Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3402


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The four main restricted areas travel together.

This is a very spectacular and terrifying scene.

Only because of these four people, any one of them has the strength to fight the world alone. What’s more terrifying is that there are strong races behind them, one race can be worth ten stars, 100 stars, and even a thousand stars.

If these four people gather together, it will be even more terrifying, enough to counter all disasters in this world.

They are approaching, just above Qilin star overlooking the ancient life star with black as the main tone.

This is a land of good fortune. There are too many resources and veins. It is a blessed land. Which one can occupy it is a blessing.

“This star is silent for millions and millions years. No one has ever known that there are so many things in this ancient star.” The ghost sighed and said: “But the Divine Court just arrived, but it is Discovered and occupied, I have to say that this Divine Court is really lucky, just by chance, it is really blessed by heaven.”

The burial master sneered and said: “You are afraid that you don’t know that there is one in Divine Court, the famous Tantian, you are in charge of exploring all the stars of this Three Thousand World, and you don’t even know that Divine Court has another hidden expert. ——Qin Tianjian.”

“Qin Tianjian?” Zi Gui squinted his eyes and said, “I have heard of this person. He is a great Casting Item Master. It is said that because of his existence, this Three Thousand World is at least half or more of the Casting Item Master. All were taken by Divine Court.”

Heaven Beyond the Heaven’s eyes are cold and severe, and said: “This Divine Court too terrifying, has surpassed the potential of all forces in my long life essence. If this force cannot be killed in time, it can only be handed over forever. .”

“It’s true.” The burial master sighed, and then his eyes suddenly chilled, and said: “But are we willing to succumb to others, relying on the scent of others to save waste?”

“Heh… I’m used to aloof and remote, and Gan Gang is used to arbitrariness, who will be the next person? Even if it is under one person above ten thousand people, it is still the next person.” Zi Gui chuckled lightly, carelessly , Faintly said: “So… we can only kill, before we can kill.”

They slowly approached Qilin Star, deliberately venting all their pressure, and the atmosphere roared. All spirits on Qilin Star felt dull and depressed, as if the sky was falling down, they were about to be crushed to death. .

“Heh…Lin Fan is so bold, so believe in his brother like this? There is no send powerhouse to sit in.” Zi Gui sneered.

The burial master cold and severe saying: “This is just right. Trifling is in the four realms of the gods. It can be destroyed with a finger. If you haven’t got the desired result today, the deity doesn’t mind lighting the flames of war here.”

They talked, and at the same time the coercion continued and slowly pressed downward.

This was done deliberately, just to tell the Qilin star people that they are coming.

It is to show the world their unscrupulous, their resolute and strong.

In particular, I found out that this Qilin star has the strongest cultivation base, but only Chen Xuandong this one is even more arrogant after coming to the four realms of God.

“The owner of the restricted area came from far away, Xuandong excuse me for not going out to meet you, and I hope to redeem my sins.”

Chen Xuandong also worked very hard, with cold sweat on his forehead.

But his voice is steady and powerful, without any feeling of reluctance.

“Not bad.” The burial master’s eyes narrowed slightly: “trifling is in the four realms of the gods, and under the coercion of a few of us, I can still talk about it. It is a personal thing.”

“Heh…what is it? You dare not to see anyone out loud?” Zi Gui’s eyes flashed with an angry look, and said mockingly: “Wait for the deity to kill him!”

The pressure suddenly became more terrifying, as if hundreds of volcanoes suddenly erupted in the sky.

“What is it!”

But suddenly Zigui, who was joking, changed his face and roared, “Help me!”

The burial master and others also yelled together, because they could see what was coming!

That damn black house!

It’s the damn ten directions!

They were all frightened.

Especially Heaven Beyond the Heaven and the burial master, they trembled even more.

They have witnessed the power of this device several times, even more how. In the past few months, they had witnessed the scene where the white beard and eyebrows were bloodyly suppressed by Lin Fan without splashing water.

Roaring, yelling, even the clan weapon almost took out.

However, after using Divine Item vividly, Lin Fan will be regarded as provocation even more, thus completely turning his face, refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.


The black house suddenly expanded, enough to cover the four major restricted areas, and the shadow of death came, too terrifying.

“Fellow Daoist, we have no intention of offending, but our loved ones died, and our hearts were angry, absolutely useless to touch the heart of the Fellow Daoist brother, Fellow Daoist Haihan!”

At the critical moment, Zi Gui yelled.

But when he said this, his cheeks were blood red, as if he had been slapped fiercely by countless slaps.

How arrogant he was when this Absolute Hell did not appear, how embarrassed he is now!

He actually admitted wrong!

Be soft!

Give up!


The black hell no longer suppresses and kills down, and becomes fist sized, but does not leave, just hangs over the heads of the four restricted areas!

This is the most horrible and straightforward threat and warning, strands of murderous aura circulates on the black eaves, splashing a trace of black fierce light.

“Xuan Dong has seen the owner of the restricted area.”

Chen Xuandong is here, and he rides the clouds alone on the Nether Nether.

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