Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3420


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“little girl, thinking about him again.”

Liu Yingshu is really here.

Of course, the shrimp soldiers and crab generals guarding the passage between the two realms are also impossible to stop Liu Yingshu’s footsteps.

Rakshasa Wang Jing happily said: “Senior, you are here.”

Liu Yingshu was nodded and said: “I know you are going to give birth, so I will take a look.”

They are like friends, walking hand in hand, talking, it is obvious that with Liu Yingshu’s company, King Rakshasa feels much better.

“I only hope that Little Brat will grow faster and come back sooner.”

Liu Yingshu sighed and said: “This chaos should be broken and re-established.”

“Is the chaos chaotic?” Rakshasa asked.

“More than chaos?” Liu Yingshu sneered, and said: “It can be called a simultaneous.”

“What do you mean?” Rakshasa’s beautiful eyes wrinkled, and said, “Could anyone now dare to subvert the rule of that clan?”

Liu Yingshu said: “To subvert the rule of that clan, I am afraid that only Little Brat has this courage.”

Liu Yingshu gave a wry smile and said: “I have to admit that even me, I still don’t have such ambitions until now.”

The color of pride appeared in Rakshasa’s eyes.

Liu Yingshu sighed and said, “You little girls, you are all peerless beauties. In the past, I was afraid that there would be no one in an era, but you really fell in love with one person at the same time.”

Rakshasa said: “He is like the most poisonous poison with a terrible temptation.”

Liu Yingshu bitterly laughed.

Rakshasa faintly said: “For me and the younger sister who chased the moon, Lin Fan is to us, just like the sea mad Old Senior is to Senior you.”

Liu Yingshu slightly smiled.

Rakshasa said: “For the Sea Madness Old Senior, you don’t hesitate to live in the world ten tens of thousands of years with the ugliest appearance, how decisive and domineering are you.”

“He is worth it.” Liu Yingshu smiled gently.

Rakshasa said: “He is also worth it.”

Both of them laughed at the same time.

“Are they still safe?”

After smiling, Liu Yingshu’s eyes showed a coldness: “Did they make any more troubles during this time?”

Rakshasa shook his head: “A lot better, besides, they are all in Ancient Battlefield. They are watched by the Beast Kings, and they can’t make any noise.”

“I have to beat them often, otherwise I really think that no one can cure Lin Fan after they are gone.”

Liu Yingshu’s eyes were steep and cold, and said: “I’ll go and see, if it’s too much, I don’t mind killing one or two people.”

Rakshasa smiled bitterly and said: “Forget it, Wang Qing’er Senior is very strict and didn’t let anyone make trouble.”


Chaos Realm is really messed up.

The Divine Race was destroyed, and the vacated Nuo great territory was too alluring.

If it can be occupied, it is Divine Race regeneration.

In the beginning, the whole world was watching.

See if there will be a Divine Race that will attack these territories. I waited for a long time, but nothing happened.


A group of Divine Races became a sensation, and their bloodthirsty eyes were aimed at these vast territories that suddenly lost their owners.

Of course, there is a big trick in this matter.

But no one thought about it.

For example, why Haijia, the leader of Divine Race, will let these territories have no owners.

For example, why the few remaining Divine Races in the world do not select and support new races.

There is also why the heavenly race has been sitting idly by until now.

It’s not that no one thought, maybe under the temptation of this terror, deliberately didn’t think about it.

It’s really a co-op, in that vast territory, every day, at least four or five mammoth wars will erupt, and there will be no fewer than hundreds of people in each battle!

And among the forces competing for territory, an unremarkable ethnic group jumped up and was paid attention to by the world.

This tribe—surnamed Lu!

This group of too terrifying, there were only tens of thousands of people at first, but in the constant battle and fighting, there are more and more people in this group.

Until now, the strength of this race is no worse than those of Divine Race.

There are too many prestigious Loose Cultivators, small clans, etc., have joined the Lu Family and pledged allegiance.


“That Xiaojia’s vision is always unique and accurate.”

Hai Kuang laughed, looked towards Gu Shejing, and said: “Your Gu She clan’s support should have been sent, right?”

Gu Shejing nodded, said: “I have already been in place, otherwise I would not dare to come to Senior to beg for a drink.”

Hai Kuang laughed and cursed, and threw it to Gu She to respect a few jars of Divine Immortal. Divine Immortal was drunk and cursed: “Save me a little, this thing will not survive much.”

Gu Shejing grinned.

But after a few sips, he said: “People are always fickle, Supreme Elder is just a little favor of him, if it is finally…”

Sea Kuang’s eyes narrowed.

Gu Shejing said: “If this is the case, we would have lost our wife and lost our troops.”

“Only one bet.”

Hai Kuang sighed, and said, “Only his Lu Family is the most suitable for our chosen goals. It has nothing to do with a few of us. If he is a brilliant man and requires wild ambition, all this is only suitable for King Lu.” /p>

Gu Shejing sighed and said: “I hope that King Lu is a grateful and seeking to repay the kindness, otherwise…I will really kill him.”

The angry look flickered in the sea knight’s eyes, but he didn’t say much.

At this time, King Lu is leading a stable war.

This fight has come to an end. Hearing the sound of the mountain cry out and sea howl of his soldiers, he smiled, but his eyes were cold.

“Master…So you are not from this world.”

Wang Lu looked towards the sky, looking at the twinkling stars on the hanging night, faintly said: “Master, which star are you in now? Disciple walks to this step, if you can see it, you will Do you really accept me as a discipline?”

He was whispering, and then said: “Old Senior Seaman is very good, telling me a lot, but I think their methods are too gentle to the point where they should be, so the discipline has other plans… just not Know if I can live after I do that.”


Lin Fan didn’t know that Chaos Realm had so many people looking forward to him and reading him.

At this time he was completely in chaos.

The whole person’s mind is immersed in the flame.

Holding a posture for eight days without moving.

After a full half a year, Lin Fan slowly opened his eyes.

“It’s true, so that’s how it is, then I seem to know…what should I go next.”

Lin Fan stood up, he took dozens of dead stars, combined them all into a bigger star with Great Divine Ability, and then fixed it on a mysterious trajectory, and then Throw the flame in your hand into this big star thought to be fabricated.

“When one day you will illuminate the world like that big sun, I will be pregnant.”

Lin Fan smiled, then opened his hands, and said: “At this time, I should bathe before robbery.”

The six realms of the gods break through the seven realms.

It takes two tribulations.

Frontier robbery.

The first tribulation.


The second tribulation.

Two calamities have passed, and the seven realms of the gods will come to fruition.

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