Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3403


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This man is so stupid!

It should be noted that he and Lin Fan share life and death, and they have been in the same tribulations for thousands of years. Have they ever doubted each other even for a moment?

Also, Chen Xuandong can guarantee that even if this blue sky falls, even if the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, even if Three Thousand World collapses in an instant, there will be peace between him and Lin Fan.

Chen Xuandong glanced at Heaven Beyond the Heaven and said: “Brother Lin always takes care of me the most.”

“Take care?” Heaven Beyond the Heaven smiled, and said: “Since Divine Court takes care of you the most, why does Divine Court only know about the father and son team and don’t know you?”

Chen Xuandong had weird eyes and said, “You like being famous?”

This is mocking.

Obviously, the superficial and straightforward provocation of separation outside this day made Calm Ru his irritable and nauseous.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven’s eyes are slightly cold, but when he inadvertently scans the black house, there is a flash of fear in his eyes.

“Okay, okay, don’t gossip, don’t forget our purpose here.”

The burial master glanced at Heaven Beyond the Heaven and blamed him for the extra-junction.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven coldly snorted, and then stared at Chen Xuandong, with a cold and severe smile: “We are here today, just to see what Divine Court can say.”

Chen Xuandong hehe smiled and said: “Sit down first.”

“No need.” The ghost sneered, and said: “Our direct descendants in the restricted zone have an accident on this Qilin star. No matter what, Divine Court has an unshirkable responsibility.”

“Yes, Divine Court must give an account on this matter.” Zi Gui also sneered, and said: “You know, the children of the forbidden zone walk in this world, but this has never happened before.”

The expressions all of the four major restricted areas are very cold, staring at Chen Xuandong like this.

Although not deliberately, there is a faint murderous intention appearing invisibly.

Chen Xuandong didn’t seem to notice the terrifying murderous intention, and said innocently and aggrieved: “But there has never been such a thing as a child in a forbidden zone fighting over the wind and jealousy in the brothel.”

This sentence makes the corners of the four restricted areas twitched unconsciously!

This dog thing!

It’s worthy of being an intrigue.

This sentence is not only shirking Divine Court’s responsibility, but also drawing their faces from all restricted areas.

This is mocking them for not having a tutor or ability to take care of their children.

“youngster, who has never been in love?”

Zi Gui screamed at Chen Xuandong, staring at Chen Xuandong, and said: “This is normal.”

“Normal?” Chen Xuandong repeated the sentence in surprise, and then said with a bitter smile: “Fellow Daoist may have misunderstood the word romantic.”

“Misunderstanding?” Zi Gui’s expression became more gloomy and scary.

Chen Xuandong repeatedly nodded, saying: “There is indeed a misunderstanding.”

He stood up and said proudly: “My younger generation of Divine Court is impossible to happen. Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu, the two Divine Court Shuang Jies of you, don’t need to say. What is their character? Then, even you and I are not qualified to comment.”

Even in hostilities, the burial owner sighed nodded.

The two boys really have to say a word of service.

“Heh… even if you put them aside, I have each one in Divine Court. Anyone who dares to enter the brothel or stall will at least break the bones, or drive out the door and wall.” Chen Xuandong proudly Said: “Brother Lin personally interrupted a kid of the three generations of Divine Court. He didn’t enter the brothel yet. He just wandered outside the door. When Brother Lin accidentally found out, he was beaten by fiercely. From then on he looked like honestly. It’s a little monkey boy.”

There is a restricted zone owner who can’t listen anymore, with a stern face, saying: “Today we are not talking about romantic issues.”

Chen Xuandong glanced at him helplessly and said: “But this happened because of romance…”

Chen Xuandong sighed and said, “If the boys in your family are not so romantic, how could this happen?”

“jié jié…” The burial owner grinned and said, “I believe that they are jealous and sensual, but they can use the four of them, as well as the martial artist and trifling Loose Cultivator. Killed them?”

Chen Xuandong frowned and said: “The burial master looked down on this world.”

After faintly sighed, Chen Xuandong said: “Brother Lin has mentioned more than one or two times the Divine Court junior, Tian Ye Zang Qilin. This world is mostly a supreme powerhouse who is not fond of fame and wealth. A few boys, maybe they are the ones who provoke.”

Before waiting for the owner of the restricted area to speak, Chen Xuandong was heartbroken: “Fellow Daoists, this is really your big mistake… the son is not the godfather, this is not nothing serious.

You said, if you strictly disciplined them from the very beginning, would they be able to enter and exit the chaotic place? Can’t it?

Furthermore, if you told them early that there are countless capable people in this world, and let them be low-key and low-key, how could there be a killing disaster, right?

Okay, it’s really good now. If one is not good, there may be a big battle between you and me, bloodshed, and the whole starry sky is full of misfortune, a big sin. “

“It’s not good… a war broke out?” Zi Gui narrowed his eyes and smiled coldly: “This is the attitude of your Divine Court. If this is the case, then don’t talk about it, let’s go to war.”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes are faint, staring at Zigui, and said: “When war is going on, I advise you not to say it lightly.”

After speaking, Chen Xuandong’s killing intent flashed!

He has been in charge of Divine Court for thousands of years. How can his imposing manner, demeanor and majesty be less than those of these restricted zone owners?

With a grinning smile: “Although my Divine Court is weak, if I work hard, it is not a problem to close two or three restricted areas…Do you want to be one of these three?”

Zi Gui cried a masterpiece of killing intent, but he dared not answer this sentence.

“Since I don’t want to, it’s better to ask Fellow Daoist to shut up. After all, it’s not worth it to be a cannon fodder. After all, it is only a fool to do a wedding dress.” Chen Xuandong stared at Zigui sarcastically. At a glance.

“Is this… Lin Fan’s attitude?” Lunar calendar in the eyes of the burial master.

Only because he discovered that Chen Xuandong is actually soft and hard, impervious to sword and spear, no matter what reason, attitude, or excuse you use to say this to him, it’s useless. For every word of yours, he has a There are thousands of ways to deal with it, and you will be speechless in the end.

Chen Xuandong hehe smiled, looked towards the burial master, and said: “The burial master thinks too much, we brothers, one person is everyone’s opinion, just like…”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes came down weirdly: “If you say a war at this time, then Divine Court will really go to war. Even if the battle is to the last soldier, no one will say a word of regret, even It’s wrong, Divine Court will continue to kill because of my war, until the gods are destroyed…

So, can the burial master represent your restricted area? Is it really going to go to war? I can do whatever I want. Of course, if the burial master can’t represent the restricted area, neither of you can represent your alliance that can be broken with a single poke, then…dismiss your attention, otherwise everyone will not look good. “

Chen Xuandong is tepid, but he speaks the toughest words!

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