Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3404


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“Are you threatening?”

The burial master is extremely angry!

If these words are spoken from Lin Fan, then that’s all.

Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, he can’t help but admit it.

In the hearts of their penalty zone owners, Lin Fan does have the qualifications to make them value, respect, treat him as an opponent, and sit on an equal footing.

But what is Chen Xuandong?

At least in their opinion, this Chen Xuandong is just a counselor!

It’s just the adviser who Lin Fan sat down.

How can you have the courage to say these things?

So, they are so angry that they want to kill.

Seriously, if it weren’t for the black house hanging over Chen Xuandong’s head, he would have died.

It will be torn to pieces by furious owners of the restricted zone.

Chen Xuandong looked at the burial owner, said with a bitter smile: “How dare you threaten the noble and godlike owner of the restricted zone?”

The faces of the owners of the restricted areas are slightly beautiful.

It seems that their reputation is still there.

The seemingly arrogant Chen Xuandong still had to be subdued.

But soon, they roared together–

“From the beginning to the present, I have been pushing my heart and telling my heart, of course, including the war, etc. I said.” Chen Xuandong is solemn and serious, as if he didn’t feel the growing richness. killing intent and the anger of the owners of the forbidden zone.

Zi Guichan took a step forward, and the entire courtyard was shaking. He seemed to be an erupting but movable volcano approaching Chen Xuandong.

It can be said that if Zigui screamed at this time, even if Shifang Juezhu hangs over his head, he would really die.

But Chen Xuandong still has that face. Mount Tai collapsed and did not change color, with a faint smile, carelessly: “Fellow Daoist, think about it clearly. With this palm, your restricted area will be gone.”

Light and light, without any pyrotechnics.

But it was this sentence that made De Zigui cry his already raised hand and did not dare to drop it. Eventually all the murderous intentions were dissipated.

“Look, since both parties are not ready to tear their faces, then…” Chen Xuandong’s eyes were steep and cold: “Be more regular!”

“Are you…reprimanding me to wait?” The burial master was really angry. He kept staring at Shifang Juezi, thinking about whether he could resist the four of them.

If he can resist, he really intends to kill Chen Xuandong.

He didn’t believe it, and killed a Chen Xuandong. Lin Fan dared to go to war with this.

Chen Xuandong hehe smiled, glanced at the burial owner, and said: “This is not a reprimand, but there are too many forbidden areas in my Divine Court galaxy… I will take a closer look, clansman, a descendant of the direct line, and so on. I’m afraid it is hundreds of thousands, three thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven people, right?”

Chen Xuandong spread his hands and said helplessly: “No way, who will let me take care of Divine Court? I am extremely responsible, wait for me to think about it.”

Chen Xuandong pretended to have a headache, rubbed the temple, and then seemed to think of something, laughed, looked towards Zigui, and said: “It seems that your family has sent the most into the Divine Court galaxy, a total of 21,400. There are a hundred and 23 people, among them, there are 150 and eight people in your direct bloodline line. I have to say that Fellow Daoist is really a blessing, and it’s really full of children and grandchildren.”

Zi Gui Ciao’s face changed!

Because Chen Xuandong said the number of people is not bad!

“Yes, and your family.” Chen Xuandong shrugged: “You are cautious and careful. The cultivator sent is not strong, and there are only more than 8,000 people in total, but there are also 81 direct generations of Fellow Daoist Yu. , The fourth generation of Bloodline.”

The burial master’s face changed suddenly, and he roared: “What happened to them?”

Chen Xuandong said weirdly: “I am only responsible for collecting information. The other thing is Wu Jian who took over. How do I know what he will do? Of course, he will definitely not do anything until I am fine. , But if something happens to me, your grandsons, great-grandsons, etc., as long as they are in my Divine Court galaxy, they will probably be buried with me.”

With a laugh, Chen Xuandong said: “If this is the case, Chen Xuandong can really be regarded as the end of my life, and the time of death will be glorious, and hundreds of thousands of people will be buried with me. Wang Ping, the ancient man, will be only this.”

The owner of the four restricted areas really dare not talk gibberish, even murderous aura, dare not miss a trace.

“Look, how good is peace now?” Chen Xuandong sighed: “Why must with swords drawn and bows bent?”

The owner of the four restricted areas has blood red eyes, but he has been patient.

Chen Xuandong said: “For the dead, look for the murderer. I, Divine Court, sent out an army of millions for your few incompetent junk children, and ploughed this Qilin star like a plowing hole. It’s hard to determine the final murderer. If you don’t appreciate it’s all, it’s overbearing. This really shouldn’t be.”

each and everyone The master of the restricted area bites on the cheek.

Itchy hate.

“Let’s go, the perpetrators are already in the execution ground. I just wait for everyone to come, so that they can be tortured.” Chen Xuandong got up, led the way, and said: “At three noon, that is the best way to cut a good head. It’s not good to miss the timing.”

On the execution ground.

Eighty people were forced to kneel in a row!

There is a white arrow on their necks, with a big kill word on it.

Behind everyone, there are executioners holding a huge ghost knife waiting.

“That’s them?” The burial master’s eyes were chilly!

Of course not against these ‘murderers. ’

He recognized that many of them are notorious bad people in this Three Thousand World.

It’s Stinking Insect that everyone shouts.

“Yes.” Chen Xuandong said, “If it weren’t for this kind of stuff, how could you be jealous with the restricted area? How dare you directly kill the killer regardless of the restricted area’s identity?”

“Hehe…Since Fellow Daoist has determined that they are the murderers, you might as well wait for me to torture them and ask questions.” Zi Gui grinned.

Everyone knows.

This is what Divine Court directed and acted!

He will reveal it on the spot.

“Fellow Daoist is better not to be impulsive.” Chen Xuandong smiled bitterly, and said: “These people are very hard-mouthed. In order to torture the most truthful words, Brother Lin had to use big means to exhaust all kinds of poisons, afraid that… “

“Is this deity still afraid of trifling poison?”

Zi Gui sneered, then flew up and rushed straight to the cooperative execution ground.


Suddenly, as he approached the execution ground for three hundred zhang, his flying hair suddenly withered yellow, and then his robe began to rot, and finally his bare skin began to rot!

“What kind of poison is this? It can corrupt the body of God!”

Zi Gui roared fiercely, and then quickly retreated.

Chen Xuandong scratched his head and said sorry: “Brother Lin deliberately used the poison of the god of corruption in order to prevent someone from robbing the law court. In the next moment, he will startle Fellow Daoist. Please forgive Fellow Daoist. “

He said sorry words.

But everyone can see that Chen Xuandong has no apology, and his eyes do not hide the sneer of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

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