Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3417


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Lin Fan smiled happily.

Like a wolf with a big tail.

“The restricted area behind you is indeed a big threat.”


Lin Fan stopped smiling and sighed: “Although I don’t want to admit it, it is a fact. As far as the current strength is concerned, the penalty area is indeed slightly better than Divine Court.”

“jié jié…Since you know this, don’t you hurry to release us?”

The ghosts roar and laugh strangely.

The cultivation method of this restricted area is too weird and evil monster, which seems to be incompatible with Heaven and Earth, and the lightning and coercion from the Lei Shen whip all seem to affect him.

The vastness of the Heavenly Might-like coercion was just like this in his Soul Sea, making him thrilled.

“Lin Fan! You have to know that even if you kill the three of us, you won’t get any benefits. The three forbidden areas total hundreds of millions of people, and there are countless soldiers. We are suppressed by our presence, and there may not be chaos, but If we pass away without a leader, you should know what your Divine Court will face!”

The burial master shouted loudly and said: “In this way, we might as well sit down and have a talk, first punish Zigui, divide his family’s resources, and then we live together peacefully. What do you think?”

Lin Fan sneered: “Divine Court has never done anything like betraying allies, and will never do it in the future.”

Lin Fan’s words made De Zigui’s face smile.

“Lin Fan, do you really want to be irreconcilable? You have to know, at this time, your Divine Court is under war. If we didn’t stop it…”

The ghost screamed sternly.

A ray of lightning leaped from the Thor’s whip and fell on him. It was burned out of a scorched pit on the spot.

This was a disastrous result for him.

Thunderbolt is the Strength of Supreme Yang, which is born to restrain all ghosts and charms.

“You guys think too much.” Lin Fan said quietly.

He is not in a hurry at all.

Just as Chasing Moon said, if these people can get rid of this Killing Formation constructed with the ultimate weapon, then what is the need to fight?

Just give up and wait for death.

So, he is happy to chat with these dying people,

“Since you have known your plans and plans for a long time, how could the deity have no countermeasures?”

Lin Fan ridiculed: “I can guarantee that at this time the millions of people under your command who invaded Divine Court will be dead.”

This sentence changed the faces of the three people trapped in the big array.

“Of course, the deity also thought of the threat of the restricted zone you mentioned.” Lin Fan sneered.

“Three little ones!”

The burial master roared: “It is not them who died.”

“Nonsense.” Lin Fan yelled and said: “The quilt wailing daoist brother killed all of you clansman, Xiao Nuo and others have another important task.”

“jié jié…” Zi Gui sneered and said, “I have to say, Lin Fan Fellow Daoist’s planning is very horrible and comprehensive. The three most outstanding juniors in Divine Court have already gone to ransack their families, so you don’t talk about threats. Well, it’s useless. Maybe at this moment, the ethnic group that you backed up has been destroyed under the iron hoof of Divine Court.”

“pu 呲……”

The burial master coughed up a mouthful of blood immediately.

“Lin Fan! You must die!”

The burial master roared.

“Slayers are always killed.” Lin Fan’s eyes on the lunar calendar: “How could I suffer this if I didn’t destroy my heart of Divine Court? At this time, after my own Calamity Tribulation, he cursed here. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

“Spell it!”

“Kill! Don’t talk too much, the more you talk, the more shame you will be.”

“Yes, kill it, the trifling array, even if it is constructed with the ultimate weapon, but what? We didn’t bring the family weapon!”

The owner of the three restricted zones roared.

Knowing that it’s useless to say anything, only speed escape is true.

“Lin Fan, you hope that none of us can go out alive, otherwise you will definitely be killed in Divine Court.”

The voice of the ghost spirit is too harsh.

At this moment, a three-way army came across the Star Sea.

Long boundless, and after the army, there are long escorts.

That is the battle strength product after eliminating the three restricted areas.

Under the instruction of Xiao Nuo, they deliberately made a huge momentum, just to be so high-profile, and only in this way, can they shock those who are still coveting the restricted area of ​​Divine Court.

Xiao Nuo and the others are here, and they flew in front of Lin Fan to explain the gains, losses and damages of this battle.

“I don’t blame you.”

After hearing the casualties, even Lin Fan felt dizzy for a while.

Divine Court brother turned out to be dead hundreds of thousands!

This is because he set up the game to drag the three major restricted area owners, and the clan weapon is not in their clan, otherwise the death and injury are likely to be several times higher.

“Don’t take it to heart.”

Lin Fan sighed: “The brothers at Divine Court are dead, and you know what to do afterwards.”

Xiao Nuo is nodded, with red eyes, and said: “I will treat their family members kindly. As long as my Lin Family is still a day, the whole world can’t deceive them.”

Lin Fan nodded, then looked towards Xiaotian, and said: “Do you know the pain of the leader?”

Xiaotian was very silent.

After a while, he said: “The war…too cruel, watching each and everyone’s familiar face die like this…I can’t bear it.”

Lin Fan looked at Xiaotian and said something cruel, but the most realistic: “You take care of it, you won’t feel any more.”

laughed, he said: “The first time I returned from the lead, your brother asked me to drink all night, you are better than him.”

Xiao Nuo’s face is rarely embarrassed.

“Well, let’s not talk about other things now, let’s watch how terrifying the Lord of the restricted zone will be in a desperate situation.”

Lin Fan spoke, and then said: “This is not a joke, it is very important to us, and can roughly infer the strength of other penalty zone owners.”

Xiao Nuo and others are nodded.

The big formation is activated.

After reading it carefully, Lin Fan sighed and said: “The owner of the restricted area is indeed not a vain name. In this lore formation, he can actually fight for several hours.”

Xiao Nuo said: “Father, I even suspect that if it weren’t for purgatory hanging at the top and restricting the power of the clan weapon in their hands, I’m afraid they could support it longer.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “There is also the most important reason. They use their own power to activate the ultimate weapon, but I spurned the Heaven and Earth Grand Dao to bless the ultimate weapon. This is essential Difference.”

This valley is in ruins, and at least ten thousand zhang has become a barren land.

“Buried, even if it’s a crown of burial.” Lin Fan sighed, and said: “There are heroes in front of him. After death, you can’t let them have no land of burial.”

In Divine Court.

“Divine Court should be quiet for a long, long time.” Chen Xuandong started, and then said: “After being quiet, it must be a bigger storm. We must be ready.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Take advantage of this rare quietness to develop well. Many of the things I brought from Chaos Realm can also be used.”

“Will it be too early?” Chen Xuandong frowned.

Lin Fan sighed and said: “It’s early, after all, we have to exist in Divine Court forever before we can think about how to fight against the future.”

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