Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3418


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Chen Xuandong sighed.


He wanted to leave those Supreme Treasures at the end until they were used during the world war, and he wanted to save all the means until that time.

Think about the future.

But Lin Fan focuses on the present, the present.

Furthermore, what Lin Fan said is too right and too correct. If Divine Court is passed away, you still think about the future. Isn’t it a joke?

After that, everyone was discussing how to take advantage of this peaceful time that was finally won, and raise the strength of Divine Court to the extreme.


One night, the three restricted areas were swept across.

When the day was completely bright, the news shocked the entire Three Thousand World.

Countless big clans and forces are shiver coldly.

Even those restricted areas secretly coveted by Lin Fan feel trembling in fear.

After that, even more explosive news broke out. One of the restricted areas, the owner of the restricted area, formed an alliance with Lin Fan in front of countless people, and said on the spot that he would bring the ethnic group in the fastest time. To live in the Divine Court galaxy, choose a habitable star on the edge to thrive.

Of course, ordinary creatures are not qualified to know why this restricted area is like this.

But some big clans and forces are understood a little bit of trouble.

Knowing that just after the news of pull up by the roots in the three restricted areas overwhelmed Three Thousand World overnight, at least seven or eight restricted areas simultaneously attacked the restricted areas.

How the process is, few people know.

Even Lin Fan only knows the general idea from Zigui’s vague expression.

To sum up, the major restricted areas are pressing harder for Juixi, giving him two choices:

first, since then entered the world, the name of the restricted zone is not allowed.

The second type is to break with Divine Court and kill at least one or more senior members of Divine Court. This is counted as a vote. Only then, the rest of the restricted area will accept the restricted area again, and no longer be investigated for the restricted area. Conspired with Divine Court to kill the three restricted areas.

In the end, it was obvious that the restricted area of ​​Javier walked all the way to the dark, and was completely tied to Divine Court.

Lin Fan didn’t say anything, just smiled and looked towards Zi Gui, and welcomed him to the Divine Court galaxy.

It’s just that Lin Fan’s eyes were extremely gloomy when Zi Gui Ciao left.

These restricted areas really cannot be seen in Divine Court. Well, until now, the four major restricted areas have been wiped out. Can they still not extinguish the hearts of these people in Divine Court?

And Lin Fan is sure that when he heard those two conditions, he must have been tempted.

Forbidden area.

In many eras, it is taboo, aloof and remote.

Why did Zigui cry willing to lose this title?

Ke Zigui said that he understood the malicious intentions of the rest of the restricted areas. Moreover, he was sure that he was destined to never return to that group ever since he established the three restricted areas with Divine Court.

The reason for submitting the name certificate was just to watch him die in the hands of Divine Court.

“God, you must pay attention to this restricted area.” Lin Fan’s eyes were sharp and he said: “This Zigui Cry is a person who has forgotten his good fortune. At this time, he was tied to my Divine Court boat. Only, any decision made under compelled by circumstances, when he has a way to go, my Divine Court will definitely be abandoned.”

Little Heavenly Eye narrowed her eyes.

“You have to pay attention to Zigui, but when he is not abnormal, don’t disturb him.” Lin Fan said, “I believe you can do this well.”

“Father, don’t worry.” Xiaotian sneered: “He won’t feel anything wrong with keeping it in the daytime, but as long as he dares to show any unruly behavior, Child promises that he regrets betraying Divine Court.”

Lin Fan nodded: “Go, I want to go for a walk.”

“Where is father going?” Xiaotian frowned and said: “The world is unstable, those restricted areas are hidden in the dark…”

“They don’t dare.” Lin Fan shook his head, sure, and said: “Even if I am sure, even if I am alone in a restricted area, they will not dare to mess around.”

Xiaotian still wants to persuade.

But Lin Fan shook his head, and said, “I’m going out for a walk, go shopping in several restricted areas, and discuss with them. They can’t let them always mistakenly think that Divine Court is really afraid of me. Lost them.”

“The child goes with father.” Xiaotian said, very determined.

Lin Fan smiled suddenly and said: “Well, you kid haven’t walked with your father yet. I happened to take this opportunity to teach you something, so I can teach you.”

This starry sky journey made Xiaotian even more aware of the strength and incomparable of his father.

Go to the nine restricted areas, each has challenges, and each has war.

But his father has never lost a game.

Moreover, they defeated the enemy by crossing the great realm with the power of the six realms.

The Purgatory was not used.

Of course, it is also because of the Purgatory Hell hanging from Lin Fan’s head that Lin Fan can play a fair battle with the owners of the restricted area or Supreme Elder-class creatures in the restricted area.

On the way home.

“Peace this thing, never use your mouth.” Lin Fan faintly said: “Only when the fist is hard and strong enough, can there be real peace.”

“Child, remember.” Xiaotian said.

He has benefited too much from this coming and going. The most important thing is that the understood is not easy for his parents.

In Divine Court, Lin Fan’s return is indeed to let everyone relax.

Father and son are wandering across the starry sky, which sounds very good and beautiful.

But every step is difficult and dangerous.

As long as Lin Fan is slightly weak, it will definitely splash the starry sky, or fall in which restricted zone.

“Okay, wait, those forbidden zone owners must be discussing urgently, at least they dare not mess around until they have no absolute certainty to destroy me.”

Lin Fan spoke, and then looked towards Chen Xuandong, saying: “Next trouble you, take advantage of this time period to develop the strength of Divine Court.”

“Don’t worry.” Chen Xuandong slightly smiled and said: “There are that many heavenly materials and earthly treasures. If the strength of Divine Court cannot be upgraded to a new level, then I will really be a waste.”

Lin Fan slightly smiled: “I’m going to Small World to plant Purgatory and see what flowers can grow.”

Lin Fan went to the most remote and ruined galaxy and found his Small World.

In this broken starry sky, his unremarkable Small World is so dazzling and eye-catching.

Lin Fan slowly landed in his Small World, feeling the fresh breath on it, unexpectedly feeling a sense of intimacy.

Also, when he arrives, it seems that this World is also welcoming him, showing affection, as if he saw his parents who have not returned for a long time.


Divine Court opens today.

Meeting a group of distinguished guests.

This group of distinguished guests is the representative of the restricted area, and it is precisely the owner of the restricted area that Lin Fan went to.

They all came, but it was like a visit between old friends, there was no overbearing.

Lin Fan is not there, Xiao Nuo came out to welcome him, these penalty zone owners also praised Xiao Nuo more, praised Lin Fan for his good luck, etc., and he was kind.

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