Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3422


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This is a battlefield veteran!

Today, all Divine Court executives know that the reason why the Demon Sovereign was able to secure the position of the 7th Realm was that besides his own strength that overwhelmed the entire 7th Realm, it was this person who was by his side to never leave each Credit to other’s veteran.

Town the abyss, take the house of the uncle of the country, temper the heavenly army!


So even if he hadn’t held a Palm Blade soldier for thousands of years, but when a killing character was spit out from his mouth, the wind and wind suddenly screamed, like several millions who died directly or indirectly in the hands of the general The soul roared and howled.

Even Qingcheng is slightly change color.

It’s a strong killing intent.

What a terrifying baleful qi.

“You old bastard, if I frighten Lao Tzu’s daughter-in-law, Lao Tzu won’t forgive you.” The devil laughed and waved, and all the natural phenomenon was wiped out.

Also, between this wave of hands, Lin Zhen’s strength was revealed and he was in the four realms of God!

Prove that he never spent time in vain.

General Swordsman said: “Since they don’t have a state of mind that matches their strength, they will continue to fight until they have this state of mind, and kill until they have this state of mind.”

“Who to fight with?” Chen Xuandong smiled bitterly, and said: “The restricted area takes the initiative to show good, this is the best peace zone, this is the best development period, if Divine Court takes the initiative to break this situation, Junior thinks it is unwise .”

Mozun Lin Zhen’s eyes narrowed, and he said: “Yin and lonely prison.”

Qingcheng’s pupils shrank sharply and said: “That’s too dangerous! Many people will die.”

Mozun Lin Zhen hehe smiled and said: “I am idle as I am idle. Zhan Tian and I went for a trip. This is a map of a thousand miles in the eerie prison. There seems to be something hidden in the depths. Go in.”

Wu Qingcheng complexion slightly changed, and quickly got up and took the map respectfully with both hands. This map was too detailed. It marked what weird creatures would appear in every 1000 meters, and what level of their strength.

“Father-in-law, please stop taking risks.” After reading the map, Wu Qingcheng smiled bitterly and said: “If you make any mistakes, Husband will blame me.”

“He dare! Go against his heaven.” The devil’s eyes stood up and said: “When I am old, I only know that I can eat and wait to die?”

Wu Qingcheng smiles bitterly besides a bitter smile.

The Queen glared at the Demon Lord, then looked towards Qingcheng, and said: “You can take a closer look at this map, if it can be done, then it is a great thing for Divine Court, it is an excellent training. Although the field is dangerous, with this map, you can step by step. In fact, the risk to go through will not be too great.”

Chen Xuandong took the map from Qingcheng and studied it carefully. After a long while, he said: “If this place can be used, the strength of my Divine Court will not only increase three to five times? This is indeed an excellent training ground. .”

Mozun said: “This time, I will go with the leader of Zhantian.”

Wu Qingcheng complexion greatly changed.

How dare you.

How can it be.

That is the Danger Land of Three Thousand World. According to rumors, there are more than one or two Pregnancy Dao realms that fall in it.

“Let me go with me. After calling Xuyang, Xiaonuo will go too.”

Lin Long is here, said with a smile: “Even if the dead place is in danger, we shouldn’t be in danger only within a thousand miles on this map.”

Until Lin Long appeared, the anxiety in Wu Qingcheng’s eyes disappeared slightly.

At the beginning, she even thought about the urge to force Lin Fan back to summon.

Just because she really doesn’t know what to do.

It seems to be wrong to stop or not to stop.

In the end, the 30,000 people in Divine Court served as the Vanguard Team, accompanied by Lin Long and General Slayer, secretly heading towards the ghastly hell.

Three full days.

Wu Qingcheng was worried for three days.

I was afraid that Lin Long would have something to do with General Zhantian. Until the tenth day, Xu Yang sent a message back and informed Wu Qingcheng that they were already close to 1100 li of Infinite Prison, and after sending the news to within 2,000 miles, Wu Qingcheng only Long relaxed.

This is also the task of Lin Long and General Slayer.

Explore everything within two thousand miles, and then divide the training area into one thousand miles.

Only in this way can we be foolproof.

In the end, Lin Long searched all the two thousand miles and confirmed the threat of no name. After he alone was enough to deal with it, the 30,000 people led by Xiao Nuo in the second wave entered the infernal prison again.

Cycle training.

At most hundreds of people per batch.

This is the bottom line of Wu Qingcheng.

Zhantian once fought hard with reason.

In the end she won.

In March, the 400,000 army of Divine Court seemed to be completely transformed.

Accomplished and killed.

No more impetuosity after the power surge, all were polished by the terrifying Hell.

Of course, tens of thousands of people died.

This makes Wu Qingcheng very guilty and self-blaming.

I think that if it weren’t because of my inadequate consideration at the beginning, the step by step improvement of the Divine Court brother’s strength would not have happened.

It’s just her mind, no one can comfort her, maybe only Lin Fan will come back.

Lin Fan robbery before crossing the border.

This catastrophe is extremely terrifying, and there are even ancient records that some people spent hundreds of years in this catastrophe, even thousands of years long.

If it weren’t for Lin Fan’s fate, it is estimated that Divine Court would go crazy and would go through the entire Star Sea to find Lin Fan.

One year.

Two years.

The third year.

In the dead galaxy, on a faintly luminous planet, a silhouette of cosmic dust piled up like a sculpture suddenly exploded.

The two eyes shot terrifying rays of light. If the aurora swept across the stars, all the stars burst open and the sky was cut through.

This is Lin Fan. It is difficult for him to successfully cross tribulation, without any risk, without any disturbance.

This is mainly due to the consolidation of his Dao Foundation.

If he didn’t dare to step back from that realm many times that day, then he would lose the opportunity of Transcending Tribulation. Dao fruit is not perfect, and will always be weaker than people of the same realm.

“The strength has indeed increased dramatically.”

Lin Fan frowned and said, “How can I practice it to verify my battle strength at this time?”

Very distressed.

After arriving at this step, it is difficult to verify your own strength.

“The owners of the restricted area are not opponents either.” Lin Fan smiled bitterly, and said: “I suspect that if I met the Old Guy in the restricted area of ​​Heavenly Ghost now, I could kill him with one punch.”

Speaking of this person’s name, Lin Fan has a little cold and severe in his eyes.

Three years ago, he took Xiaowu to challenge the owners of the major restricted areas. Only this ghost made him blood and was killed several times by True Form.

“If I were to challenge like this, it would be a bit bad. Will it ruin some of Qingcheng’s plans?” Lin Fan’s face was bitter, but then his eyes suddenly brightened: “Why don’t I change my head? Let’s fight with one identity.”

The more Lin Fan thinks about it, the more he feels that he wants to verify his battle strength. There is only this way. With one step, he becomes a rough man with a sturdy back and round waist, holding a long sword transformed from Zhu Tian. Go straight to the Heavenly Ghost restricted area.

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