Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3415


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The two parties reached an agreement.

The rest of course is how to set up the game, how to target the personality of the three major restricted zone owners, cultivation base, battle strength, etc., to bury a foolproof circle of lore.

But these are not Chen Xuandong’s turn to worry about.

Divine Court’s division of labor is extremely clear, and Lin Fan is naturally responsible for these matters.

It just so happens that Lin Fan is very good at killing people.

Two days are long enough for Lin Fan to set up a huge array of lore. This huge array is extremely terrifying. Lin Fan even thinks whether it can temporarily trap a peerless expert pregnant with Dao Realm.

This big formation has no name, but it uses three ultimate weapons.

Remaining red.

Thunder God’s whip.

Sun shooting bow.

In the end, Lin Fan stayed around the big formation. After thinking about it again and again, he buried Purgatory in the ground.

After doing all this, Lin Fan clapped his hands, laughed, looked towards Chasing the moon, and said: “Daughter-in-law, may I kill those three waste materials this time?”

Chayue gave Lin Fan angrily and said: “If this big formation can’t kill the three people, we in Divine Court will wait to be destroyed.”

Lin Fan’s eyes are bitter: “Can’t you little girl say something nice?”

Chasing the moon: “You hook the Four Great Dao and draw the Dragon Vein, the ancestor of the Divine Court headquarters. In this way, you can activate and maintain the consumption of the ultimate device, allowing the ultimate device to exert its current maximum power. If this can’t destroy the three people, it can only prove that they have surpassed the seven realms, then what I said is not a joke.”

“You little girl is not bad, you can see the most important structure of my big array.”

Lin Fan was slightly surprised.

Chasing the moon said: “The ancestor was a scholar of heaven and humanity, and the hero of the female middle school, of course, has been involved in various categories of cultivator’s society, including formation patterns. Strange.”

Lin Fan laughed: “Well, every time I want to kill, I’m exhausted and desperate, but this time I don’t have to, and I can sit and watch the show.”


Lin Fan planted a lore in the Divine Court headquarters.

Xiao Nuo, Xiao Wu, and Xiao Tian all led the way, hiding the True Form. The space channel penetrated from Lin Fan with the ultimate weapon appeared in the three forbidden areas ten thousand li.

Divine Court has everything ready.

Just wait for the time agreed upon by the owner of the three restricted zones and Zigui.

Everything is ready, only the east wind.

Time is getting closer.

The early morning of the third day.

The three major restricted zone owners have really come.

I thought it was extremely secretive, so I underestimated Divine Court’s prying methods, and all went to the Divine Court headquarters ten thousand li beyond.

On the floating island.

Lin Fan opened his eyes suddenly, said with a sneer: “I’m afraid you won’t come!”

Being chasing the moon, Qingcheng was half awake and sleepy.

“Go to sleep, it’s okay, you have already prepared everything, just wait for them to walk right into a trap.” Lin Fan’s eyes were filled with murderous intention.

ten thousand li beyond.

The burial master’s eyes were sharp, he stood in the air, with a cold wind blowing, and hunting in his shirt, just staring at the brightly lit in Divine Court.

“A beautiful scene.” Heaven Beyond the Heaven smiled yinly.

“But he was disabled soon, no more.” The ghost expression looked grim.

The burial master said: “I’m not sure yet. At least I won’t be too optimistic before I see the chaos and the blood flying up.”

Heaven Beyond the Heaven frowned: “We have all received the soul letter from Zigui, It shouldn’t be false, otherwise he should know the consequences.”

The burial master did not speak, but looked towards the distance again.

In Divine Court, Zi Gui screamed with a grim look.

Before him is a group of people in the restricted zone trapped.

Mostly from the three restricted areas.

All of them are good players. They were picked up by Xiao Nuo and the others and sent back to Divine Court as the target of blood spatter today.

“Are they here?” Chen Xuandong looked towards Zi Gui 啼.

Zi Guiqi’s face is ugly: “I haven’t heard from them, I don’t know if it’s here.”

Chen Xuandong ridiculed: “Really don’t act without some incentive. It’s really careful and cautious.”

At this moment, Lin Fan came and said: “You can start, they are here, just ten thousand li beyond.”

“Okay!” The killing intent flashed in Zigui’s eyes.

Staring at the man in the restricted area who was suppressed to kneel in a row and has been replaced by the Divine Court battle armour.

These people in the restricted area are very spine. They were captured by Xiao Nuo and escorted back to the restricted area, but they were very tough and unkind. They pointed to the high-level officials in Divine Court to curse and threaten.

In the end, Wu Jian took the shot and picked the roots of these people’s tongues.

Up to this point, these people are really nervous.

“You can run away. As long as you can escape from his hand, I will let you make a living.” Lin Fan’s eyes jokingly said, “Of course, you don’t have to escape and wait for death.”

each and everyone The people in the restricted area who were suppressed to kneel down all stared at Lin Fan with a grim look.

“This deity is one word worth nine sacred tripods, if you can escape from Zi Guiciao’s hands, Divine Court will not blame you for the past and will not chase you.” Lin Fan said: “Of course, if you don’t want to escape the appointment and wait for death. , That’s up to you.”

“Are you ready?” Chen Xuandong said with a grim expression: “If you are ready, I will release the restraint and imprisonment for you.”

Just as these people in the restricted area were released, they fled around, roaring and roaring.

Suffer that their ability to speak was brutally destroyed by Wu Jian, unable to speak a complete sentence.

Don’t even know, at this time their master is waiting to see the blood splash.


“It really started!”

Heaven Beyond the Heaven grinned: “Look in the distance, there is a pillar of blood soaring into the sky. This is at least a sign that the cultivator of the four realms of God can die.”

What he didn’t know was that the person who died was indeed in the four realms of God, but he was not a person in Divine Court, but an Elder level figure in his Tiancang restricted area.

“haha…I also saw the blood-red raindrops falling from the sky. This is even more serious. It should be the fall of the great cultivator of the five realms of God.” The ghost also grinned and said: “Divine Court Five Realms The cultivator is only those few people. When I think about it, will it be the kid named Xiaowu?”

The ghost is laughing.

What he didn’t know was that the deceased was his grandson.

Only the burial master’s eyes wrinkled.

He looked towards the farthest Divine Court, like the silhouette of the person who had just been killed. He was a little familiar, where he had seen it.

“Get ready, you can take action.”

But in the end, he pinched out the silhouette that appeared in his mind.

How is it possible!

His clansman should be in the endless army at this time, under layers of protection. How could it be killed in the Divine Court headquarters?

At least one million or more Legion sneaked into the main star of Divine Court. They had all come long ago, but they were only covered by terror by the three major restricted zone owners. At this time, a group of murderous-looking people appeared in the dim sky. The soldier slowly overwhelmed the Divine Court headquarters.

“Wait, until now, I haven’t seen Lin Fan take action.” The Burial Lord spoke again at a critical moment.

He is indeed very cautious, the most important spiritual sense is too keen.

“Zigui cry! You must die here today!”

As soon as the burial master spoke, Lin Fan roared, and a big bell suddenly fell from the sky, blasting to Zigui’s head.


The burial master roared, took the lead, rushed towards the Divine Court headquarters, and shouted: “Zigui scream, quickly break the Divine Court array from the inside.”

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