Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3421


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Lin Fan Transcending Tribulation has always been powerful and vibrated the ancient star. In the past, when Lin Fan Transcending Tribulation, the lightning sea flooded the awning land, it seemed that the sky would have Life Extinction because of him.

But this time is different, calm and tranquil.

Of course, this is not Lin Fan’s maverick, nor is it the same as before, just because Heaven and Earth don’t recognize it.

It’s just that.

Only for the heart of the cultivator.

This is a test of Taoism and Taoism, it is a torture of the cultivator’s true mind.

This is a catastrophe from the inside out, but the anti-cultivator Dao Xin and Dao Foundation are a little bit flawed and will be cooked into a pile of ashes.

If there are six realms who perceive the imminent calamity before the realm, they will feel heartfelt fear while being pleasantly surprised, and will think that catastrophe is imminent. This kind of mood is very complicated.

Crossing this frontier, you can ascending to the skies with a single leap, stepping into this Ji Tianxu summit, and overlooking the ups and downs of the world.

However, this terrifying too terrifying was accompanied by the blood and tears of countless Heaven’s Chosen.

Since ancient times, I don’t know how many heroes who are like rays of light ten thousand zhang finally fell before the threshold of this blade, feeling lonely. I don’t know how many aptitudes are enough to dominate the evildoers of ancient and modern times. A drop of water until it is forgotten.

Also, when he was in Chaos Realm, the sea mad told Lin Fan seriously and conscientiously, saying that his talent is incomparable, and he would definitely be able to go to this step now, but if he perceives the predicament, be cautious and careful.

At least it is necessary to clean up all surrounding millions li that may affect Transcending Tribulation or sneaky creatures.

Take himself as an example. At that time, when he was crossing this realm, the Hai Family army dispatched to seal up and encircle the above heaven under earth with a radius of one million li centered on the Hai Family God’s Mansion to prevent death.


He bathed, burned incense, and calmed down for three days before going through this predicament with a mortal heart.

So, I warn Lin Fan that he must be careful and careful when he perceives the predicament, and there must be no omissions.

Lin Fan was also thinking of what the sea mad told him about the various things that happened when he crossed this realm, such as his state of mind, and what tests he would go through.

After a long while, Lin Fan hehe smiled, and said: “I, Lin Fan, do not ashamed of Heaven and Earth in this life. Can this trifling pre-territory catastrophe help me and?”

He sits directly in the Transcending Tribulation in the deadly galaxy, with only the town god clock to accompany him, apart from this and nothing else.

If it is known to outsiders, someone who dares to transcending tribulation so easily and casually will startle his teeth and make fun of Lin Fan for being too insightful and not knowing the horror of this tribulation.

Of course, perhaps more came from hearing the sound, smiling coldly in the cheapest corner, waiting for the fire to rise from the heart that day, and finally lighting Lin Fan into a bonfire.


Divine Court is very busy.

Qingcheng and Chen Xuandong, one person manages the outside and the other inside. It is not the first time that the two have cooperated. Therefore, the entire Divine Court is well organized. The many resources Lin Fan brought from Chaos Realm were not wasted at all. Turned into the real battle strength of Divine Court.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Divine Court is really changing with each passing day, and its strength has skyrocketed too fast.

Everyone was immersed in the joy of the sudden increase in Divine Court’s strength, and even thought that the power of Divine Court at this time was enough to dominate the Three Thousand World. When it swept through the restricted areas, the demon who ignored world affairs spoke Up.

Call someone directly to ask Chen Xuandong and Wu Qingcheng to go to his courtyard.

In this courtyard, General Slasher is also there.

“Daughter-in-law visits father-in-law.” Qingcheng Yingying bowed down.

The Queen smiled hehe and quickly helped Qingcheng up.

The demon said: “Thanks for your hard work, little girl, I know that my son is lazy by nature. This Divine Court can only be built, but it can develop to the present state. It depends on you people.”

Qingcheng said shyly: “This is all my daughter-in-law.”

Mozun laughed and gestured Chen Xuandong and Qingcheng to sit down, then he looked towards Chen Xuandong and said: “You are doing a good job, you have the talent of General, not just a Divine Court, I even think that you Command the Three Thousand World, you can do it too.”

Chen Xuandong said with a bitter smile: “Uncle overpraised Junior. It’s just the Divine Court thing that made me mess up. In fact, if I hadn’t had my younger siblings to help me, I would make a mess and I couldn’t be too busy.”

Mozun haha ​​smiled: “I don’t want to praise people, Faner has your brothers, it is his greatest luck and blessing in this life.”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes flashed with pride: “There are two brothers in the same world. Without Brother Lin, our group would only fight and die in that small state and county. How could it be today? The grandeur of the Three Thousand World and the vast ancient history?”

Mozun chatted with Chen Xuandong and Qingcheng. After the tension in both of them was relieved, they slowly became serious and said: “Divine Court is dangerous now.”

The faces of Chen Xuandong and Qingcheng changed suddenly.

“I am not saying that someone is going to move our Divine Court, but that there is a big problem with Divine Court itself.”

The devil sighed, then solemnly looked towards Chen Xuandong and Qingcheng, and said: “In your opinion, where is the horror of my Divine Court?”

Qingcheng thought for a while, and said: “All you have to do with one heart, the soldiers will die.”

Mozun is slightly nodded, which is regarded as a recognition of Qingcheng’s words, and then looked towards Chen Xuandong and said: “What about you?”

Chen Xuandong said: “Junior believes that the longevity of Divine Court is because of the inheritance, the passion of the Divine Court when it was first built. Of course, more importantly, my Divine Court was in the midst of war. Step by step to this day, I have experienced desperate battles, and faced the cruelty when I crossed the boundary…”

Mozun said: “You two are right. Whether a Legion is strong or weak depends not only on the overall cultivation base, but also on the soul, so do you understand?”

“Junior understands.”

“Daughter-in-law understands.”

Chen Xuandong and Qingcheng both spoke.

“Besides the soul, there must be bones.” Demon Lord said, “My Divine Court army, soul and bones are available, so I can face the dangers of the world and destroy Divine Court. From the inside.”

“Father-in-law, is there something wrong with Divine Court?”

Qingcheng’s eyes shrank sharply. ,

If this is the case, then she has sinned too much.

She is responsible for all the internal affairs of Divine Court. If something goes wrong inside Divine Court, she doesn’t know that this is a fault.

“Old Guy, for you, you are very good at marching and fighting.” Demon Lord smiled and looked towards General Slasher.

Heaven Slashing General nodded, said: “Their strength has increased too fast.”

Qingcheng’s pupils narrowed again, and then apologized: “Daughter-in-law understands…”

Chen Xuandong smiled wryly: “Junior also understands.”

They are all extremely intelligent people, and you only need someone to remind you to know where the problem is.

The devil suddenly laughed and said: “I have often heard the brother of Divine Court in the past few days fighting, saying that they are going to conquer the restricted area. The fundamental reason is that they have the strength that they don’t match their moods. .”

“Dare to ask uncle how to solve this matter.”

Chen Xuandong looked towards Zhan Tianjiang, his expression is very solemn.


Zhan Tian will only have this word.

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