Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3406


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Wu Jian complexion slightly changed.

It must be a major event that can make Chen Xuandong so dignified and tense. I dare not procrastinate and leave directly. After a while, he has never appeared in the dark part of Divine Court before, and three thousand masters silently sneaked into Three Thousand World. , Approaching clansman, who is still in the Divine Court galaxy, in the restricted area of ​​Jairus.

“The combined force of the restricted area is indeed terrifying, but what if you have internal conflicts?” Chen Xuandong’s eyes showed a cold killing intent.

Jue Prison shook slightly, Lin Fan’s illusory shadow appeared, looking at Chen Xuandong, said with a smile: “It’s a pity…”

Chen Xuandong glanced at Lin Fan and said: “It’s a pity, but it would be a good thing if the four of them were killed today.”

Lin Fan was silent for a moment.

Chen Xuandong faintly said: “If these four people are suppressed and killed by you, it will really cause great waves. Maybe some old bastard who are still waiting at this time will be killed. I am against Divine Court.”

Chen Xuandong looked towards Lin Fan and said: “You have to know that the reason why there has been no movement in the Liuhuang restricted area in the later period is that besides worrying that the two dying old farts are going crazy, there is another most important reason, that That is, all the restricted areas know that those two will not live long, and their life essence will be exhausted. Only waiting for them to die naturally, they can easily clean up the restricted area.

But what about you? When I was fighting, the life essence was enough to make them all fearful and terrifying, so…”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes were dignified, and he looked at Lin Fan directly, and said: “Brother Lin, before my Divine Court is ready to fight with all the restricted areas under the sky at the same time, this Absolute Hell is not needed. , Use less if you can.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “I know.”

Chen Xuandong smiled and said: “Of course, even if you don’t use this thing to kill and kill the enemy, it’s far more than enough to deter them.”

In the end, Lin Fan, the illusory shadow, merged into the Hell-Free and left.

On the highest floating island in Divine Court, a ray of golden light comes from a distance and flows into Lin Fan’s brow.

“There are important treasures, but you can’t use them at will.”

Lin Fan laughed at himself and said: “In the final analysis, it is still lack of strength, not enough, otherwise, if you push everything away, where are there so many scruples?”

It seems that since entering the cultivator’s society, his strength has always been insufficient, but in fact, Lin Fan’s speed of breaking the mirror is fast enough, but the enemies he encountered are too strong.

“Divine Court, everything is up to you.” Lin Fan walked into the house and looked at Qingcheng, his eyes slightly apologetic.

“Don’t worry.” Qingcheng smiled: “Even if you go to cultivation, everything is ours, and Xiao Nuo and Xiao Tian have grown up, enough to share a lot of things for you.”

Lin Fan left and locked himself in the retreat.

This retreat is not for breaking the mirror. This thing pays attention to chance. If the chance comes, naturally where water flows, a canal is formed, the more you deliberately and the more you want to break the mirror, the harder it may be to succeed. .

Lin Fan looked at the Hell lying in the palm of his palm, his eyes narrowed, and said: “Let me take a closer look, what kind of material you are, and who made it, can actually evoke the emotions of World Tree ……”


The owner of the four restricted areas heads to Qilin Star.

Three Thousand World all souls think this is a sign of the war is about to start, because when the four forbidden zone owners go to Qilin star, they are murderous-looking, frosty, that kind of coercive world shacking.

What is jaw-dropping is that when the four major forbidden zone masters entered Qilin Star in an invincible posture for a few hours, each and everyone left quickly.

Hurry and panic.

It’s like a prehistoric giant sleeping in Qilin star, enough to swallow them all in one bite.

Everyone has concluded that the battle must come!

But the development of the situation was unexpected again.

First, Divine Court remained indifferent, everything was the same as before, no strange or special behavior.

In the following four restricted areas, they uniformly declared that the perpetrators who had murdered the restricted areas had been caught by the Divine Court and killed them in front of them, and expressed gratitude to the Divine Court.

This makes people bite off their tongues and startled their teeth.

No one is a fool, and everyone knows what is going on on Qilin.

Everyone knows that the incident itself was a scene directed and acted by Divine Court.

What they didn’t expect is that the side of the restricted area will cooperate with the performance.

Afterwards, things slowly became confusing and confusing–

First, Zigui in the restricted area of ​​the forbidden area angered the burial master and Heaven Beyond the Heaven for his unjustice, and he bluntly stood up to the reputation of an ally, but at a critical moment, he left him alone and threatened the three restricted areas. If you don’t give an explanation to the restricted area, this matter is impossible. As for the so-called offensive and defensive alliance agreement, of course it will be immediately invalidated.

The Burial Lord was the first to respond, very domineering and decisive, bluntly saying that there are many restricted areas in the alliance, and there is no shortage of one.

Then Heaven Beyond the Heaven also made a sound, with a sneered smile, revealing some truth about that day.

The implication is that the reason why they leave is that it is useless to entangled, and it will only invite humiliation to oneself, and the reason why Zigui cry is at the end is because he is stupid, he is stupid, and can’t see Clear the situation and want to continue inviting humiliation to oneself in that place.

Such words made Zigui cry almost to death.

It is said that if not for clansman’s desperate interception, Zi Guichi would use clan weapons on the spot to go to the Tiancang restricted area for a battle.

It broke!

Of course, the restricted area of ​​Jaisu is very smart, not at all breaks with all restricted areas, but only for the Tiancang and Funeral restricted areas, which are similar in strength to his home.

The three tribes broke apart. People in the restricted zone in this world are constantly rubbing, and casualties occasionally occur.

But after that, a terrifying major event happened!

When the clansman in the Jaiju forbidden area set up an ambush circle in the clansman in this world, after slaying a five gods in the forbidden area, the melee broke out!

In this small-scale battle, the Tiankeng Restricted Area and Tiankeng were natural allies. The two restricted areas worked together to kill clansman, who was outside the restricted area.

On that night, all the clansman quilts planted around the Divine Court galaxy, each and everyone died inexplicably.

Dead unfathomable mystery.

Everyone’s cause of death is all coincidences.

It doesn’t seem to be man-made, it is a horrible natural disaster or a man-made disaster.

But all the coincidences add up, it’s deliberate.

Who did it?

Zi Guiqi was furious, and sent the most famous work in the clan to gather the corpses, with the purpose of looking at them and finding some clues about the murderers from these dead corpses.

The results are useless!

It’s useless even if he goes to check it personally. Everything is free.

It’s like, so many clansman he was out, really just died of natural and man-made disasters.

At this time, there were rumors in the two restricted areas of Tiancang and Funeral.

To put it bluntly, the reason why there are such unimaginable deaths and injuries in the restricted area is because this family has done too many evil things and was condemned by heaven.

The most ridiculous thing is that in this Three Thousand World summary, many ignorant and ignorant spirits actually believe in the nonsense of ‘Scourge’.

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