Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3423


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Of course, Lin Fan didn’t forget to call out Daohe to report to Qingcheng and others for safety, and clearly stated where he was going.

Heavenly Ghost restricted area, far away in another galaxy.

From here, I don’t know how far it is, I can’t measure it.

But Lin Fan is determined to go to the first battle.

In that battle, although he won, he was definitely not easy. His body was killed many times and he was bleeding in the sky many times.

This makes Lin Fan feel like he has lost his face in front of Xiaotian, and feels dissatisfied that he is better than the ghost in the end.

At this time, he is going to fight this ghost again, and he is shameful.

The power of the restricted area seems to have reached a freezing point in this era.

All of this abundance originated from Divine Court.

Forbidden areas that only appeared in legends in the past have appeared one after another, and the owners of the forbidden areas, who are like mythical characters in the hearts of the world, appear from time to time.

This was lifted the mysterious veil, even more how, Divine Court proved with actual actions that the restricted area is not really invincible.

Therefore, those restricted areas where no one dared to set foot in the past, such as Danger Land, have always been wandering during this time.

They have no bad intentions.

Just curious.

I really want to see what the restricted area is like.

But I didn’t dare to mess around, I just dared to look outside the ten thousand zhang.

For example, outside the Heavenly Ghost restricted area at this time, at least a hundred people craned their necks and looked towards the huge Ghost Sect from a distance.

The gate of this restricted area really looks like an evil spirit.

Open your bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, facing a dark misty path, and this path is the only way to the Heavenly Ghost restricted area.

At this time, Lin Fan arrived.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t go forward, otherwise Calamity Tribulation will definitely come down.”

Seeing Lin Fan walking straight towards the Ghost Sect without saying a word, someone kindly reminded him.

“daoist brother, please hold your steps.” Someone yelled and said, “Fellow Daoist, don’t be impulsive, don’t think you are strong and you really don’t have enough to see in front of this restricted area.”

“Yes, Fellow Daoist. Yesterday, there was a great expert who was in the four realms of God. He did not believe in evil. He approached the ten thousand zhang area defined by the Heavenly Ghost forbidden area, but after taking one more step, there was a ghost knife heading towards him. Cut it and kill him for a Soul Destruction burial.”

And, someone pointed to a tall, bare tree trunk.

When Lin Fan saw this tree trunk, his pupils suddenly chilled!

This tree trunk has three zhang highs, and each and everyone bloody heads are inserted on it.

“Fellow Daoist…”

Someone is extremely angry: “Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, don’t go forward, do you think you are Lin Fan.”

Someone spoke up again, mocking.

“Quiet.” Someone hurriedly scolded and said, “You want to die? You know that the name Lin Fan is taboo here, besides, is that name also worthy of you and me? You should be called God Lord.”

“hmph! Divine Court is far outside the galaxy, how dare he call him his real name here?” The man sneered.

“Brother, don’t you know it? When you arrive at the realm of the God Lord, whenever someone thinks of it, he will feel it. If he asks for it, it’s easy and simple to find your roots and feet, when the time comes ……”

Someone squinted.

The person who mentioned the name of Lin Fan suddenly changed his face, pale and frightened, and said, “I just call this name, and I am sincere and disrespectful to him. Besides, isn’t the name just for calling it?” /p>

He is still pretending to be tough.

But in the end, he couldn’t hold it anymore, and knelt on the ground with a groan after a cry, begging for mercy at the location of Divine Court in this way.

Lin Fan scratched his head speechlessly.

Is that your own name?

speaking of which I have never killed anyone indiscriminately.

Lin Fan didn’t know at all. Now for the entire Three Thousand World, he is even more terrifying than the owner of the restricted area.

Just because the restricted area tried to destroy Divine Court many times and failed. On the contrary, under his leadership, Divine Court destroyed one restricted area after another.

Lin Fan continued to move forward, discarding all words that were either kindly persuaded or deliberately stimulating him to move forward.


Sure enough!

As soon as he walked into the area of ​​Wanzhang, a ghost knife rotated and chopped down at his neck.

A ray of cold light bloomed in my eyes, and the ghost knife burst open.

“Hey… it’s something to see.”

Suddenly, a gloomy voice sounded, and then a black-faced man walked out: “You are not bad. I have killed some waste materials these days. It’s tasteless. I hope you can I have fun.”

“It’s him!”

“Gosh, ten-zhang head tree trunk, he made five by himself!”

“Doesn’t that mean that he killed at least tens of thousands of people?


The silhouette appeared, and someone suddenly exclaimed sternly and quickly retreated, once again far away from the area delineated by the Heavenly Ghost restricted area.

Of course Lin Fan heard these words, his eyes were very cold, and he said: “It’s just getting close. Is it necessary to kill someone?”

“tsk tsk, just ants, kill them if you kill them.”

This black-faced man is very domineering, and points to Lin Fan, saying: “Everyday all you flies appear, and all want to enter the restricted area, but in fact, you any cat or dog can enter the restricted area? “

Lin Fan is silent.

I thought that when I came last time, you said the same in the Heavenly Ghost restricted area.

As a result, I punched in alive.

It seems like this time again?

Then, his eyes fell weird.

This dark-faced Heavenly Ghost from the restricted area seems to have seen him last time.

The last time he and Xiaotian came, this person was also at the gate of the restricted area.

His original intention was to visit the house last time, but this person tore his greeting card in front of him, and it was like this—‘Lin Fan? What a thing! Can any cat or dog enter the restricted area of ​​my Heavenly Ghost? ’

Lin Fan slapped him on the spot.

Sucked his five big teeth and smashed half of his face.

Leave a means to prevent the rotten half of the face from healing.

Perhaps the black air covering the face at this time is to cover up the rotten half of the face.

“Trash, what do you look at? Hurry up and die!”

This man is angry.

It was because he noticed that Lin Fan was looking at the half of his face that had been smashed under the black air.

This is sticking a knife into his heart.


He rushed, too fast, walking with the knife, the blade glow cracked.

“Hey… one more person will die.”

“hmph! We have repeatedly advised him to go his own way, he is just a fool, he will die if he dies.”



The knife killed too fast, so it fell and flew out faster.

This time Lin Fan smashed half of his face.

“Any cat or dog really can’t enter your Heavenly Ghost restricted area, but what if it is a True Dragon?”

Lin Fan ridiculed the guy whose cheeks had been smashed by him, and took a step forward and entered the Ghost Sect, disillusioned step by step, before this guy had time to warn the clan. , Has disappeared at the mountain gate.

“Damn it!”

This guy roared, his face was bloody, but he couldn’t care about it at this time, he took out the communication jade, and sent an urgent call.

Only two words-enemy attack!

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