Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3405


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Poison of the Rotten God!

Just hearing this name is enough to make people afraid!

Of course, this is just an exaggerated name.

Of course impossible can really corrupt the body of a god.

God, what is that existence?

Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable, Heaven and Earth collapsed without damage, the universe collapsed without damage.

But too terrifying for the God Realm will easily corrode the Divine Soul and the flesh and become a pile of rotten flesh. If the contact time is long, it will directly turn into blood and nothing will exist.

For example, at this time, this child screamed. After escaping back, he roared bitterly here. All kinds of Dao and rune danced in splendor, flocking to the decay, trying to contain it. The result was useless. Finally he roared with Palm Blade has cut off at least ten catties of meat, even the belt bones, and all the bones have been cut off, and the treasure pill hidden in the clan has been used in a painful way. This is enough to stop the disaster from continuing.

“Damn you!”

As soon as he disintegrated the poison of the god of corruption, he pointed to Chen Xuandong. The killing intent was too shocking. It pierced the universe, like a beam of light hitting Nine Heavens, making it visible to people outside the galaxy.

Chen Xuandong behaved innocently: “I have explained to Fellow Daoist that it is a poisonous cloth by Brother Lin, but you don’t listen. You think your body is strong and comparable to a god. What can I do? You can’t force Fellow Daoist with your small arms and legs.”


Zi Gui screamed: “One hour, I will listen to you frigid irony and scorching satire here, killing with a soft knife is the most painful and painful.”

“I was wronged here, and I was sincerely disappointed.” Chen Xuandong sighed.

“Daoist brothers, it’s just a trifling adviser, but Lin Fan sits down on his dog legs, is he so impudent?”

Zi Gui snorted and said, “Who is in my generation? The owner of the restricted area should be respected by the world, but today? The face that should not be lost is gone. Isn’t it shameful? Are you not afraid of being laughed at? “

The burial master frowned.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven narrowed his eyes slightly.

“jié jié…Although the Absolute Hell is strong, if the three of us spare no effort, it will definitely be able to stop it!”

Zi Gui sang with a killing intent, said with a malicious smile: “As long as there is no such thing, how terrified is the Divine Court? And, at this time, Lin Fan is no longer the best time to murder to seize the treasures! “

“It seems…someone is going to be cannon fodder.”

Chen Xuandong stood up indifferently, approached the burial master and the others, and smiled: “Come on, here is a great head, please take it yourself.”

The burial master complexion slightly changed, according to the lunar calendar: “Are you really afraid of death?”

Chen Xuandong tilted his head, his neck stretched out long, hearing this smiled: “Afraid of death, who is not afraid of death? But as long as I think that after my death, there will be a forbidden area to bury me and I will be happy and not afraid died.”

The burial master stared at Chen Xuandong like this. After a while, he roared: “Madman! You are a madman!”

Then he turned around and said in the lunar calendar: “This seat has experienced the body and found out the truth. These are indeed the culprits who killed our family’s direct line. Moreover, this seat is grateful to Divine Court for taking the righteous action and capturing the murderer for our race. Consolation to the spirit of our tribe’s son Lang in the sky.”

He walked straight away, one step out of the sky, and one step was already extinct in this world.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven also smiled gloomily, staring at Chen Xuandong, sound transmission gloomily said: “I know you did this thing.”

Chen Xuandong looked towards him, smiling: “Yes, we did it.”

Heaven Beyond the Heaven complexion sank!

He really didn’t expect that Chen Xuandong would say this sentence just and honorable.

This makes him feel very embarrassed.

In fact, he just wanted to sound transmission, or threaten, or provoke discord, and let out a breath of anger in his heart.

But Chen Xuandong’s doing this is undoubtedly driving the two sides to an end.

“ha ha ha…Fellow Daoist, I cracking a joke, how could we do this kind of thing?” Chen Xuandong suddenly laughed and said: “And if we really do this kind of thing, you Can those people who live in my Divine Court galaxy survive? Killing one is killing two and killing two is also killing.”

Heaven Beyond the Heaven was coldly snorted, and then left directly.

He was convinced that in front of the damn Chen Xuandong, don’t want to take any advantage, otherwise you are asking for trouble.

“Fellow Daoist, how about you, do you want to check or torture yourself, are these the murderers of your clan’s direct line?” Chen Xuandong ridiculed looking towards the ghost.

Ghost jié jié weird smile: “No, since the burial owner has confirmed it, the deity naturally believes it.”

“Okay, then go slowly and not send it.” Chen Xuandong suddenly changed color and said: “It’s best to take away all the Yin Soldiers of your clan. In our Divine Court galaxy, there are too many Ghostbusters Master, if this happens again, don’t think that Divine Court will work for you in vain.”

The ghost spirit is much smarter than Heaven Beyond the Heaven. He left without saying a word, and was even more direct than the burial owner. With a big hand to the void, all of his people were actually plundered by him. Come, take away all clean!

Chen Xuandong shrugged, looked towards Zigui, and said: “Fellow Daoist, aren’t you going to kill me? Come on, I am alone, in the four realms of God, like an ant in front of Fellow Daoist, raising my hand to destroy it. Easy and simple.”

Zi Gui shook his body!

That is the killing intent in his patience and hard work.

“Don’t force me!” Zi Gui yelled.

“Fellow Daoist, you make me feel embarrassed.” Chen Xuandong sighed: “You said you wanted to kill me, so I stretched my neck and waited for you to kill, but you actually said that I was forcing you, what do you want me to do… …”


With a loud roar, Zi Gui screamed and left.

Chen Xuandong’s killing intent flashed in his eyes. He crushed a piece of communication jade in his hand, and Wu Jian arrived in an instant, murderous-looking.

In fact, how could Lin Fan really wait for Chen Xuandong to face the powerful?

He has a ray of thought hidden in Absolute Prison, he can kill at any time, apart from this, Lin Long is also on this star, he can kill at any time.

There are also Wu Jian and others. It can be said that on this Qilin star, Divine Court powerhouse is gathered.

Today, Divine Court is ready for a thorough battle.

According to Xiaonuo’s statement, whenever a battle begins, it is necessary to in a spurt of energy, to wipe out the four forbidden areas with the power of thunderbolt, and once again frighten the unpredictable forces in the dark center.

“What’s wrong?”

Wu Jian turned into a sword light and killed him here. After seeing that the owner of the restricted area was not there, he was slightly relaxed.

Chen Xuandong anxiously said: “It’s too late to explain, but you are now ordering Divine Court to go and kill the other three people with the method of Zigui lineage. Must do not one drop of water can leak out.”

Wu Jian frowned: “not one drop of water can leak out? No clues? It’s better not to do it.”

Wu Jian knows that his brother is going to plant the blame again.

“If you let you go, go quickly! Don’t ask, don’t say, the subpoena is always open, I will contact you.” Chen Xuandong urged.

If it were not for some of the next plans, how could he be so sharp today?

You know, he likes the most low-key, and the most low-key Divine Court top.

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