Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3416


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“Why did you come here!” Zi Gui yelled. He fought violently with Lin Fan. Time fragments flew everywhere, and every fragment was engraved with the scene of the battle.


Lin Fan roared, attacking more fiercely, and roared: “The three major restricted areas are here, Divine Court will fight, and beat the drums!”

The acting is too realistic.

Anyone who comes here will think that this is a real death battle, a decisive battle, Divine Court headquarters is really rioted.

And there are faint women crying and so on.

This makes the burial owner and the others more convinced.

There must be the death of the highest level of Divine Court, maybe one of the three.

With a bang, a certain control center pavilion of the Divine Court array suddenly burst open, and the golden mask flashed suddenly and then disappeared like this.

“The Divine Court array is broken!”

Zi Gui yelled, and he seemed to stagger, and Lin Fan held the bell behind him, spouting a mouthful of dirty blood.

This was intentional by Lin Fan.

Of course, the reason given is to do a full set of the show.

But in fact, the Shangzi knows that this is Lin Fan who wants him to know that even if there is no Absolute Hell, but the real battle strength, he can fight against the owner of the penalty area. This is to emphasize once again that the penalty area will be forced in the future. After China’s accession to the WTO, Divine Court has played a leading role in the cooperation between the two companies.

“Knock me in and destroy Divine Court today!”

The burial master danced with a big knife and slashed forward, blade glow hundred thousand feet, cutting down many stars from Foreign Domain.


“Divine Court is gone!”


“Exit Divine Court!”


Millions of people roared together, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and time and space were distorted by the shaking, The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

“Lin Fan, I see how you live today!”

The burial master grinned.

“Fellow Daoist, please help me quickly!” Zi Gui screamed and said, “I worked so hard to give up most of the cultivation base. In a short time, I sealed the Hell. Time to punish him!”

The burial master and the others’ pupils shrank sharply!

so that’s how it is.

No wonder I have never seen Lin Fan use Absolute Prison.

Furthermore, Zigui’s miserable appearance and these words made them lose their last doubts. They all stared at Lin Fan grimly, and their murderous intention was revealed.

“We joined forces, first swiftly cut this Lin Fan, and later it changed.”

Heaven Beyond the Heaven roared, and was the first to rush away, joining Lin Fan in a joint battle with Zigui.

“It is not fair, but it can only be so.”

The ghost spirit grinned, his cloak suddenly rose, and then the whole person exploded into a group of Ghost Fire, dim-blue looked very permeating.

“Wait! Damn!”

Lin Fan yelled, he backed out the thirty thousand zhang, and then his expression was grim: “You wait, the deity will not die today, you will wait for my revenge in the future!”

He escaped.

Ignore Divine Court.

“Hehe, what kindness is incomparable, he is just a hypocrite after all.”

The burial master ridiculed, and then looked towards Lin Fan, who had fled to the distance, mocking: “In front of us, he tried to escape for his life? He is dreaming…”

The four major restricted zone owners coincided with each other, all chasing Lin Fan.

Even with their power, at this time, just a palm down can destroy most of the Divine Court, but they did not do so.

The first is not to dare.

For fear of delaying this palm, Lin Fan has really found a chance to escape, and that is the real gain.

The second is disdain.

Millions of soldiers from the restricted area besieged the trifling Divine Court headquarters. If they can’t get it, then their restricted areas would be too wasteful.


Suddenly, a deep cold long spear stabbed in front of Lin Fan’s escape, blocking his path.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven is shooting.

Lin Fan roared, changed direction, and continued to flee.

As a result, another bright yellow battle shield cut off time and space like a mountain, and once again forced Lin Fan to diverge.

“Interesting, this is a very strong prey, play hard, and enjoy the feeling of hunting.”

The ghost spirit smiled gloomily, until now, he has maintained a sneaky appearance.

Lin Fan had no way to go. The four sides were sealed off. The four major restricted area owners, each standing on a hill, happened to besiege Lin Fan in this valley.

“How do you want to die?”

The burial master smiled, condescendingly looking down at Lin Fan, who was’dead and hopeless’.

“If you want my life, take it yourself.”

Lin Fan’s eyes are gloomy.

But in fact, he is looking at whether this position can suddenly start the big formation, whether it can enclose all the three major penalty zone owners.

Finally, he frowned, and it was a little bit worse. The burial owner’s position was too close to the edge of the big array, but it was only three meters away. Maybe with the burial master’s power, he could really break through.

He glanced at Zi Gui, who of course understood him.

“Lin Fan, have you heard the sound of war in the distance? That is your Divine Court suffering.”

The ghost spirit jié jié laughed: “Your wife, child, and brother are all being ravaged. Maybe they died long ago and were trampled into meatloaf…”

The killing intent flashed in Lin Fan’s eyes.

“hehe…this time I can succeed in one fell swoop, I really want many thanks to Zigui, don’t worry, we promised to do it hard.” Heaven Beyond the Heaven ridiculed.

The burial master also haha ​​smiled: “Don’t worry, Zigui, we will definitely do it.”

Lin Fan stepped back a few meters insignificantly.

But the owners of the restricted zone were laughing at this moment, and didn’t notice it.


Lin Fan yelled, his body burst back three hundred zhang.

“hong long!”

Golden-Red Clouds rush into the sky, brilliant lights and vibrant colors!

The valley was instantly obscured by the sudden rising sun.

As soon as Lin Fan roared ‘hands-on’, Zi Gui Ciao suddenly shot his hand, swift punch fiercely blasted towards the burial owner’s head, forcing him to retreat 100 meters forward!

It is this 100 meters, he was successfully trapped in a deadly formation!

“ha ha ha…Three rubbish, still want to use Lao Tzu?” Zi Gui sneered and said: “First, I punish my clansman, and see the treacherously, and then send someone to attack and kill the deity’s head to make a fuss! Now I’m ready, I will send you all to the West!”

“Damn it!”

“Zigui cry! You idiot!”

“Zigui cry, you are fooled!”

The faces of the owners of the three restricted areas have changed, and they all look pale.

They faintly saw the three ultimate weapons hanging in the air, hidden in the glow, and a more terrifying imposing manner under the hood!

That is Absolute Hell.

“jié jié… At this step, you still don’t stop, you want to cheat Laozi?”

Zi Gui grinned, and then roared: “Lin Fan, let’s make a move, let these treachery villains, choppy, completely body dies and Dao disappears.”

“Lin Fan, you want to be clear, there is still a race behind us, if we die here, can you Divine Court can withstand the revenge behind our race!”

The burial master tried many times to break through this big formation, but in the end all failed. At this time, he shouted in fear and threatened hysterics.

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