Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3414


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Lin Fan is silent.

The eyes are very complicated.

Is Xiao Nuo slowly awakening?

Begin to restore some memories of past lives, recalling the most important moments in the past lives.

So, if one day, after he restores all the memories of his previous life, will it still be Xiao Nuo?


Xiao Nuo spoke, and then smiled: “I am Lin Nuo.”

He seems to be emphasizing his identity, and it seems that he is strengthening a certain belief in his heart.

Lin Fan also laughed suddenly.

Since Xiao Nuo was born, shouldn’t he have predicted and prepared for this long ago?

Also, he can’t change anything; let’s just go on like this.

“After sweeping the forbidden areas such as the funeral sky, I will plant this Absolute Hell into Small World.” Lin Fan said.

Xiao Nuo nodded, said: “Maybe to get this purgatory is the greatest opportunity for father; don’t waste and miss it.”

“I still use you to mention something?” Lin Fan scolded with a smile.

Out of Purgatory, there are already the most exquisite food and the most delicious desserts, etc.; waiting for Lin Fan to return.

This is a very rich and warm family dinner without any outsiders.

Zigui, who was waiting for Chen Xuandong’s news on the floating island, couldn’t sit still. The five ghosts caught their heart and were upset.

Because in his heart, the three major restricted areas have long been regarded as objects that must be destroyed. They are enemies and deadly enemies.

But if he only relies on his strength in the restricted area, Impossible is the opponent of these three restricted areas.

If Lin Fan does not agree to this, he will be in a dilemma.

As time dragged on, Chen Xuandong fell into panic after a long absence.

I even wondered whether Divine Court is also afraid of the three restricted areas, so it doesn’t want to be an enemy of them.

So after learning the news, I was rushing to the ends of the earth to contact the owners of the three major restricted areas and sell him.

Divine Court wants to use his head in exchange for peace and friendship in the three restricted areas.

The thought came and almost scared him to death.

Want to flee immediately.

But he endured it, and his fingers tucked in his sleeves squeezed the trick of the take out killer move, and he would slay out all the enemies at any time.

Lin Fan’s floating island.

Those exquisite delicacies were swept away, Lin Fan waited for each and everyone to hiccup comfortably.

“The higher the cultivation base, the more boring.” Li Guang sighed and said: “Speaking of which I almost forget that I haven’t tasted these delicacies for a long time.”

Wu Jian was silent for a moment, and said: “I am used to eating and drinking. This kind of lifestyle is in line with monasticism, but it is not in line with life.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “If we keep going like this, we will gradually become inhumane, just like many old farts that are unsympathetic.”

Chen Xuandong smiled and said: “Then make an agreement, we will get together once a week, no matter how busy we are, we must spare this time, let us not be too far away from the world.”

Chen Xuandong’s proposal is in the arms of everyone.

Actually, although we are in the Divine Court headquarters at this time.

But it’s too wide and wide. Every family is almost a hundred miles away. They are all busy with their own affairs and shoulder their own responsibilities.

It’s rare to get together, only these women get together often.

Of course everyone readily agreed.

“Okay, the old man should have waited almost.” Chen Xuandong got up, faintly said: “He must be stunned. Now it should be almost done. At this time, he should be like a hot pot ant, even giving birth to ants. Many terrifying associations, it is estimated that the idea of ​​escaping from Divine Court will not only give birth to once or twice.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said: “No matter what, in this cooperation, Divine Court needs to take the initiative.”

“This is inevitable!” Chen Xuandong shot sharp rays of light in his eyes, cold and severe saying: “When I was informed of the secret agreement between Zigui and the burial owner, he no longer had any qualifications and I talked about the conditions. From then on, he can only follow me like an Old Ox with a nose ring on.”

Lin Fan laughed and stopped talking.


“Let Fellow Daoist wait a long time, please atonement.”

Chen Xuandong is here. As soon as he entered the room, he saw Zi Gui crowing and wandering constantly, changing various colors in his eyes from time to time.

“Fellow Daoist, can Lin Fan agree?”

When Zigui heard Chen Xuandong’s voice, he really felt relieved immediately. He never noticed that while waiting for Chen Xuandong, his back was already wet with cold sweat.

Chen Xuandong smiled bitterly and said, “Brother Lin, it would rather break but cannot be bend. The restricted area had been persecuting the Divine Court a few days ago, so he was unwilling to cooperate with Fellow Daoist.”

Zi Gui’s expression changed and said, “But this time I missed the best time to eliminate the three restricted areas.”

Chen Xuandong faintly looked towards Zigui crying, and said: “If Brother Lin alone kills the owner of the restricted zone, do you think he can succeed?”

Zi Gui’s expression changed again.

Then he said with difficulty: “It is indeed possible to succeed, but as long as Lin Fan punishes the owner of the restricted area, it will give other restricted areas a reason to send troops.”

Chen Xuandong glanced weirdly and screamed, “Do you think there is a difference between killing the owner of the restricted zone in the Divine Court galaxy, and Brother Lin going out and killing the owner of the restricted zone in the Divine Court galaxy?”

Zi Gui laughed sadly and said, “So, Lin Fan refused to accept it?”

Chen Xuandong did not answer, walked to the main position and sat down slowly.

Zi Gui’s eyes darkened, said with a malicious smile: “Then Divine Court intends to use the good heads to make the rest of the restricted area? If so, then come on! Now this head is here, I want Take it off, it also depends on whether Divine Court has the ability.”

Chen Xuandong gave a weird smile: “Fellow Daoist is anxious.”

Zi Gui’s expression was distorted.

“Brother Lin didn’t want to agree, but after I analyzed the pros and cons for him, he let me take full responsibility for this matter.” Chen Xuandong opened his mouth, and then looked towards Zi Gui, saying: “It’s a coincidence, I can’t bear it either. The three forbidden zone owners are arrogant, so…”

The coldness in Zi Gui’s eyes, the hideous expression on his face disappeared for an instant, and he said, “Fellow Daoist agreed?”

Chen Xuandong nodded, said: “Of course, of course you have to promise. The enemy’s enemy will always be a friend, but Fellow Daoist, you must think clearly, if your family and my Divine Court conspired to kill the three restricted areas, from then on your clan I am afraid that the name of the restricted zone will be completely removed, and I am afraid that it is really only forced to join the WTO.”

Zi Gui’s expression was cold and hard, and said: “I know, I know, I don’t need to emphasize it.”

After that, he gave a sorrowful laugh, and said, “It seems that from then on, I have been tied to the boat in Divine Court.”

Chen Xuandong smiled and said: “You will not regret it.”

Zi Gui laughed haha, and said sadly: “Lost the name of the restricted area…a serious crime.”

Chen Xuandong did not speak.

However, after a miserable laugh, Zi Gui Ciao suddenly bowed to Chen Xuandong, and then said: “In the future, please Fellow Daoist a lot of care.”

“It’s easy to say.” Chen Xuandong is also laughing.

He really likes the clever people like Zi Gui Ciao.

The so-called shining in Zigui’s mouth, of course, refers to the restricted area of ​​shining.

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