Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3407


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In Divine Court.

Chen Xuandong sits unperturbed, drinking tea very deeply and intoxicated.

This tea is terrific. It comes from the Divine Race in Liuri. It is made by Liu Yingshu. The ingredients are exquisite. It comes from a million years old tea tree from Tianyun. Drying in the shade… Repeated this nine times before I got this tea.

“This tea is wonderful.” Chen Xuandong sighed and said: “After drinking this tea, I am afraid that other tea leaves in this life will be tasteless.”

Chen Xuandong said comfortably, and then looked towards Xiaotian unhappily, and said: “You Little Brat is good at everything, but this is not enough, it needs to be changed.”

Xiaotian smiled bitterly and said: “Uncle, it’s not that I can’t hold my breath, but your old lady can’t hold my breath.”

Xiaotian was helpless.

He is impatient.

But Chen Xuandong, who was born with a partiality, has a personality like taking one step and looking at ten steps.

You know, at this time the entire Three Thousand World burst!

Three days have passed, and the restricted area of ​​Jairyan has almost come out, just to find out the truth.

What a shit goddamn.

What a bullshit natural disaster.

How is it possible?

Also, even if there is a natural disaster, it is impossible to swallow so many people.

It’s useless.

The person who took the shot was too quick to find the slightest clue.

At this time, Three Thousand World has already regarded the restricted area of ​​Jairus as a joke.

The fifteenth day.

Zi Gui cried in despair.

With his ability to connect to heaven penetrating the earth, he still cannot detect the truth.

“Divine Court!” Zi Gui’s eyes were cold!

With a hideous expression: “This incident is in the Divine Court galaxy. If they don’t know the details, who believe it? Even…this incident itself is what Divine Court did.”

“Uncle, what shall we do next?” Xiaotian looked at Chen Xuandong.

I really admire my uncle’s heart.

This event was originally created by him.

As a result, now, he looks like a casual person, tasting tea here, showing drunkenness and waiting.

“Don’t do anything.” Chen Xuandong said, “You have to know that people’s thinking is infinite, besides, people are confident and always doubt other people’s words.”

Xiaotian sighed: “Uncle, what are you going to say?”

Chen Xuandong looked at Xiaotian and said, “What we do now seems deliberate. We even pull me Divine Court into the muddy water. It’s better to let Zigui cry by himself and hit the wall everywhere and let him investigate me. Divine Court, after checking, he himself will tell himself that this matter has nothing to do with Divine Court, and then he will target the two companies we want him to target.”

Little Heavenly Eye’s eyes shone slightly.

“Little Young God, the owner of the restricted area of ​​Jaihu is here, right now at the gate of the mountain.”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes flashed with a smile, looked towards Xiaotian, and said: “Go to meet you, your father is in retreat, and your brother is out, this kind of work is only for you.”

Xiaotian frowned: “Uncle is here, how dare Xiaotian impudent?”

“Get out of here.” Chen Xuandong scolded with a smile.

Xiaotian scratched his head.

But I have to say that he couldn’t stop the excitement in his heart.

He can sensitively feel that since he got married, his father and many uncles have deliberately delegated power to him.

At this time, it is even more possible to get out of the penalty area.

This is the first time he has undertaken such a welcome mission.

After tidying up the bottom of his clothes, he walked out, outside the mountain gate, Zi Gui cried a gloomy face, his eyes suddenly narrowed as he watched Xiaotian’s arrival.

“Senior came from far away, Lin Tian excuse me for not going out to meet you, I hope to forgive me.”

Xiaotian smiled, neither humble nor overbearing.

“Little God.” Zi Gui cried.

“That’s all jokes in the world.” Xiaotian smiled carefreely and said: “Please also Senior to come with me. My father at this mountain gate has arranged many Killing Formations and poison formations. If no one leads the way, it will always be necessary. Trouble.”

Zi Gui’s face suddenly paled, and the corners of his eyes twitched a few times.

He remembered some bad memories again.

“Can the Lord be here?”

Zi Gui crowed closely behind Xiao Tian and stepped forward completely on Xiao Tian’s footprints.

“Father retreats to the Great Way.” Xiaotian replied.

“Then who is in charge of this Divine Court at this time? Little God?” Zi Gui frowned.

Xiaotian said with a smile: “Father is in retreat, but there is a brother above me, and there are uncles above my brother, how can it be the next?”

Zi Gui’s eyes narrowed.

Xiaotian glanced at Zi Gui, and said: “Now in Divine Court, my uncle Xuandong is sitting here.”

Zi Gui’s pupil suddenly shrank.

He knows Chen Xuandong too well, not one drop of water can leak out.

“Fellow Daoist, we met again.” Chen Xuandong was at the end of the mountain gate with a smile on his face.

Somehow, in front of Chen Xuandong, this Zigui was unconsciously guilty, as if he was a little shorter than the other person. After sighing, he said: “I have seen Fellow Daoist.”

“Please.” Chen Xuandong gave a false hand, and the three of them moved forward.

In the palace.

“Huan Dong is deeply saddened by these occurrences of the nobles, and hopes Fellow Daoist will be sorrowful.”

As soon as a few people sat down, Chen Xuandong spoke.

Zi Gui sang heart shivered with cold and said: “I’m here this time, just want to ask Fellow Daoist a few questions.”

Chen Xuandong slowly turned his head, but when he switched his gaze with Zi Guichi, his eyes were straight, as if it could reach the bottom of people’s heart.

“This was not done by Divine Court.” Chen Xuandong said directly, saying with a bitter smile: “I just talked about this with Tianer.”

Slightly silent for a moment, Chen Xuandong said: “I have already determined that Fellow Daoist will come and ask, so it is better to just point.”

Zi Gui cried a little bit startled.

He didn’t expect that, before he asked, Chen Xuandong would just point it out.

This destroyed some of his ideas and rhythm.

He was silent for a moment, sorted out his thoughts, and said: “Then dare you to ask Divine Court if you know anything about this?”

Chen Xuandong sighed and said: “The Divine Court galaxy is too big to be exhaustive.”

Zi Gui squinted his eyes slightly and said: “The power of Divine Court’s control over the galaxies under his command is well known to the world. If Divine Court does not know any clues about this, I don’t believe it.”

Chen Xuandong glanced mockingly at Zigui, and said, “Fellow Daoist has already gone for the inspection personally, are there any clues?”

Suddenly Zigui cried out of speech.

It’s useless for him to investigate in person.

So, on what basis can you tell that others will know something?

“This matter…Divine Court is always inseparable.” Zi Gui cried and said, “After all, the place where the accident happened is in your Divine Court.”

Chen Xuandong nodded, said: “So before the Fellow Daoist is expected to come, I have already told Xiaotian that he will be accompanied by Fellow Daoist in my Divine Court, the purpose is to get rid of my Divine Court suspicion. “

Zigui’s pupils shrink sharply!

This Chen Xuandong dared to do this, so can it prove that this matter really has nothing to do with Divine Court?

Xiao Tian looked towards Zi Gui and said, “I don’t know where Senior is going to find it? Don’t worry, I will be accompanied. This Divine Court is unobstructed except for some restricted areas and Danger Land.”

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