Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3419


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This is the typed peace!

If Divine Court has been treating the restricted areas with weakness and tolerance, it will definitely be beaten to the gate of the mountain by the restricted area. Don’t think too much, it will definitely be like this.

Just because the enemy is more vicious, you have to be more vicious than him, that’s right.

Divine Court has once again become the center of the entire universe, all watching Divine Court’s every move.

Of course, no one is stupid enough to think that war will break out this time.

Several owners of restricted areas entered Divine Court alone, with a kind attitude, with normal etiquette, first posted a famous post, and then entered the Divine Court according to the etiquette, which means that this time is peaceful.

For Three Thousand World, this is a shocking good thing and deserves to be celebrated.

All spirits are like ants, and they only pray for peace and prosperity.

Furthermore, the life struggles of the people at the bottom may only need a sneeze at the top level to turn it into nothing.

Of course, Lin Fan didn’t pay attention to all of this anymore. At this time, Lin Fan sank into his Small World and went deep into the earth’s interior. He felt the high temperature that began to emerge at the center of the earth’s core. , I felt the breathing pulse on this planet.

Of course, I also saw the womb of the plane whose consciousness was erased by him.

At this time, Lin Fan was thinking. He had told Xiao Nuo more than a month ago that he had already felt the threshold of the seven realms, but feeling was one thing, and really touching it was another thing. Of course, if the mirror is broken in the end, that is another matter.

This world is closely related to his cultivation base, but in the past, he didn’t feel that way at all until he returned to Three Thousand World this time and set foot on this planet again.

“How can you grow.”

Lin Fan has complicated eyes.

This is a broken road that no one has come to the end, and everything needs him to fumble forward.

With a sigh, he raised his right hand and looked at the flame burning at his fingertips.

When he first came into contact with Dadao, he relied on this fire cultivation, twice the results for half the effort. In fact, at the beginning, he did relied on this fire to surpass his age until he swept invincible.

Finally, he found that this fire complements him. From this flame, he can most intuitively understand what a avenue is, but whenever he captures it from this between Heaven and Earth, and understands the new principles , This flame will also have a corresponding additional rule.

In the end, after he took control of the Three Thousand Great Daos, this fire did not increase or decrease, as if some weird mutation was being produced.

“Someone told me that you may be the rudiment of Da Ri, but I don’t look like it.” Lin Fan smiled bitterly: “You are only the size of a thumb. If you are in the dark, you can’t shine three feet away, where Have a little majestic spirit?”

Lin Fan was talking to himself, venting the distress of having no idea and breaking the mirror.

But this ray of flame flashed suddenly, and there was a blazing flame splashing, which actually ignited the surroundings.

Lin Fan was originally 10,000 feet underground, but when the fire was splashed everywhere, this was a fresh and humid space, which suddenly changed and became a lava sea!

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink sharply.

Could this really be the exclusive day of his world in the future?

It’s so terrifying.

At the moment the flames splashed, he felt the skin of the road hot and red.


Chaos Realm.


“The kid walked quickly and neatly, but he left a lot of mess.”

Liu Yingshu said bitterly, “Not only to protect his woman and child, but to continue to do the unfinished things for him.”

Hai Kuang shrugged and said, “But we are all willing.”

Liu Yingshu glared at Sea Madness, and said: “You haven’t called the Seagod Mantle yet? This time is not peaceful, if there is no suppression by the clan weapon, I am afraid it is wrong.”

The sea mad cold and severe smiled: “Now it’s no better than before. Even if the Celestial Clan really wants to move my sea family, I have to think carefully.”

Liu Yingshu said: “Which one really miscalculated? He thought he had an overview of the whole situation, everything was under his control, and the world was under his control, and everything was like a god, but he missed the hearts of the people.”


Sea mad nodded, said: “The reason why he misses people’s hearts is because he aloof and remote are used to treating everything except him as ants.”

The ancestor of the blood spirit Divine Race faintly sighed: “It is because of this that Little Brat can win the game and win this round, otherwise…”

“The structure of the world has indeed changed, and it is no longer the words of the Celestial Family. This is a good thing, but it is also a bad thing.”

Liu Yingshu frowned and said: “The heavenly race is impossible to let this pattern continue, so we must be careful.”

The sea knight slightly lowered his eyebrows and said: “It is necessary for us to gather together. We must discuss how to maintain this situation. I really don’t want to be controlled by the heavens. That feeling…too bad , I have done a lot of things against my heart, and even Dao Xin is covered in dust.”

“It is indeed time to get together.” The ancestor of the blood spirit Divine Race narrowed his eyes and said, “Even in my opinion, even Wang Qing’er should come, and the kid’s woman should also come. “

When she mentioned that boy’s woman, Liu Yingshu’s eyes suddenly lit up: “I don’t know if she was born.”

The sea mad said with a bitter smile: “That group blocked the channel, and the news is too difficult to pass.”

“I’ll go there in person.” Liu Yingshu said, “We can’t let him ignore it if his house is sealed off. If there is an accident between the mother and son, based on the character of that kid, I guess it’s chaos. Will be sunk.”


Sun Luo world.

Rakshasa has not gone to court for three months.

Of course, there is no cultivation in March.

This is unique in her life.

The reason why you don’t cultivate is that I don’t know from anyone who heard that if the female cultivator is cultivation during pregnancy, it may turn off the fetus within the body.

Rakshasa was scared on the spot. In the end, the Pill Master kept in the Imperial Palace proved that this was impossible and that this would not happen, so Rakshasa was relieved.

But Rakshasa did not dare to take any risk.

At this time, she stroked an ordinary black jersey worn by Lin Fan, and the thoughts in her eyes were enough to fill Star Sea.

“You sad man…”

Rakshasa spoke faintly and looked far away: “Just like this, across the starry sky, just like this, across the border. I want to see you again. Is 100,000 years enough?”

Then, she looked down towards her belly that was about to give birth and said: “Child, after you are born, will mother take you to find your father? I don’t want this world, I don’t want this royal court. Whoever wants to take it, shall I just have a family reunion?”

At this moment, the fetus in the belly seemed to hear Rakshasa’s whisper, and kicked gently, causing Rakshasa to laugh.

“Little Brat.” Rakshasa gently stroked, and then said: “I also want to find your father regardless, but if your father wants revenge, you need a powerful force to take root in this chaos. The Hai Family is very Strong, Liuri Divine Race is very strong, but it is not our own strength, so…we mothers take root in this chaos, waiting for your father to enter the chaos.”

Rakshasa’s eyes stood up.

Only at this time, she is the Lord of the Sun Luo.

It is the King Rakshasa of Megatron Chaos.

But this kind of strength was only maintained for a moment. Rakshasa’s eyes suddenly turned red, with a crying voice: “But when will he come?”

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