh of Bo’s clean man.

Yes, how can Loose Cultivator have the rich and imposing of these restricted areas?

In the end, Loose Cultivator was overwhelmed with money by these restricted areas.

And needless to say, a melee!

Thirty-three Loose Cultivators were killed in the four restricted areas. By the way, dozens of innocent people died in the aftermath of the fighting. Of course, because of the unbridled killings and hacking in the restricted areas, they eventually aroused public outrage. Attack of…

Look, it’s that simple.

And there are rumors, this incident has alarmed the divine lord of aloof and remote in Divine Court. He directly sent Thunder’s Fury, reprimanding his parent and son Xiao Nuo, bluntly saying that such a big thing had happened on Qilin star, he was disappointed and punished Xiao Nuo closed for ten days.

Then I asked my brother urgently. The brain of Divine Court, Chen Xuandong, rushed to Qilin Star to handle the matter.

What will happen to this event?

No one dared to predict it.

But it is certain that several restricted areas are absolutely impossible to submit to humiliation. Perhaps this war that has been suppressed for several months will break out overnight, when the time comes, it will sweep the stars.


“They…will fight for the wind and be jealous, use their power to suppress others…will, go to the stars and go to brothel, they will.” Heaven Beyond the Heaven said with a malicious smile with cold eyes: “But if they are said to be loose Cultivator, a group of mobs slashed to death, but I don’t believe it.”

“I don’t believe it either.”

The Ghost Spirit in the restricted area said: “Obviously, this is the Divine Court warning me that I want to use the lives of those unfilial sons to make us advance and retreat.”

“Advance and retreat?” The burial master grinned: “Why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity, all the families will unite and completely wipe out the Divine Court.”

Jié jié smiled: “This matter needs to be discussed together. I think it is best for us to go to Qilin Star for a walk.”

“It is indeed time to go.” The alien grinned: “I want to see, what reason did Divine Court refuse to accept us this time.”

But before they made an official visit, Chen Xuandong’s handwriting was delivered to them.

Chen Xuandong first apologized to several major ethnic groups, and asked them to mourn and change in the letter, and finally mentioned this matter. Of course, he also expressed that Divine Court has captured all the real murderers and only waited for the owners of the restricted areas to go. , You can illuminate the canonical punishment.

“Hehe…scapegoat? Want to cover it up easily? Is it that simple?”

Tian Wai Ke grinned and said: “I have long heard that Chen Xuandong is Lin Fan’s right-hand man. The deity is curious about whether he has Three Heads Six Arms.”

“Go, go, this thing…impossible, that’s it. If Divine Court doesn’t give us a proper explanation, then this war will start from Qilin Star.” Ghost Spirit in the restricted zone coldly smiled.

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